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  1. And I quoted him because he changes posts and it doesn't show they were edited.
  2. The original post was aggressive. Your point, Captain Obvious.
  3. The issue is that it was tied to farming before and now it's not. But whatever. I didn't expect you to answer in any other way.
  4. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am that my 99QL vegetables give me 88QL chopped ones because my sacraficing is now linked to cooking instead of farming. I thought I would tell you how much better my priest's life is these days.
  5. 2H Sword when you get it high enough skilled (takes time) and you can take them in cloth with the parry and dodge but you really have to watch where they target you. A hit in the face in cloth is bad. Very bad. EDIT: And you can't really go wrong with LT as long as you can land the hits. Pig healers between big fight. Poor pigs.
  6. Done, done and done! Need more deer and more flowers and more goats! I still have FPS left on deed!
  7. Why doesn't a Dev make one? Ya'll wrote the system. Can't ya'll support it?
  8. Glad I did it last week. I was down to less than a week of time left.
  9. Wide tunnels! Nice!
  10. Thanks, Bdew. I have not really played WU in a while, but appreciate you fixing 1.3 this quickly. The creaturedemo is my favorite. I really appreciate you making it work in 1.3.
  11. Cupid gnomes.
  12. Thanks! I just sealed it again and put it back in the rack. haha
  13. 2 Words: Auto combat.