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  1. will the new walls at least be available in mines too or will we still be stuck with plain walls only?
  2. leather should be added to that list.
  3. probably never because theres no reason or incentive for this kind of change. you also seem to have missed some very important points in your "everything else". currently theres 3 types of creation. those limited by material ql, those limited by skill and those limited by both. currently butchering is in the category of those limited by material ql, the effective corpse ql. so are ropemaking, lock smithing, blacksmithing for bulk creation, carpentry for bulk creation, milking i think. possibly some more since i didnt dwell on finding them all for too long. so your suggestion would be to nerf all of those skills. and to bring them all on an even ground also nerf any skill that has a multiple of your skill as cap, such as veggie chopping, baking, milling. i remember retro in some thread, think it was about removing butchering from horse back for some nonsense reason, that a suggestion should at least give some kind of reason or incentive for the proposed change, yet i cant find anything like that in your post.
  4. discord is currently having some server problems, can check that page to see if they're still ongoing or resolved. once that happened the server will be accessible again.
  5. it doesnt matter what you do. thats why the whole system is stupid. i was below 1hr again the other day and it took me one day of mostly sleeping and one day of hunting to get to a point where i could say its ok to grind again without the danger of being completely ***. because no, you can't even push stuff around on your deed when out of fatigue. or repair stuff for general deed maintenance. or butcher corpses while hunting. as for what i did to get there? hm. grinding lw. Sure, it might have had a bit of an effect that my char got eaten by the void and it took half a day to get him fixed by a dev so i basically went straight from grinding phase to grinding phase without the usual night of fatigue refill. but it was not the first time and will definitely not the last time i will be out of fatigue or very close to that. what i would at least like to see is a faster refill when logged off. maybe even in a bed only? not the usual 3 hrs refill 1 hr stuff but maybe closer to 1.5 hrs refill 1 hr.
  6. After the weekly news teased us on seeing bardings on hell horses and shoes on horses in general, id love to see rare horse gear actually glow too. Shoes, saddles and bardings.
  7. +1. this is glorious. definitely the best suggestion ive seen in a while. red, pink, green, blue, orange, white, yellow.
  8. +1, if people are afraid that it will reduce the spawns of wild animals we could just remove that spawn cap too. i'd like that a lot.
  9. looking for just one right now. pm me here or Arium ingame.
  10. necrobumping this in case anyone is still looking into getting this personal goal done: [03:20:53] You enter Dragon's Fang. (the deed all the way up top the mountain) [03:30:50] You have received 100 karma for 'Climb up a really really high mountain'. once you hit the trees and grass up top you will get the achievement and the goal is fulfilled. edit: i actually did climb up that last tile too and its the actual top with the token. so yeah, you have to get all the way to the actual top for it.
  11. sorry but i dont see this happening at all. the game rules state that players should actively attend their sessions. so adding a way to afk-mine ore does not seem like a suggestion that would be considered. as for the mine carts. i dont really see a use for this. most people go mine with a wagon full of crates for shards or with a bsb and a smelter for lumps now that you can load full bsbs.
  12. after skip-reading most of this thread theres one point here that i have to agree with, completely disregarding wether or not you should be able to taunt merchants. and that is first and foremost fixing the catapulting code. this would already go a long way to make raiding easier by getting rid of - the need to relocate your catapult just because random wall xyz cant be catapulted from the tiles you are at and needs you to move all the way from the south side to the west side to actually hit. - the time window this takes which defenders can use to rebuild half of the house you already killed off. - "legacy" buildings that are completely bugged and have certain parts that just can not be taken down because of collapsing structure warnings. i'd guess that this would be an important first change that would already reduce the frustration during raids by quite a bit. so do it, and after that see if it had any impact on raiding already. you can still evaluate possible balance changes to mine door damage, repairing speed, maximum catapult damage per shot and other factors after this. but making changes on the foundation of how the catapulting code currently works will probably just create even more need for those later on. tldr: fix catapult code first, make tweaks after
  13. because it is fun trying to hit walls with a catapult only to find out the catapult wont hit exactly that tile. or you end up having an unfinished floor catching the shots which you cant destroy because the structure would collapse even though there are no started or finished walls above. dont you think this is the fun part? who even needs loot when you can have this kind of fun?
  14. Raw Materials: Clay 1s/k Lumps1 1s/k Marble Shards 1s/k Slate Shards 1s/k Tar 1s/k 1 mined lumps (silver, gold, iron, copper, zinc, tin, lead) Building Materials: Bricks 2s/k Floor boards 4s/100 Mortar 2s/k Nails 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Ribbons 1s/100 Shafts 1s/k Support beams 4s/100 If planks or shafts need to be made from a certain material please tell me so upon placing the order. Quality-wise anything comes at whatever it comes out at. If you need lumps or shards at a higher QL PM me. Need anything else? Feel free to PM me either on forums or ingame. Pickup at D22 Exodus or delivery on orders of 5s or above.