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  1. As suddenly as the lag appeared, it also disappeared, for me at least. One minute Nomad was frozen unable to move and the next a troll has me down to 5% health, was able to fight my way out of it. At the very same time, Emmaline rebounded and the last 23 minutes of trying to type chats went through at once.
  2. Good God... can anyone official comment on this topic to validate or debunk if this is a routing issue, wurm specific issue, or our ISP? I've been waiting for a line of chat to go through for nearly 16 minutes now just to tell people to pass my sermon up... and now it's already passed my time to preach. This is silly.
  3. It's always wurm. Insande lag on Exo... from login to when my I could move and talk was 9minutes. [13:57:03] <Shagsangel> o/ Emma [14:03:51] <Emmaline> Hi hi [14:05:17] <Emmaline> Wow... [14:05:17] <Emmaline> The lag is unreal [14:05:52] <Emmaline> [13:54:35] Welcome back, Emmaline! The Exodus server has been waiting for you. [14:06:26] <Emmaline> [14:03:51] <Emmaline> Hi hi [14:06:26] <Emmaline> look at that time difference
  4. I'll take the sculpting wand, PM me ingame or here (same name) for availibility.
  5. Speaking of sermons... Aldur, dare say how many beers would it take for you to add a sermon group rotation list feature? Something that let's us enter or paste names to a list, reads logs to tell people when to preach and when it needs to rotate the list.. then copies to clipboard the list for us to paste in chat?
  6. Just as an example.. bind Q IMPROVE Keybinds UI: Key Q already bound to PRAY. Replaced with IMPROVE Keybindings saved. However after I close the client and open keybindings.txt, it is not replaced... I have Q bound to pray and improve on 2 lines. I want to note... I was using Windows 10 until it corrupted it's own file system yesterday, same issues there as here. This is also happening on my current fresh install of Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
  7. As requested!
  8. Indeed, done the same. Also, as mine change depending on skill grind I'm working on.... Text File Duplicate Line Remover Tool - Webpage
  9. Every time the client closes, via logging out via F12 or sleeping in a bed, my keybindings.txt is saved to. It is appended, seemingly, instead of overwritten. Over time it gets to where it's 5+mb and takes the launcher literally 10minutes to load. At that point I either delete the file or spend 10-15min deleting all the duplicated entries and re-saving the file. Afterward, the launcher loads normally and in seconds, not minutes. Can we pretty please with cherries and sprinkles get this long running and known problem fixed? This Example is after me running Wurm 3 times on a fresh install and no old files.
  10. Same. Completely random when and if it happens.. sometimes goes away, sometimes not.
  11. Bump. Emmaline has gained nearly 20 faith in a week. Great place, fun people
  12. I'm pretty close to your area, just holler if she needs help again.. was fun being able to help someone again
  13. Thus far the Unstable client, for the last week~, has out performed the Stable client in every aspect. There is one very naggy issue that needs addressed. Keybinds, the Unstable client, unkocwn how/when, seems to duplicate many times my keybinds inside the file. Wurm has issues loading profiles when the file gets to a staggering 6mb for a 20kb file. lol.
  14. lmao, I'm imagining a floating island via 4 sided cave entrances all the way around. Should be interesting to raid that.
  15. [18:26:19] <Nomadikhan> I wish it'd stop snowing in my home... Nuf said, been asked for many times. Let's make it happen.