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  1. Rolfcraft, soon(tm).
  2. cheap

    CoD the rare mortar and pestle to Nomadikhan
  3. I know what the toon has been bought and sold for in the past but am not getting involved there. Nice toon, used it myself at times to imp weapons. Is able to do 90ql imping rather easily. It's a good buy, depending on price. Good luck on the sale!
  4. CoD 87 botd knife to Nomadikhan, please and thank you!
  5. Already have, I keep seperate profiles per character. 'Main' for Nomad, 'Alt' for Alts liek priests, and a bare bones completely minimal no glsl 'Battery' for priest batteries. All profiles even the default one suffer from this issue. Also, this was all on fresh profiles from a fresh install of windows. I started manually editing them to remove the 63 extra binds for EVERY SINGLE BIND. See my above post... no matter what, it always begins happening eventually. I'm almost done writing my own pre-launch app to swap in my backup profile and keybind settings... since there's an obvious issue only myself or select few suffer from and no one can figure it out. Not blaming anyone, just tired of the issue and don't see any other way to fix it without waiting for another year or so.
  6. 30c for the rare arrow? CoD to Nomadikhan
  7. Bump. I noticed after testing today... it seems to duplicate entries when i manually edit it with an invalid keybind or when it references an invalid keybind via exec. Making a 1 line keybind file with "bind q improve" worked fine launching, changing bind ingame, exiting game". Making a 1 line keybind file with "bind q improv" (left off the e) gave an error in console log as it should, upon exiting the game it spammed the keybind file with multiple default binds.. almost as if it created and saved multiple times or something. This newly saved file was 237kb. Launching and exiting the game multiple times the file grows very large and the launcher lags trying to load my profile as it's taking too long to parse the file. I successfully made a 19mb keybinds.txt this way. Taking almost 15minutes at one point to open the launcher I'm done posting and texting about this... I'll just make a program to swap a backup of all my default binds upon launcher startup every time so I don't have this issue anymore.
  8. Still have this issue, still using unstable client. I can't post any other console logs because there is nothing out of sorts in it. Deleted keybinds.txt and ran client, now have a 735kb keybinds file. Please research this and fix it.... That is not even 1/4 of my keybind file... it lags the forum so bad pasting it I can't post before the page crashes. Fix this already.
  9. Looking to buy 10 sleep powders via paypal. 1 powder / 1usd. Hoping to find single seller for all 10 as to avoid sailing multiple servers for the amount I require.
  10. Taking out the entire stack of 27 and placing back in properly combined into one 937 stack. Odd problem but have seen it for years now, just finally remembered to post about it.
  11. Nope, not the usual only one left so it's a seperate stack. This is two identical stacks of hunting arrows, maplewood, one has 27 another 910. Taking arrows from the stack with 910 and placing them back into the bsb adds them to the stack with 27.
  12. Given my previous comment, I felt I should finally post my reason for it... [16:26:59] Bowyery increased by 0.0104 to 70.0102 As you can see, twas a bit of an inside joke lol
  13. wts

    6s for the rare scythe? If ok, cod to me please. Nomadikhan in-game.
  14. This obviously applies to Freedom servers only... let's make suggestions that benefit the entire wurm population instead.
  15. This sounds fun! >:)