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  1. I too never hired Templars, but it's there for people that need them. I prefer to think of them, +1
  2. Preferably, the ability to toggle exactly what creatures are targeted.. setup much like role options. Check each and every creature you want Templars to either attack or ignore. Also, An option for Templars to ignore creatures with characteristics such as Greenish and Champion. +1
  3. Funny, that's verbatim how fountain backpacks and pans were described... and we all know what happened to those.
  4. +1 as long as it's mob dependant. Spiders having no height limitations, trolls the same as us, wolves a maybe 50~, something like that anyway.
  5. Problem here is he stole it fair n square on chaos (granted from his own kingdom, but it's allowed) and traveled to Freedom... there is no jurisdictional issue as it wasn't stolen on freedom. Far as it's concerned, on the freedom servers, it's his. Now chaos, is another matter, as it's solely up to his kingdom mates to retrieve it via whatever means they deem fit (pvp or stealing it back). Crappy as he was, no rules seem to have been broken.
  6. Nomadikhan on Celebration. Thanks Chisco! Will pick it up soon as I get home from work!
  7. Ah yes, the endless cycle of logging online to spend hours making <material> for <dirt fortress>. One of the couple reasons I left.
  8. Now that you posted this, expect it to be removed randomly after 5 more years....
  9. +1 to furled sails.
  10. +1 With concrete, mining floors and ceilings, ability to collapse.... thre's nothing stopping us from fixing buggy cave tiles these days. Give the people freedom!
  11. I should be able to make it
  12. In no way shape or form would I ever move to Xanadu. Chaos, been there, can always do again.
  13. seriously?

    There are 6-core cpus though, would it be a viable option to add that to the launcher and/or game?
  14. Don't you have the launcher remember your account information? That, generally, solves this issue given you only need enter the required credentials once.