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  2. Now merged with Hots - Join a growing community and learn among others.
  3. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee booiiii
  4. Would love to see you on Wurm Online and Chaos, we'd host you!
  5. [14:59:38] You have not paid for premium time. x 4 on all my epic accounts :>), and normally i get the 5 silver + 1 month option
  7. not good enough, others gameplay isn't nerfed/at a all time low whenever they enter a fight So yeah, im sure the barded hell horses or those new tree animations can wait. Fix pvp, fix the priests, fix bl, fix everything else we ask for or just shutdown the pvp servers and save us all a headache and heartache.
  8. well +1 for talking and taking the beating like men instead of hiding/removing/banning us[yikes] But the final conclusion from this We may go silent from not wanting to repeat ourselves but you're so wrong and it's getting extremely frustrating for many of us to actually take some form of action against you guys because you simply won't care. I don't think accounts being unprem or deeds disbanding simply from refusal to buy silver from shop and put into the map we hate [elevation] and into backward updates like this, to even epic in general. Theres not really much we can do to show how poor we feel about this game atm, except quit. Which sucks.
  9. -1 And whilst it's on our minds, we want a road map for pvp and epic. Because we all feel that ship sailed long time ago. Most convo's are now 'how long we got left' and 'This wont last much longer' We're already letting deeds get disbanded, no more silver being pumped into that bad boy. So ye, i give the game another year before you see a serious drop
  10. But why? Can i be arsed to go back 4 pages and read? No, because what everybody else has said out weighs this opinion.
  11. ... Name me one priest atm that is limited to one kingdom and forcing all it's members to follow it? Ye, it isnt the same issue. You're fing up a whole kingdom on chaos/epic, no other priest/kingdom is facing this issue lmao.
  12. cool, still sucks, fix it for BL. Call it flavour of the day, but its one you're not forced to lick and eat. They are, the paying customers. It doesn't work. It won't work. It's stupid.
  14. ya, going by thread date through madness, this is how mad you've got me, ok
  15. bump
  16. yeah we heard higher priority over pvp changes for the 'back end changes' then cooking then the other stuff. Yeah, sure, ok. Great you're thinking about the future players, middle finger to the current ones. Guess what, the players won't play your crappy mechanics like todays no matter how good the NEW UI tells us how good the mechanics are. Oh and btw, if you're the only one working on crap, EVEN MORE REASON TO HOTFIX/REVERT THIS CHANGE, CAUSE THE 'CHANGE' WONT COME SOON
  17. it's called a hot fix, lmao. You just changed it all based on your personal flavour of the month. You expect these players to remain nerfed and unable to train in the gods they want until you move your asses? Wtf kind of logic is that it was SEMI-fine before and now it isn't. 50+ people within the threads creation time telling you so. Now tell me how WL having 95% of the BL spells to use against BL and BL not having the same back is a good thing for the game, the players of that Kingdom and they pvp they will endure from that? Tell me on a logical basis how this even makes sense in the words of balance. Tell me how not rushing a 'HotFix' is a great idea when 50+ others are saying your choice is crap. And some of us aren't even BL so it isn't even because we want to benefit from it. It's purely from a supportive/wtf/logic defence point. You got nothing to defend yourselves with about this change except 'a change will come soon' Which it wont. And like somebody said a few pages back better be the best priest god spell overhaul the MMO world has ever seen in this world, otherwise you've ###### it. And for the ones already talking about quitting/leaving, better be as fast as a hot patch, which it won't be. And flavour of the day? Omg, it's been brought to the attention and now we're telling you how dumb it is, show me the threads which asked 'please nerf bl more'
  18. As has been asked, When. Let's face it, BL are basically heavily nerfed atm, new blers can't train in the god they want, so even over time they're cucked. This should be reverted/changed/fixed quickly UNTIL you over look it all properly, because this is just baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
  19. Hey lib champs, GOOD LUCK
  20. 'give wl access to bl spells, then lock bl from wl spells, then call it lore' HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA
  21. 'hots is intended to be libila only' And nobody agrees with this, so i guess you should quickly intend to what the players want. And give us a reason as to how/why you think this is even balanced/fair towards bl lol. 'We will go over this' and so it continues remember the epic/pvp fixes guys, 1 year aniversary, see you next year
  22. b-b-b-b-ut we know what you really want guys, its good for the game
  23. remove player gods.
  24. I'm not BL, but I still want Retro join Ts so i can rip you a new ##hole, this is beyond a joke and this sentence does not represent my true anger for BL
  25. This has to be joke. -1, revert the lock. Not wanted. Not needed. Gtfo