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  1. I would like to have the following names om two roads: Fogspider Path Pacers Path (or something else that honors pacer) I would also like those roads to be near Green dog. Any sugestions on what stretch would be fitting ?
  2. Starting to add roads... will take some work to go over the map but they will be in there, I will add the roads that seem to be 2 tiles or more, smaller roads if they lead to a deed. if they lead to "nothing" they will be skipped.
  3. They took a nap, now they are awake again =)
  4. Every time i have asked a gm about what a highway are i have been told its a 3 tile road with sand on the sides. But in hindsite i can agree that 2 tiles are enough yes. So i will change it to that.
  5. Ok i have given the main roads some thinking and this is what i want to be defined as a main road: Main roads - It has to be atleast 3 tiles wide in total - With that being said it must not be paved 3 tiles it could be 1 or 2 tiles wide with sand on the sides - It may be short passages that arent 3 tiles wide but that must be due to some special reason Road names - Will only be given special passages and names will be open for debate to some degree. - Named roads must as stated above be very special for example a road made during a comunity event.
  6. I figured it looks like a dragon head, i can change it to another name of course. Other names needs a system to work them out though.
  7. Still alive and kicking.
  8. Coords on them map please...
  9. Have you reported these deeds ? If so repost them and ill add them asap.
  10. [16:00:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  11. What i could do are simply to make one of each. Afterall its a simple thing to change the "background" of the map.
  12. The new one will use topgraphical one. lots of things to adjust and add and all that before its completed. After all this xmas madness i will attack it again so a complete one should be out shortly as its go fairly quickly when i can focus on that completlty, And in the future i think only major road will be marked for the sake of not filling the map with gray dots thus "erasing" some data.
  13. bees

    Making it impossible to "steal" queens sound like a good idea. BUT shouldnt it also be awarded extra yeald if the tile the hive "cover" are on deed. Something by a factor of say 1.5x or even 2x more yeald ? Atleast i think it should be awarded paying upkeep for tiles that the hive use... ALSO placing a hive inside a donout house should limit the yeald from tiles outside the house by a factor of say 0.5x, "abusing" the system should never be awarded.
  14. New map version are on its way, have to complete my greenhouse ingame first. Meanwhile i just dropped the new map dump onto the old one and i see there most roads need to be plotted again and so on... but i will fix it probably until next week.