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  1. Bumping this cause we need more variety in the low hedge area. An easy way to do this is to simply allow non-growing low maple hedges for starters. This would add just at little bit more variety to deed decorations.
  2. Was out fishing on rare fishing spot where blue sharks were in season. received a poison wound and treated with farmer's salve, but I still see the poison counter in the status effects window.
  3. I have a question for the Deli Community. I was wondering with the recent addition of new road types if everyone would be interested in coming up with a standard Major Highway type/style that can be used to assist with showing the most highly used roads in Deliverance. My intent here is to see if we could come up with an agreement to a standard major highway marking system. I know what the official ruling for marking a highway is, and am not looking to move any current roads, but am interested in seeing if we'd like to mark our roads in a specific design to help new people find their way around our lands. What I would like to see: Major Highways (north/south highway) marked with 3 lanes in a unique way that is only used for the most important roads (historical). Collaboration on a standard road design (perhaps using new road types) would just like to know if this is an idea others would like to see implemented.
  4. +1 from me. Although I use the traditional longsword and shield, this would be an awesome alternative.
  5. Although I love the oak as well, My first love was the Cedar tree. I love the fact that it is very tall, without limbs or leaves on the lower sections. This allows you to create a forest all around you that you can not only see through but can build right next to without much problems of leaves inside your buildings. (Plus it smells awesome!)
  6. Yes pls... +1
  7. Please make this happen, +1
  8. Although I agree that this would be nice to have in theory, I know of several people who simply use merchants as storage, with no intention to sell any of their stuff. Some may argue that if they set their prices ridiculously high, that if someone wants it that badly, they can have it for the exorbitant price, but some things people just don't want to part with at all, regardless of the price. Perhaps if there were an additional marker or checkbox placed in the system that could mark the items as "not for sale", this would prevent abuse of this system, but as OP, I would have to say no at this time.
  9. +1 even though I don't have any from previous kills, I'd love to gather a collection of my own some day for display in my castle!
  10. Awen's submission for caption (she doesn't have a forum account) "WHERE'S THE DAMN GLITTER!"
  11. "Cause he stole my gauntlet, THAT'S WHY!"
  12. Can we please make harvested peas into a basket like other crops? they are nearly impossible to find once dropped on cultivated dirt.
  13. I love all these ideas, and sincerely hope they all get implemented! Big +1 from me.
  14. Liking this idea, perhaps a small reduction in decay if placed in the sheath but not on a person?(I know there's no decay on a character) +1
  15. We have also had 3 cared for animals die for no apparent reason. Champ female deer, male crab, and a tortoise over the last month. We've had two venerable dogs (our originals) for 5 years now, so random death makes no sense... Please look into this, we care for these animals for a reason.