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  1. One of the problems I see is that some people did transfer to Epic, and started fresh, and have played on Epic for some time, accruing skill levels that they may not have been able to on Freedom. While others have started a character on Epic that has never been on Freedom, some have characters which have playtime on both clusters, my own 'Epic main' has far higher skills on Epic than on Freedom, and in fact some higher skills than my Freedom main, who has only rarely been to Epic, for 'sightseeing'. As a new character no one loses much upon transfer to Epic, this only applies to older Freedom characters who have never been to Epic, and frankly, I don't see any particular reason for some form of transfer of skills between Freedom and Epic, even a one-time 'sweetener' to get people onto Epic, most people are not put off by starting from scratch, Epic makes this far easier than doing the same on Freedom, for instance a new alt on freedom. Both the effective skill curve and the double skillgain are already highly biased toward new players, whether those are new or old accounts transferring to Epic for the first time. Note that effective skill curve does not actually mean you have more skill, in fact it can be detrimental to skillgain, especially at higher levels, even with 2x skillgain. There's simply no 'one size fits all' solution to the various aspects of character transfers between Freedom and Epic, no matter which direction the transfer is, there will always be winners and losers, and the perception that Epic is somehow easy has not been my, or most players experience in Epic, especially when, like me some have about as much experience, (playtime) on both.
  2. I believe you're referring to Rotab's website, which used alts which basically posted the kingdom and GL chat logs, and also used a IRC module to do statistical stuff on the logs, but it didn't actually use IRC at all, just some clever programming to feed the normal logs we all generate from Wurm chat channels through some Perl modules normally used in IRC eggdrop bots. There wer rumours of it's capabilities but it was only really a publicly available log of the kingdom and GL chats from the various servers he had alts on.
  3. It's a common mistake to think that 'Venerable' means 'Frail and Weak', Venerable means the animal is slower, but not weaker, think of it more as a scale of experience, Venerable is the most experienced. Of all my troll kills, Venerable Trolls have always been the toughest, given me the most damage, and forced me to retreat to heal. I can solo a troll, on foot, in studded, with a 50-60ql longsword and large metal shield, with 79fs, and 30odd BS, but on foot I wouldn't lightly tackle a Venerable, even on a horse, or cart I won't go chasing them solo.
  4. Noticed this on the Wiki page for Mallets : http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Mallet " If you find you need another mallet to finish your mallet when you are creating your first one: simply craft another until you succeed. ". This is outdated since we can no longer create 'unfinished' tools, so will never need a mallet to finish a mallet.
  5. It works the same way in WU, yes, kill off the tower guards, begin capturing as above.
  6. Kingdoms, and kingdom influences are complicated, it's not just the server settings, but villages and guard towers that set the areas of kingdom influence. It's probably easier to clear the databases completely, and start the server afresh as a HotS Home server, I'd probably just transfer the map files to a new server folder with clean files and use that.
  7. I think this issue is caused by setting the reimburse = 0 for your GM character, in order to use the Christmas mod to give gifts to players. GM's need that flag set to 1 (normal) to allow the server to spawn their wand if it is not present in their inventory. There is no need for a GM5 to have Christmas gifts, since they can just spawn any item anyway, and should never be thought of as player characters.
  8. So far, I've collected snow from grass tiles, grass tiles with flowers, steppe tiles, paved tiles, tree and bush tiles, but not all of the tiles listed appear to have the option to collect snow, it's similar in some ways to foraging, in that not every grass, steppe or tree/bush tile can be foraged.
  9. Got a new hat... Plus, it's time I updated my profile pic.
  10. Click on the ground with wand, use test option, even on a server without test enabled it'll heal you, restore food, water and stamina.
  11. I also have had this issue off and on since I got a new 6 button mouse, talking to others with this issue I have long suspected a connection with gaming mice and this issue, might be the fact that Wurm, or perhaps some Java libraries don't recognise the extra signals passed by today's multi button mice. Note that this issue also occurs on WO as well, so it's not restricted to Unlimited by any means. Alt-Tab does fix it, and I also run in 'Window-Resizeable mode to allow access to taskbar, it's not a permanent solution however, more of a workaround for an issue that has been around since before WU was released. It's also not an OS issue, I have the same issue in Linux as well, with the same alt-tab solution. While I don't use any PTT software at all, it does make me wonder if that might also apply to multi button mice, since My wife, who also plays Wurm, has never had this issue, she uses a 2 button + wheel mouse.
  12. Have had an underground building for a while now in a cave close to my deed, (Independence server, deed name is Quicksand). Recently I noticed the walls had disappeared, all but the door. This is Unstable client. On Stable it looks like this: Cave is about 30 tiles East of deed, I rarely go in there, the building was more of an experiment/test, but only noticed this recently. The walls are still there on unstable, I cannot walk thru them, but they are not there, no other visual glitches are apparent, just the invisible walls. I have tried leaving and re-entering the cave, in case it was related to the invisible ore vein issue which affect cart passengers, entering on foot, cart or horse makes no difference, on unstable the walls are simply invisible.
  13. As Ausimus says, developing a pvp server needs one starter town fro each kingdom. What you need really is one GM per kingdom, they can just be alts of you of course, since they are usually only used to set up each kingdom's starter town. Firstly, before doing anything, set up your GM's, set each one to be members of the different kingdoms, generally one for HotS, MR, JK and Freedom if you wish to include freedom kingdom, (generally for pv I wouldn't bother with Freedom). So HotS GM sets up Hots starter town, places one tower, maybe a few walls etc for town protection. Same for each other kingdom, JK GM sets up JK, MR GM sets up MR. You may find you'll have to build additional towers so that kingdom influence is large enogh to allow players to expand and populate the kingdoms, so try to set things up so that influence is roughly equal, (/kingdom command shows the ratios). Probably a few details I've missed, but that's the basics.
  14. The ebony wand can only be programmed for 128 positive numbers, (0-127), any number above that 'wraps around' to become a negative number, so 203 becomes -53. This is common, but confusing when you only have 256 possible numbers and the range is -127 to 127.