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  1. Over 350 tiles around the West side of Rainbow Lake reclaimed thus far, more to come later!
  2. Here is the map of the viable highways located around the Rainbow Lake area. I have marked them in Purple. The one road marked in black is removed and the canal opened up. Outpost has been gone for a long time and needs to be taken out, please.Thank you Daash for taking up the mantle of map maintenance. Your diligence is much appreciated!
  3. Not sure if this is in the right place, but wanted to notify someone about this error when prospecting on the surface: [22:10:56] There is slate shards (acceptable quality), silver ore (poor quality), salt rock salt (normal quality), salt rock salt (poor quality) and slate shards (good quality) nearby.
  4. Definitely, +1
  5. this is a good one and seems easy to implement... +1
  6. Please Replace name "Astoria Basin" with "Astoria" on G12 on the map. Thanks!
  7. A sincere thank you to all the staff of Wurm, volunteer and paid, for this awesome community game. I agree with the OP, we players give you a lot of crap, but we truly appreciate the effort you all put into making us happy.
  8. This issue is happening on Deli now as well.... [22:01:51] It is 06:09:54 on Wrath day in week 1 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1064. [22:02:55] It is 06:09:54 on Wrath day in week 1 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1064.
  9. +1, Awen actually places a version of this in for the cooking recipe competition. Hopefully, they will implement this one.
  10. would like to have an option for a plain white version of the wagon that can have the canvas part dyed any color. would allow for customizable wagons apart from the freedom or other kingdom only wagon types.
  11. You should be able to charm them and be able to brand them that way. Haven't tested it, but should work in theory.
  12. +1, as I also have a wooden plank dock (even if it is on deed).
  13. +1 for this... seems pointless that everything goes red beyond 10 dmg...
  14. I have also noticed this effect but didn't associate it with any bug. Please let us know if this is intentional or not...