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  1. seriously?

    I realize that it may be obvious to some (mind you, not all), I'm just helping explain why everyone in this topic gets so different performance in the game. Now, I'm 99% positive that this is answered by the same thing I explained. On my deed on Celebration, on highest settings of unstable client, I get 15fps. On spawn area of the test server, at the exact same settings, my client stays over 100fps at all times. Different places, different experiences. For comparation purposes, jump on the PvE test server and post here what fps do you get on the spawn area with the same settings that your client struggles with in normal situations.
  2. seriously?

    Your experiences are different because Wurm's performance varies a lot between situations in game (items on ground, light sources, particles, amount of trees around). I doubt that it's an issue with Thorakkanath's system, either hardware or software. Though to fully rule that out you might want to run it on a clean system, maybe boot a live USB Linux, try on that? We're aware of why both the fps drops and stutters are happening and we are actively working on optimizing the unstable client, it's nothing we can quickly fix but you should see slight improvements in every clients update. For now, just drop your graphics settings down if it's that unplayable for you.
  3. Actually, exactly this same crash is known to be caused by incorrect or corrupted resolution settings. Can have multiple other reasons as you said, but it includes incorrect window settings.
  4. Go into your settings from the launcher and change the resolution to the lowest you can, choose the Windowed Resizable display mode. You can resize your window from inside the game then. If that won't work, reinstall your graphics card drivers.
  5. seriously?

    That's an error in display, it actually is 1-2-3-4-8 threads. Will be fixed next client update. The difference in fps during day and night is normal, lamps turn on at night, and lighting slows the game down. A remedy for this is the max dynamic lights setting in unstable client.
  6. Possibly fixed, do you mind trying it out on Test Unstable client? The change is not on live servers yet.
  7. seriously?

    It's just like that at the moment. We're still working on optimizing the clients, but adjusting your settings is all you can do outside of changing JVM memory flags, which you already did. As said before, fully disabling shadows and reflections works best as it has to render the objects again for those to work. Turning down the animation settings can help if you're in a place with a lot of creatures around. Still, it seems pretty odd that you get flat 30 fps and under - that happens practically only due to vsync being enabled, so maybe some of your graphics drivers still force enable it?
  8. Please provide your console log from when this happens, I think I know how we can fix it but the log would help.
  9. I don't have a Mac to test it out, but please try this: Open the Java Control Panel, use View button in Java tab, and add to Runtime Parameters of your Java version used by Wurm this: -Dorg.lwjgl.opengl.Display.enableOSXFullscreenModeAPI=true Should look like that when it's done. Please do let me know if it works, we could add it to the client as a permanent solution. If that fails, you might want to use Fullscreen Windowed mode instead.
  10. Wurm with OpenJDK is a gamble, I recommend installing Oracle's Java instead (make sure to remove this one first though). Please do submit that console log too, might help us figure out why it doesn't work on OpenJDK in first place.
  11. Can you post your console log from when it happens and your PC specification with the graphics drivers you are using?
  12. Last 3 hours bump
  13. Bump
  14. Seems like this is a pretty rare statue so auctioning it off. It emits purple light, most of the hota statues sold now are red ones - [19:30:55] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. Colors: R=120, G=0, B=120. Ql: 89.5, Dam: 0.0. In case you didn't know it, lit hota statues not only look great, but they can also keep your food and metal lumps warm. Starting bid: 12s Min. increment: 50c Buyout: PM offers Good luck!
  15. All the lumps are sent out now. That's fine, what character do you want me to send it to?