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  1. Wurm with OpenJDK is a gamble, I recommend installing Oracle's Java instead (make sure to remove this one first though). Please do submit that console log too, might help us figure out why it doesn't work on OpenJDK in first place.
  2. Can you post your console log from when it happens and your PC specification with the graphics drivers you are using?
  3. Last 3 hours bump
  4. Bump
  5. Seems like this is a pretty rare statue so auctioning it off. It emits purple light, most of the hota statues sold now are red ones - [19:30:55] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. Colors: R=120, G=0, B=120. Ql: 89.5, Dam: 0.0. In case you didn't know it, lit hota statues not only look great, but they can also keep your food and metal lumps warm. Starting bid: 12s Min. increment: 50c Buyout: PM offers Good luck!
  6. All the lumps are sent out now. That's fine, what character do you want me to send it to?
  7. Prices: rare seryll: 2s seryll: 1s adamantite: 2s huge sword bracelets: 2s each potion of mining: 3s rare lamps: 1s each Offer me on anything else in a post or PM, I can be reached either here or ingame on the same name. Also for sale: rare forge 53.75ql - 4s
  8. Selling two rare forges, get your smithing stuff heated faster! One is 79.16ql and the other 53.75ql. Price is 5s each, the first buyer will get the higher quality one.
  9. I've been using Windows 10 almost since the release and it's always been fine. And it's really much faster than Win7.
  10. Moved to Wood Scraps.
  11. I'd love it, sent a pm and good luck to everyone else
  12. That's not hiding it, it's just moving it into a place where it belongs. The thread is very welcome, but it's just like Retrograde says - if it's a one person providing a service for free, it's better suited for Classified Ads really. I don't think that your thread would get less attention just because of the forum section it's in - lots of people get on the forums just to check out the market offers
  13. lol That's pretty hypocritical.
  14. Afraid I have to withdraw my bid, best of luck!