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  1. 10c
  2. sorry for going completely off topic Luttuosa but ill answer this question here since it already came up for people who might see this.
  3. sorry, i actually have to correct my former statement. it is not a randomly generated number but it is the wurm id of the tower modulo 1000. however, either way, it is not related to when the tower was created.
  4. what you're missing is that numbers on guard towers are meaningless. they are just a randomly generated number, i believe, between 1 and 999. i guess this was mainly meant for the pvp servers as they involve tower conquering, and if it would just mention the name of the tower creator it would be utterly impossible to find the right tower. if, for example, you look at Emoo, who has conquered a lot of towers (✓&search=emoo ) you will see that there are multiple towers with the same creator.
  5. hitching animals to a hitchable vehicle or mooring a boat are the only ways to currently prevent it. hitched and moored vehicles can not be pushed and you can not light lava directly under or right next to items. granted, you could still starve the animals to death and then push the vehicle onto the lava, however afaik taken care of animals have a lowered rate of starvation too so you really have to be inactive for someone to successfully to this. edit: how would you determine wether or not the lava tile can burn a vehicle then? afaik tiles do not have any kind of ownership, so lava tiles do not know who lit them so they would consider any vehicle unburnable. and i for one do like to dispose of my old stuff that way.
  6. +1 guess thered be nothing wrong about it. however i fear we might be facing the same troubles as with crates racks, as in the bsb behaviour disallowing you to drop them into wagons/boats and them only being loadable. they would not fit. corbitas and the altar of three/bone altar should fit them however. so if you wanna get rid of them just sacc them in the blacklight edit: removed caravals, they actually do not fit them without a size rune. corbitas do. corbitas are the superior boat anyways.
  7. the going rate for red should be starting at around 100s sicne its 2.2 kg of scale which, at the usual rate, is 50s/kg. however since red sets are the most common it should be a bit less. Not accounting for rarity, enchants and ql however.
  8. it would require a complete overhaul of how freedom works on the most basic levels and theres SO much stuff involved i dont see this ever happening. if its about playing together, thats what alliances are for. if its about your own designs on wagons and stuff, i hope the cash shop will introduce a solution to that, we'll see i guess.
  9. +1 i wanna earn money for just standing around like a street artist in a big city. i AM pretty handsome after all.
  10. right. there is mead in the game. you might wanna go back into your kitchen and keep trying. edit: tho i am not sure it actually reaches higher quality over time. i think beer and mead are fixed quality based on their initial creation and only stronger booze gains ql.
  11. if your cousin, aunt, uncle, sister comes over, do you allow them to use your cooking utensils, your restroom and similar? tahts what wurm is, you're not leaving out drake sets and rares, but every day coc tools, hota statues you use for food and those. you include them into your chaos "family" because only if you can trust them with this kind of stuff can you trust them to have your back in pvp. your comparison to strangers is quite far off.
  12. i think the current colour coding is confusing to say the least. why are some people gray, some are blue, some are green? i also would certainly prefer single colour lines. something along the lines of red being harmful effects that actually did damage yellow/orange for harmful effects that you avoided, aka dodge or parry. white being your offensive moves that were avoided. green being your offensive moves that hit. blue possibly for spells in general. however all of this of course still with the ability to recolour them in the settings. yet the most important point to me is that you have multiple colours mixed into the same sentence which, to me, looks quite painful. i for one cant handle this new combat tab.
  13. now is the time you can save all those poor chopped vegies i throw away because saccing rares has become useless and using them to actually cook messes up your food. #RareMatsMatter or something like this.
  14. stable client, yes, Arium was the commander.