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  1. will MoooOOOve over there
  2. +1 to animal crates -1 for crossing servers with animals thoe for my 2 cents i would not allow anything larger then medium in a large cart, 2 large per wagon at most.
  3. ill take a plate set, COD to VirusMD
  4. might consider listing parents since some ppl will likely want to try and breed them
  5. oops, double post
  6. Woot, whole think took 15 minutes, 5h5m of affinity time, over 500 hours for the meal... thats less than 20 iron/hour for a 10% bonus tooo easy.
  7. sweet, thanks will be there
  8. nice, ty will be there
  9. nice set but i agree, your starting bid is too high, even with high casts i wouldn't imagine its worth more than 20-25 silver, ill keep an eye out thoe in case you lower your price. Normally a starting bid on a aution is low to prmote a bidding war, if your reserve is not met you just don't sell it. Your not obligated to sell it for whatever the highest bid is.
  10. ty, will be there
  11. you might want to list the total quality count, since most ppl wont be bothered to add it up.
  12. count me in!