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  1. +1, there is another thread where I posted ideas.
  2. I think it would be better if it was useful to finish someone off, rather than something that several people on a boat cast to try and instant Gib someone. Add a cool down, up cost, remove the cast time so it's instantly puts up the buff.
  3. I like the difficulty being increased based on range, casted nolo should give a larger difficulty bonus. If you have a good nolo cast on you, people should need to be < 300 tiles from you to have a decent chance of locating you. On epic, difficulty based on range could be reduced on enemy home server.
  4. hardly, giving each rank more % means more DR sooner. That doesn't change the entry bar at all. Better yet make it back to 50% and start giving DR % at lower ranks
  5. its an idea to make the game fun, going from almost full to dead in less than 25 seconds probably isn't fun for anyone. Mean while in another thread "wahhhh nobody will fight us" - crusaders
  6. Title says it all really, in PVP damage is all around too high. specially when taking into account damage type v armor. Huge axe v drake or maul v plate. Maybe add more ranks so 80 med gets you 36% 90 gets you 42%. Or just revert the max back to 50% instead of 30%.
  7. Ahh understand it now, thanks for the clarification!
  8. Cod seryll 89QL 1s to threap
  9. -1 for how easy it is to lose a set of horse gear in pvp, the risk v reward for rare sets seems fine to me.
  10. On pvp servers its common for a team of 5 to go out for a roam on a sailboat. Its highly annoying you can only lead 4 horses behind a sailboat. Allow us to lead 5 will be a nice quality of life change for pvp servers
  11. I don't think there is anything wrong with how the current system is meant to work. I would suggest fixing the bugs but keeping the system unchanged and spend time on more pressing issues.
  12. how it is now is not good, makes it virtually impossible to do anything on chaos solo or in a small group.
  13. 3 is the max cap not the min cap which is 1. If you have 1 guard for every citizen you should have a divider of 1. So your bonus number (the one in brackets) is the same as your %. This is an example from our working deed. See enchanting % is the same as the value. Thats because the divider is 1 War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, Healing (0): 0%, Enchanting (5.065047): 5.065047%, Rarity window: 5 bonus seconds Here is none working deed example:- Bonus number is divided by 3 to give the % value which is where the bug is, we 1 guard for every citizen so the divider should be 1 as above deed. War (2.163748) damage: 0.721249% CR: 0.721249%, Healing (0): 0%, Enchanting (5.414559): 1.804853%, Rarity window: 5 bonus seconds I have confirmed how it all is meant to work in the WU code and one of our deeds is working exactly as expected in WO, but one is not and thats what we need a developer to fix, we created multiple tickets but GMs cant (or dont know how) to fix the issue.