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  1. Woad able to be planted like the herbs or greatly increased drops for it. Getting woad is horrid.
  2. paypal

  3. Yep. Anything different about the conditions, except QL of the items. Pan + bear meat + onion gives the same thing in any non-rare oven. But if you put the same into a rare pan, it changes. Put that rare pan into a rare oven, and it changes. I have not tested fresh vs out of the fsb. My head was spinning just sorting out which pan to use. LOL I have a bunch of combinations noted in recipe comments from discovery. If I can baseline you, I can find you your affinity. I just have low cooking skill so anything I cook would need to be superhuman in speed with the timers I get. As long as you use my stuff or identical stuff of your own, it will be the same affinity for you. Just replicate the conditions. We'll work it out in the morning. Your broken affinity may not be broken. You just need to add a shoe to the meal. LOL
  4. Pruning a mountain doesn't fill you up with stuff. You can see if a tree can be pruned. You can't see if the next 30 tiles you want to forage are barren. I can't coc my hand.
  5. Bleeding tick death after duel once. You have to watch the other's health closely if you don't want to really kill them. That or be Johnny on the Spot with some healing.
  6. I found one also and 3 marble veins showed up as well!
  7. 2.8! Sweet! Grabbing it now.
  8. One suggestion, if I may @Retrograde You might look into putting the walls into submenus. There are a lot of them now. Other than that, this is going great. :-)
  9. Nah, but that's fine. :-) I am putting my brick walls in now!
  10. I dug 4500 clay so yep! I got a good bit of digging, all things considered. There is no such thing as lots of gain when you are in the 80s. :-P But I watched NetFlix while digging so I caught up on some show. Retro said I might discover I now have 3x the bricks so that would be more than awesome.
  11. If that turns out to be the case, I will do both of my houses in red bricks! They looked really nice in the screen shots!
  12. LMAO And I made them all in advance. Oh well, that's how the brick rolls sometimes. :-P Nice update!
  13. Or piece shop and assemble it yourself. Then you know you didn't get, say, a nice motherboard and a 1990s graphics card stuck into it.
  14. Mine is birch in winter, particularly at sunrise or sunset.