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  1. I have started to add clayspots, please help me find them.
  2. I asked jberg and they let out the area needed for a new highway. Said highway are now in place.
  3. Convince jberg to make a road and ill make a path through my deed,
  4. I would like to have the following names om two roads: Fogspider Path Pacers Path (or something else that honors pacer) I would also like those roads to be near Green dog. Any sugestions on what stretch would be fitting ?
  5. Starting to add roads... will take some work to go over the map but they will be in there, I will add the roads that seem to be 2 tiles or more, smaller roads if they lead to a deed. if they lead to "nothing" they will be skipped.
  6. They took a nap, now they are awake again =)
  7. Every time i have asked a gm about what a highway are i have been told its a 3 tile road with sand on the sides. But in hindsite i can agree that 2 tiles are enough yes. So i will change it to that.
  8. Ok i have given the main roads some thinking and this is what i want to be defined as a main road: Main roads - It has to be atleast 3 tiles wide in total - With that being said it must not be paved 3 tiles it could be 1 or 2 tiles wide with sand on the sides - It may be short passages that arent 3 tiles wide but that must be due to some special reason Road names - Will only be given special passages and names will be open for debate to some degree. - Named roads must as stated above be very special for example a road made during a comunity event.
  9. I figured it looks like a dragon head, i can change it to another name of course. Other names needs a system to work them out though.
  10. Still alive and kicking.
  11. Coords on them map please...
  12. Have you reported these deeds ? If so repost them and ill add them asap.