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  1. The pve/pvp situation was there in beta, and reared it's ugly head near the last beta map. Rolf didn't like the decision to split servers into pve/pvp as it was their sole intention to have one server during gold. People were pretty vocal about wanting a pve-only server. There were angry posts and threads years before this event. This was just a way to try and bring back that original vision, in a very, extremely, poor implementation. It's pretty much how Wurm works: good initial idea generation that's never given strategic thought, and then implemented with piss poor execution. Nothing changes.
  2. He reverted the changes after the forums exploded with hatred against it. I do not remember a poll, but more of a 'refresh' with a bigger map to likely draw in more players. Most people gave up, or just moved closer to the south coast with ships loaded with their junk. Imagine this, pre-BSB/FSB.
  3. It was a blast. I remember those coming from Wild (chaos) had a severe fighting penalty, and all it would have taken is some 50+ fighters to clean house, or even some heavy guards (old deed system). Of course everyone just grabbed their stuff and logged off.
  4. Since my post was removed.... There is harm asking silly/stupid questions, unless you really cannot comprehend simple mechanics. You do understand when you create any product (including software development) that not everything has to have a linear path right? Maybe it's possible someone wanted a randomness to butchering products tied to skill, years and years ago? Maybe the recent changes have nothing to do with that said implementation and person years ago? Maybe changing it would imbalance the system and piss more customers off? Maybe you cant understand any of this? I forgot i better add a few of THESE.
  5. New to the game? Have a town that needs to supply your new members with enchanted skillers? Have a few coopers to spare for a deal? If you said "YES I DO SHAZ!!" then you've come to the right place. Heavy discounts on a hoard of Circle of Cunning (coc) enchanted tools with 70+ power. All tools are iron unless otherwise specified. 1minute mailbox time! Prices are 2copper per power with a base of 30copper @ 70c: 70c = 30c 75c = 40c 80c = 50c 90c = 90c (+4 per power) ex. 77c item is 44copper. Sales List: Butchering Knives (all 58-60ql) 70c 71c (x4) 72c 73c 74c 75c 76c 77c 79c 80c 81c (x5) 82c 83c 85c 86c (x2) 87c 88c 90c (x2) 93c 96c 32ql 65c/65w (50copper) Carving Knife 16ql 74c 15ql 75c File 8ql 83c 24ql 92c Hammer 47ql 70c 57ql 73c 6ql 73c 16ql 73c 8ql 74c 56ql 75c 56ql 75c 56ql 76c 9ql 76c 54ql 77c 53ql 79c 53ql 79c 32ql 80c 40ql 84c 76ql 93c Hatchet 20ql 71c 21ql 75c 38ql 78c 78ql 79c/83woa (1.4s) Leather Knife 35ql 73c 44ql 96c Mallet 28ql 72c68w (50copper) 71ql 75c87w (75copper) 71ql 71c64w (70copper) 18ql 83c60w (80copper) 85ql 97c (+20copper) 55ql 66c66w (50copper) Needle 69ql 79c Pickaxe (iron) 32ql 70c 56ql 71c 59ql 71c 56ql 72c 38ql 72c 57ql 78c 60ql 78c 59ql 81c 57ql 82c 33ql 82c46w (+20copper) 48ql 83c 59ql 85c 30ql 87c 24ql 88c 20ql 99c (1.5s) 12ql 99c76w (1.9s) Pickaxe (steel) --> ADD 10c to cost! 47ql 70c 50ql 70c 42ql 72c 44ql 72c 37ql 73c 38ql 77c 50ql 77c 51ql 78c 44ql 80c 42ql 83c 53ql 83c 46ql 85c 33ql 87c Rake 9ql 69c (25copper) 16ql 70c 19ql 71c 46ql 75c 35ql 75c Saw 58ql 77c 13ql 79c Shovel 45ql 74c 59ql 74c68w (+20copper) 51ql 73c75w (+30copper) 47ql 85c88w (+40copper)
  6. This guy is my hero, +100000 for this change. WAIT!! There's MORE! For every change this guy promotes, expect a 5% subscriber loss...FREE!
  7. I agree that no decisions should be made public for the 'customer' to dictate. The problem is that for you to make these proper decisions and implement them in a development environment (especially gaming), you need to have customer insights that translate into business direction and goals. User-driven development right? In this case, it is simply not true, and the original post (and others like it) shouldn't even exist. The fact it was a presented discussion, went through some sort of communication, ended up here, and then backtracked is endemic of serious knowledge gaps in the overall process.
  8. I'm dancing around terminology that some would call 'dev-bashing', but in my reality, are called management principles and effective language. change management..
  9. There's no abuse, or any real thought process beyond: The Game is the Game is the Game is the Game. There's a long line of posts like this, warnings or patches, and otherwise very short-sighted and non-beneficial changes that affect bottom line negatively. I honestly believe decisions are made by gamers first, and nothing more. Really thinking about it, the costs involved in taking the time to 'discuss' something of which offers absolutely no business value and then proceed to further increase the vitriolic attitudes of your customer base is very foolish and amateurish. Almost always in the real world, things of this nature go through a filter. Until these attitudes change, and things like this stop happening, I'd expect the negative counts of everything to continue. There's a lot more to this, with it both simple and complex, but i actually get paid to do this. So good luck. <3 wurm.
  10. Cool. Shaz's Score: Client Feedback: Negative PR Effectiveness : N/A Alternative value-added content : None Business value : None
  11. You seem to think that the subscription is the main problem for lack of growth. Herein is your extremely naive and incorrect assumption. You also seem to be completely devoid of any business knowledge or sense, and offer little of value beyond "F2P experiements PLZ!!!". Then again, 99% of these threads in this forum are absolute garbage. Sorry, but this is no exception.