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  1. I'll go with Deathcrawler, I've heard that death sound from a distance before, it's quite high pitched.
  2. Select bar shows 'Mine' option when targeted on new types of reinforced walls. Clicking on mine option does nothing, no error message. Appears only to affect unstable client, only 'pray' option appears on stable. No screen shots available since Unstable crashes when taking screenshots.
  3. Epic settings have a number of effects, in particular 2x skillgain, and the effective skill curve. The effectiveness of skills is the curve, where you can perform actions as if you had higher than your numerical skill, based on a formula ( effective skill = 2*numeric skill-(numeric skill/10)^2 ). Effective skill is similar to effective QL, where ql is the numerical ql - dmg as a percentage. As I read this you're looking to use standard skillgain and leave the effective skill curve system, which might be possible by just setting your server skillgain to 0.5, rather than using a mod of any kind, I'm just not sure we can use fractional settings for skillgain, not having access to WU right at this moment.
  4. I loved willow trees on Epic, they were great for hiding the rock doors for my collection of caves...
  5. No, bridle does not affect speed. Saddle and shoes do, barding also affects speed, but negatively, since it reduces horse speed.
  6. At the moment, apart from Wurm I play a bit with other sandbox games. The already mentioned Rising World, which is turning out to be a reasonable survival game, with features I find both excellent and annoying, the crafting side is reasonably accessible, the terraforming side suffers from aa few irritating glitches, especially where water is concerned, but it's developing quite nicely, the dungeons are fun, the mining and caves are alternately fun and annoying, due mainly to the terrain deformation system, which I think needs some fixes, (personal opinion, others will disagree). Empyrion: A more futuristic sandbox game, again, Early Access, and under heavy, and sometimes crazy, development, as a sandbox game goes though, it's worth a look, I certainly have a lot of fun, especially when testing out the newer features on the experimental branch, (Opt In). Astroneer: Fun, in a desperate and barren small and frankly unrealistic solar system, but the terraforming is top notch, when you figure out it's quirks, the crafting side is quite restricted at the moment, mostly vital installations needed to even begin exploring the world, and the rest of the solar system, for resources to make ... more installations. Suffers from running out of things to do quite quickly, but it is under development, and features are released reasonably often to make me return for a little bit of playtime. Wurm beats them all though, the other games are just a bit of fun, not something I can spend hours a day playing, mostly because they lack the additional social dimension that Wurm has, the other players to interact with, it's the community that make Wurm so unique, not the bells and whistles that other games have, though bells and whistles are appreciated too.
  7. I have it bound to ctrl+G, since when I did have it bound to G i inadvertently called for guards a number of times while typing, or rather thought I was typing..... But in principle I agree it's a very useful option to have by default.
  8. I miss the old days of resting on trees to regain stamina while climbing, I don't miss the terror of running through the various olive forests of Serenity with a train of trolls and spiders and getting stuck in a dead end because I couldn't run through the trees... That said, on balance I'd rather have the tree collisions back, overall it adds realism, but I do have some caveats, primarily mobs should also suffer the same disadvantages we players do, no more clipping through trees for them either, it was the one thing I detested about tree collisions back then, players were blocked, mobs were not. Sure, it does mean a bit of attention to your route through forests, but that just adds immersion for me, makes Wurm feel more real, and isn't that what we play for? Even with the vagaries of Wogic and RNG, the realer it feels, the better we like it. (Well I do anyway).
  9. Given that WU uses the same engine, then no, the limits have certainly not been reached, since there are a number of WU mods that have extended the number and types of animals, and items in WU, with no problems of limits, other than the limits of item id's, which just requires extending the item id's. New textures, new animals, new models and new items, all are possible, without breaking anything, at least so far.
  10. The New Affliction map had a number of holes af release that were patched with enchanted grass too, which explains some, but perhaps not all of those. Generally single tiles might be patched tiles, where areas of enchanted grass tend to be old deeds that have long ago decayed, there are also a few 'accidental' enchanted trees and tiles scattered around from misclicks...
  11. One of the problems I see is that some people did transfer to Epic, and started fresh, and have played on Epic for some time, accruing skill levels that they may not have been able to on Freedom. While others have started a character on Epic that has never been on Freedom, some have characters which have playtime on both clusters, my own 'Epic main' has far higher skills on Epic than on Freedom, and in fact some higher skills than my Freedom main, who has only rarely been to Epic, for 'sightseeing'. As a new character no one loses much upon transfer to Epic, this only applies to older Freedom characters who have never been to Epic, and frankly, I don't see any particular reason for some form of transfer of skills between Freedom and Epic, even a one-time 'sweetener' to get people onto Epic, most people are not put off by starting from scratch, Epic makes this far easier than doing the same on Freedom, for instance a new alt on freedom. Both the effective skill curve and the double skillgain are already highly biased toward new players, whether those are new or old accounts transferring to Epic for the first time. Note that effective skill curve does not actually mean you have more skill, in fact it can be detrimental to skillgain, especially at higher levels, even with 2x skillgain. There's simply no 'one size fits all' solution to the various aspects of character transfers between Freedom and Epic, no matter which direction the transfer is, there will always be winners and losers, and the perception that Epic is somehow easy has not been my, or most players experience in Epic, especially when, like me some have about as much experience, (playtime) on both.
  12. I believe you're referring to Rotab's website, which used alts which basically posted the kingdom and GL chat logs, and also used a IRC module to do statistical stuff on the logs, but it didn't actually use IRC at all, just some clever programming to feed the normal logs we all generate from Wurm chat channels through some Perl modules normally used in IRC eggdrop bots. There wer rumours of it's capabilities but it was only really a publicly available log of the kingdom and GL chats from the various servers he had alts on.
  13. It's a common mistake to think that 'Venerable' means 'Frail and Weak', Venerable means the animal is slower, but not weaker, think of it more as a scale of experience, Venerable is the most experienced. Of all my troll kills, Venerable Trolls have always been the toughest, given me the most damage, and forced me to retreat to heal. I can solo a troll, on foot, in studded, with a 50-60ql longsword and large metal shield, with 79fs, and 30odd BS, but on foot I wouldn't lightly tackle a Venerable, even on a horse, or cart I won't go chasing them solo.
  14. Noticed this on the Wiki page for Mallets : http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Mallet " If you find you need another mallet to finish your mallet when you are creating your first one: simply craft another until you succeed. ". This is outdated since we can no longer create 'unfinished' tools, so will never need a mallet to finish a mallet.
  15. It works the same way in WU, yes, kill off the tower guards, begin capturing as above.