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  1. bucket, pinewood, 54 ql, 77 coc, 40 c cheese drill, oakenwood, 30 ql, 79 coc, 40 c tooth, 64 ql, 72 coc, 40 c Please COD to Hypamania. Thanks!
  2. 9ql grindstone 83coc 65c COD to Hypamania please
  3. Setting your title to "None" to not be shown will revert to the title it was at previously upon server crossing.
  4. Hypamania, Seedlings, and Windowskey will be there. (all real people)
  5. 17s on lot 2, rare two handed sword COD to Hypamania if I win
  6. How many mails do these items have left?
  7. An axe I bought has 0 mails left. Sort of seems like I have been scammed as I can't mail it away for imps. I dislike having to ask how many mails an item has left before purchasing it. Please remove this limit +1
  8. +1 This is now a suggestion post about unique alerts
  9. It is fair because these groups spend countless hours searching every corner of every island to find these things. Why should someone that does no work to find, capture, or kill these things gain benefit? Everyone and every group has equal chance. Even if uniques become completely unpennable and do not go underground anymore, it will not stop private groups from working hard to find and reap the rewards. Every single group does private hunts; JK, MR, Alyeska/Xallo, Stanlee's group, Majqo's group. It is not just one group that is guilty
  10. suggestion

    +1, the bell just isn't enough when driving neighbors crazy!
  11. +1 pls
  12. Please COD Hypamania. Thanks
  13. 6s on number 1