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  1. DeedPlanner 2.8.5 released! Changes: Added Pastebin error messages (usually appearing in case of large maps or blocked IP addresses) Added meditation rugs, animal rugs and carpets Added alchemy cupboards Added missing rack types Added tents Added press Added bucket Added war machines Added magic turrets Added unfinished palisade gate Added deed, perimeter and construction markers Added sword and axe displays Added dioptra and range pole Added dragon skull Added larder Changed Pastebin protocol from HTTP to HTTPS Fixed tapestry textures
  2. I will add all of these missing models in 2.8.5. One warning to users of current versions: Saving and loading from/to Pastebin will stop working without any warnings in August in all DeedPlanner versions before incoming 2.8.5. Reason - Pastebin changes its public API, all data must be sent using more secure HTTPS rather than currently used HTTP.
  3. I could help you using the TeamViewer if you want, just write me a PM in such case. You could also try manually running the program if you know how to use cmd (command line) in Windows - navigate to DeedPlanner directory and try running the "java -jar DeedPlanner.jar" command.
  4. Moved to client bugs.
  5. DeedPlanner 2.8.4 released! Changes: Added new bridge types Added possibility to build bridges in caves Added salt veins Added snow lanterns Bridge materials calculations are more accurate now (included different costs for narrow/side/center parts of the bridge) Corrected materials costs on bridge parts Fixed Wurmian view in caves This one is a quick update - I will add custom bridge tilings as 2.9 release, as this is bigger topic and will require much more time to add.
  6. Thanks for the report, added to the list.
  7. Thanks for the report, we already know about the issue. Fix is on the way. Wooden walls are used as "fallback" in case if exporter doesn't know how to export specific wall type (the same with wooden fence for fences).
  8. bug

    Thanks for the report, we already know about the issue and work on it.
  9. I am not playing Wurm, I am debugging it.
  10. Time for a great cover.
  11. DeedPlanner 2.8.3 released! Changes: Added support for custom database files Added new bush types Added both garden gnome types Added birdcages Added small and large carts Added ship transporter Fixed bug making it impossible to delete floors/roofs on uneven terrain This update is mostly meant to make it easier for in-game exporter and DeedPlanner to talk with each other, but one interesting feature got added as well: support for custom database files. Custom database files make it easier to keep non-official modifications to the program database up to date with next program versions. I think this feature will be useful especially for owners of heavily modded WU servers.
  12. Hmm... I missed the salt vein, will add it in next update (after the current one which is currently uploading). When it comes to indicators if the wall is not mineable... Good idea, I will take a look at that when current important issues will be resolved.
  13. +1 Wool will land in inventory instead of ground after the next update.
  14. Friendly alliance bump.