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  1. Closed on OP request.
  2. Not really, this is a .NET application. It should run on Wine if you are determined enough, though.
  3. One of things I can reveal for now - no more problems with manually setting the elevation. If deed is coastal all heights will be correct, otherwise deed will be exported with height lowered to be just above the water level in DeedPlanner.
  4. Known issues, I am working on that. I am doing large overhaul of the whole deed export feature, so this takes a bit of time... But will be worth it.
  5. Moved to Other Bugs and Issues.
  6. Bump after two years. I find it pretty interesting that - despite two years - result is still almost the same (with noticeable shift from thinking towards feeling, but everything else being almost identical).
  7. Moved to The Scribes Corner.
  8. This is error log from DeedPlanner 1.x version - it is no longer supported and most likely stopped worked properly after Dropbox changed their public folders policy, so please download and use 2.x version instead. If there is will be any problem with 2.x version (latest one being 2.8.1) I will be happy to help.
  9. Moved to Suggestions & Ideas.
  10. Done, pillars should be buildable inside structures after next server update.
  11. Personally I am keeping the upkeep on my villages between 45 and 90 days, but keep funds for at least half year in reserve.
  12. DeedPlanner itself is fine, but in-game deed export requires update. This will take a moment due to DP and Wurm itself "talking in different languages", but I am already working on it (and also adding few things from game that were not exported previously).