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  1. As a person who regularly looks at the new ads, I would say that what draws me back to some are those that have been around for a while and have only a single thread, those that have regular updates and news rather than 'bumps' and the ads that have maps and/or pictures. I have seen that you have advertised your server using several threads. It may be this that is diluting your 'hits'. Why not persevere with a single-feed and drip-feed some information about your server from time to time so giving people a greater insight into what your server offers. I can imagine how much work you are putting into your server and how it may be proving difficult to get the numbers of people that your effort / server merits. I wish you luck and I await your next update with interest.
  2. Mystic Highlands continues to develop and expand thanks to a tireless Valiance, Kaylie and team. We regularly have 30-50 players online. The community is strong and that is borne out by the excellent participation in the community tunnel that is being constructed in order to open up new areas of the server to all players. People are actively working together in a way that I have not often found elsewhere. The events are well thought out and the one on Saturday involving an invasion from the Graveyard was outstanding despite there being many new tombs needed after the ambush. Players were actively working together, some on lookout, some acting as tanks and the rest supporting one another the best they could. We had healers patching players up between the attacks which came from all sides but most of all- we had fun. The server is tough and you do have to work hard in order to make some money for your deed but this is what makes Mystic Highlands special. It is quite brutal at the start, it is a challenge but it is also an experience not to be missed. If anyone wants to find out, you will be made most welcome. I hope to see you there
  3. With one day of premium left, I have had to pay using the in-game method which as KillerSpike has already said is not very efficient. It is my fault for letting the premium time get so low but it would be nice to at least get an update so other less fortunate players with less money in their Wurmium bank have some idea of timing. Thank you in advance.
  4. I like this map. Most people are drawn to the coast in Wurm as it opens up the possibility of using boats in addition to all the other things. Your map creates the possibility of players creating a network of trading routes or simply exploring using boats. I feel that there is also plenty of meadow-land for budding farmers and foresters. The mountains tend to build up into the central massif and while I can understand what Yldrania is getting at about the lack of settling space near the middle of the map, I feel that this could possibly be helped if the spawn point(s) were towards the edges of the map and so encourage people to move further inland . I am not a PvP player but if I was I could imagine great defensive possibilities around the centre- almost a natural castle in itself. You could also decide to make the centre a 'safe zone' for new players before they venture forth. Whatever you decide- good luck.
  5. You are entitled to your opinions and I respect that, however, do you really think it is useful to use these forums to criticise a game that many people (myself included) love and enjoy? Wurm is not perfect as all the players know (and often say in these pages) however, the developers have put huge efforts into making it a dynamic, evolving game that is enjoyed by many people and should be given great credit for that. I am sorry that you are not one of the people who can see the potential that Wurm has for creative players.
  6. Have just completed an amazing evening on Mystic Highlands. I cannot begin to describe what happened but can only say congratulations to Valiance and Kaylie for all of their hard work to make a great community role-play event. Cannot wait for the next instalment.
  7. My first venture into Wurm Unlimited. A fantastic experience- I actually am finding it more challenging than Wurm Online. Great player interaction and although role-play is new to me no-one has criticised my efforts. Two great events during the first two weeks supported by the ever-increasing number of players. I dare you to give Mystic Highlands a go- there are lots of coastal / mountain areas as yet unexplored Very supportive / friendly owners.
  8. wow- impressive.
  9. Thank you for sending the whetstones- all received
  10. Please send 2 to Malenkimit and 3 to Kalmit. Thank you
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone wherever they are. At least we have snow in Wurm but unfortunately not here in the N of England.
  12. Good luck in whatever you do. Great idea to hold on to your character- just in case.
  13. Not sure if this is the same problem: When I fuelled my bee smoker with tar I expected 13 units or thereabouts to be taken from the tar lump (as with lamps), however, the entire lump (several kg) was consumed. It is not a massive problem as I have a tar supply close-by but I too was surprised by the appetite of the said smoker.
  14. bees

    Not sure if this helps but, I was lucky enough to have a wild hive (31q) on-deed. I imped another hive to a higher quality (41q) than the wild and added some sugar to the empty hive. When the wild hive reached 2kg I got a message to the effect that there was some unusual activity in the wild hive. After two days of this, I found out yesterday that I now have a new domestic hive.
  15. Honey is something of an oddity, in that, unlike most foods, it doesn’t spoil over time. In fact, the oldest known sample of honey, found in an Ancient Egyptian tomb and dated to approximately 3000 years ago, was still supposedly perfectly edible Source: http://www.compoundchem.com/2014/08/21/chemistryofhoney/ I was not aware that honey in Wurm does decay. IF we were playing a totally life-like game then it should not, however as we all know, Wurm has its own rules.