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  1. Bump.
  2. Mine doors count as ground tiles: assuming your DeedPlanner is up to date, you should see "Mine doors" category as the last one.
  3. There is a water tile, under Ground/Natural terrain/Water. If you want to have water on your map, you can also simply modify the terrain height so parts of map will be below water level. Doors are in the same tab as all other house walls and fences.
  4. I think I never shared any of mine, so... Here it comes.
  5. These seals must plan something evil - I am sure of that. They took the whole island already and now are gathering in a small groups, silently staring at each other.
  6. Like in topic. I would like to sell 8 sleep powders, the price for all is 8s. If you are interested, please PM me on forums or try to message in-game ("Warlander" or "Mackordian").
  7. I will add new wall types into the DeedPlanner as soon as I will be able to.
  8. It is in the program since very early versions.
  9. Some plans for the following weeks: Next big feature (for 2.8) - hinted above with the screenshot of cow - will be a pen planning. It will allow you to put animals on plan in the same way as you can do with objects right now. Initially, I will include all farm animals (including different horse colors) and some common taming targets. The main difference between objects and animals is that you will be able to set different age/gender for animals - other than that, they will be functionally identical. No animations (yet), sorry. Another interesting feature which will appear in 2.8 is slope editing mode - it will allow you to input slopes from game into the program without interaction with the program at all, by examining tile borders and using emotes in-game. Before 2.8 there will most likely be one more minor release, but I cannot say any details about its content or release date yet. ETA for 2.8.0 release: 14 April 2017 (DeedPlanner 4th anniversary).
  10. I think he meant how many deep water tiles he needs to keep non-swimming animals from leaving the island - I think that just two (so basically narrow, but deep ditch) should be enough - three tiles if you want to be extra safe.
  11. Exactly, the most difficult things other than what you already mentioned are: how to plan them how would fences handle being stretched roughly 1,41 times (square root of 2) This is possible obviously, but would require very large amount of work, testing and making sure all current and future assets are compatible.
  12. It lasted for roughly half hour for me - after that, all posts appeared at once.
  13. Thanks for noticing, all links updated! Dropbox monster strikes again... Interesting how many things in the internet got broke because of recent changes.