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  1. Glad I did it last week. I was down to less than a week of time left.
  2. Wide tunnels! Nice!
  3. Thanks, Bdew. I have not really played WU in a while, but appreciate you fixing 1.3 this quickly. The creaturedemo is my favorite. I really appreciate you making it work in 1.3.
  4. Cupid gnomes.
  5. Thanks! I just sealed it again and put it back in the rack. haha
  6. 2 Words: Auto combat.
  7. We have copper sheets (used in stills) and tin? was added with a future use. Why not add those to a roof?
  8. cooking

    I love my IRL copper cookware. It heats more evenly than iron. It doesn't really need a bonus but it would be cool to have copper pans and such.
  9. Take care, bdew. :-) Thanks for your modding work for WU!
  10. Sadly, all of the iron I prospected on Day One ended up to be underwater and went back to Release instead of moving. But my shrine and pillar are still there!
  11. Yeah, it is. It's like some people want to get mining to 90 instead of dragging stuff into and out of many different types of cooking gear. Silly people!
  12. Yeah, if you miss just one day of picking, the plant looks healthier is in the events window when you harvest it. So they must die pretty quickly if you don't pick them. [00:10:03] You successfully picked a rosemary, it now looks healthier.