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  1. still going, check out the primary post for time zones needed!
  2. +1
  3. follow the rules, otherwise no
  4. yes, but its a short trip down either side of our lil mountain, not more than 2 minutes from the sermon area.
  5. New sermon record, 17 listeners, .3400 ticks. Starts thinning out again around 22:00 UTC could use a few more going into the later hours. Keep things rolling. Its easy for nearly anyone to lead a sermon now, almost completely automated short of clicking a button and copy and paste!
  6. Keeping it going, 2 new priests in the last 24h, still a couple open slots in this time.
  7. Bump, need more slav... i mean listeners and priests!
  8. Bump, still looking for a couple new priest to fill some recently vacated slots!
  9. bump, still looking for some new priests, things are slowing down a bit, lost a couple to reaching there goals. Time for you to step in and get yours done too!
  10. bump, looking for some new priest, couple have left us now after reaching there goal!
  11. worked for me no problem, thanks buddy
  12. still going strong, averaging between 9 and 16 listeners, still taking on some new priest in around this time and earlier
  13. hitting it hard again today, .2800 ticks... Keep em coming! 31 sermons on the date of the 21st. Out of ~48 potential possible sermon windows
  14. up to 12 listeners today, 0.22+ ticks... 3-6 active priests. Things are moving right along. Even broke in a new priest and a new listener today!
  15. mmmmmm pretty, now for a 90+ imp