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  1. We need help getting this resolved, its not something that can sit for weeks without someone assisting, GM team says they cannot do anything, I need a dev to look at this please.
  2. Any update on this, Gm said they can't help and it needs dev?
  3. We have been working on our deed bonus for damage and CR. There is a divider based on the ratio of citizens to guards. our divider should be 1 and we should receive the full bonus. However after revoking citizenship on many inactive players our divider is still incorrectly at 3 not 1 as it should be. The deed is Folsom on Chaos.
  4. -1, making forests more annoying doesn't add anything to the game. Except annoying forests.
  5. Nice job with the spreadsheet thanks for sharing!
  6. Please dont forsake the entire pvp community because of the toxic players it attracts, there are many of us who want things to improve and would be more than willing to work with you.
  7. Unfortunately its even more simple than cracking a hash. As Egard says only share access with people you truly trust, this post is a lesson on everyone really.
  8. He sold the accounts so he cant even return them if he was willing to.
  9. Its easy enough to get the password from the hash value, can do it in 2-3 minutes. So giving password is no less secure than giving the password hash
  10. You didn't buy the accounts, the morally correct thing to do is return them to the owner.
  11. She posted in the recruitment thread for Ebo several days ago, you claiming she has made no effort is complete nonsense.
  12. This was originally posted in the Ebo recruitment thread where Maurizo replied, so he is fully aware she is requesting the characters back. That post was removed shortly after. This was at least 3-4 days ago.
  13. fix please
  14. How do you do this exactly?
  15. Bump