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  1. It is related, and now fixed.
  2. Further information, same issue exists on Independence ([19:39:45] A surface highway interferes with your tunneling operation.)
  3. Unable to tunnel in to begin a mine on any rock tile. [19:17:47] A surface highway interferes with your tunneling operation. Same message no matter when it is tried, have moved to a mountain completely devoid of paved tiles, still unable to tunnel. Server affected (so far) Serenity. Has also been reported by other players on this server.
  4. Reminds me of the lakes full of dogs and walled/gated cave entrances full of everything else we used to get as well, which I remember well from Exodus and Epic when that began. Making animals prefer to go down does have it's pitfalls, quite literally, so yes, slope constraints are good, but I too would rather avoid finding a pit full of scorpions or spiders such as those I used to see on Serenity. As for animals stuck on slopes, well, time would fix that, everything ages ...
  5. I do love the lighting on Unstable, much more atmospheric, (and brighter in caves).
  6. Had a similar odd episode in a cave on Serenity a short time ago, I was mounted on horseback and was filling a lamp, then appeared to fall through the floor of the mine to water level. I could see some items on the floor of the mine at different levels, some below me, some above, although I know all 'should' have been on the same level, my horse was directly above me, but unreachable. curiously the lamp I attempted to fill was right beside me, as I floated in the water. A full relog fixed it.
  7. 2s 50c
  8. 1s 20c
  9. 90c
  10. 80c
  11. I'll go with Deathcrawler, I've heard that death sound from a distance before, it's quite high pitched.
  12. Select bar shows 'Mine' option when targeted on new types of reinforced walls. Clicking on mine option does nothing, no error message. Appears only to affect unstable client, only 'pray' option appears on stable. No screen shots available since Unstable crashes when taking screenshots.
  13. Epic settings have a number of effects, in particular 2x skillgain, and the effective skill curve. The effectiveness of skills is the curve, where you can perform actions as if you had higher than your numerical skill, based on a formula ( effective skill = 2*numeric skill-(numeric skill/10)^2 ). Effective skill is similar to effective QL, where ql is the numerical ql - dmg as a percentage. As I read this you're looking to use standard skillgain and leave the effective skill curve system, which might be possible by just setting your server skillgain to 0.5, rather than using a mod of any kind, I'm just not sure we can use fractional settings for skillgain, not having access to WU right at this moment.
  14. I loved willow trees on Epic, they were great for hiding the rock doors for my collection of caves...
  15. No, bridle does not affect speed. Saddle and shoes do, barding also affects speed, but negatively, since it reduces horse speed.