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  1. The point, rather my point at least, is Quality of Service. Xanadu just doesn't provide it. We're in 2017, not 1998, no one is using 56k or 28.8k modems... there is zero reason for putting up with lag. Servers need to be uniform in regards to performance and quality. Yours, just doesn't cut it. And the amount of complaints and threads about it is bringing more attention to wurm then the dev's marketing ever has lol. I guess it's just personal preference... some people would rather live with a bum leg, other's want it amputated.
  2. Not to mention how many new players have started Wurm for the first time, selecting Xanadu because they heard how big it was.. and quit within a week because a deer killed them due to lag. My point is there is no compromise to be had, it's an online game and outside normal latency from distance, players do not pay to play a laggy game. If it cannot be fixed, which a PR member and dev have stated earlier in this topic, it needs to be reconsidered.
  3. The more people that log into it the more lag will be prevalent... It was a great test of what Wurm is capable of doing, but clearly it's not cutting it. And adding more content is only going to further the issue. Wouldn't you agree? If it can't be fixed, why let paying customers continue to play on it. Who intentionally and knowingly wants to play a game that's full of lag (nvm, we play wurm don't answer that lol)
  4. So I'm late to the convo but the jist of what the important people have said is that there isn't a fix for the lag. The lag is there because it's 4x the server size with 6x the creatures so much more strain on the server code and hardware. Don't forget devs are adding more to the game all the time.. so no matter how optimized new features are, every addition will lag Xan more and more. Just shut the damned server down and move on. You learned your lesson with Challenge, suck it up and tell us how it was a good test of Wurm's capabilities and that it's time to let it go. I can't be the only one that's tired of hearing about how Xan lags and I don't even freaking live there...
  5. Don't forget Timber Frame parapets...
  6. Would love to see a dev answer here. I, too, have an 8-core FX proc oc'd and WO only utilizes 1 core from what I can tell. I had to overclock to 4.0ghz due to WO utilizing 1 core at the default 3.2ghz, which wasn't at all an increase from my old 4-core 3.0ghz.
  7. Not to mention most android devices don't have very high cpu specs or proper cooling for a game that would be quite intensive on it's cpu... your talking about one very hot device, and batteries in these devices are most always crammed very near the cpu. The batteries themselves will get hot due to the drain put on them from said cpu. For the life of the hardware i wouldn't recommend it. I've also noticed that the bigger android devices such as larger tablets don't generally have specs that scale with their size... for the most part the bigger they are the more closer to a phone's specs they stay. The resolution is usually lower the larger the tablet to compensate for the lack of real hardware and to keep the price in check. Trying to run wurm is just going to frustrate you after all the effort of getting it to work. It will probably lag to hell and back not to mention the screen resolution may very well be limited to 1024x768 or 1280x1024. Your inventory window will take up 2/3 of the screen lol. You could use an android emulator on a PC machine, but at that rate what's the point.
  8. Just throwing this out there as a search on this post for "unstable" turned up 0 matches... have you tried using the Unstable client? For me, it means the difference between 20fps or less and steady 63fps when setting my cap at 60fps. That is with shadows, water reflections, and lighting on. If you are on the Unstable client, ignore my post.
  9. I've seen you online a few times since my post... have you forgotten us? My offer still stands, if it's acceptable to you.
  10. I played haven and hearth years ago to try it out... unless they fixed the server lag issues i'd just stay away from it. I remember it being horribly laggy sometimes, waiting on the servers to respond to complete actions.
  11. I'd get into musical instruments even if we're stuck playing specific melodies. Made a post a loooong time ago about them. +1
  12. Rare leather Knife.. 4.5s? CoD to Nomadikhan if acceptable.
  13. I will say the embark/mount bug has vanished completely for me in the Unstable client... Aside from a few very minor graphical issues the Unstable client is more stable and out performs the current mainstream client. Might want to give it a go if you're not already.
  14. Wogic approved.
  15. For me refreshing the page works fine... although when I start PM conversations it creates two every time.