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  1. This is an awesome and new idea, Huge +1 for me!!!!
  2. While I agree with inactive people trolling the forums, I disagree with your request. Characters get bought and sold frequently and linking them to forum posts would make it impossible to know who said what when....Too great of a chance for whether one person said something or not.
  3. +1 I agree with this especially in the areas such as smithing, where you pretty much just stand around clicking your mouse. This is part of why people call skill gain progress "grinding". The lack of visual feedback can be extremely boring.
  4. is there a way we can also incorporate into the system that animals who shouldn't be capable of climbing steep mountainsides be restricted from specific slopes? (not sure if this is already implemented or not, just suggesting) also, will there be some kind of exception put in place for deeds that contain both hostile and non-hostile creatures in pens? The last thing I want is for all my horses to run to one side or corner of their pens because they might be too close to the hell horses or champ cats....
  5. very nice and original idea. +1
  6. Since stone walls got some recent love, can we please also get some new wall types for wood? I personally like the Log Cabin Look. Not sure what other styles we could include, but this would be a really nice look. There are even some really creative wall images if you look online (vertical as well as horizontal log types). Please consider this as an option for future inclusion in the game! Some images for your creative inspiration!
  7. +1, this lack has seriously hampered my desire to change the stone style of our upcoming Manor. Please fix this soon...
  8. I feel this is well thought out and well presented, However, I feel the questions left open would prove too great to really implement effectively. In an ideal situation where everyone got along well, this would be a great option. With some of the more nefarious people in the game, though, the problems may prove worse than the benefits.
  9. I would be ok with a few more slots, but I'd restrict the number of item slots available - (referenced in DMG of WotC for Dungeons and Dragons) One headband, helmet, or hat One pair of lenses or goggles over eyes (mask works also) One Amulet, necklace, brooch, medallion, or scarab One vest, vestment, or shirt One robe or suit of armor (worn over vest, vestment, or shirt) One belt One cloak, cape, or mantle One pair of bracers or bracelets on arms or wrists One ring on each hand (or two on one hand) One pair of boots or shoes on the feet.
  10. +1 I hate wasting my time praying while checking to see if I counted every faith gain correctly or not.
  11. Bumping this cause we need more variety in the low hedge area. An easy way to do this is to simply allow non-growing low maple hedges for starters. This would add just at little bit more variety to deed decorations.
  12. Was out fishing on rare fishing spot where blue sharks were in season. received a poison wound and treated with farmer's salve, but I still see the poison counter in the status effects window.
  13. I have a question for the Deli Community. I was wondering with the recent addition of new road types if everyone would be interested in coming up with a standard Major Highway type/style that can be used to assist with showing the most highly used roads in Deliverance. My intent here is to see if we could come up with an agreement to a standard major highway marking system. I know what the official ruling for marking a highway is, and am not looking to move any current roads, but am interested in seeing if we'd like to mark our roads in a specific design to help new people find their way around our lands. What I would like to see: Major Highways (north/south highway) marked with 3 lanes in a unique way that is only used for the most important roads (historical). Collaboration on a standard road design (perhaps using new road types) would just like to know if this is an idea others would like to see implemented.