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  1. what he said. +1 from me as well. Much better immersion .
  2. Win? How do you 'win' Wurm? There is no ultimate goal, no end that I can think of. You can set goals for your own satisfaction and be happy to reach them, that's about it.
  3. 3849,-5144 A Million Memories
  4. Rift mats are becoming what? :s
  5. +1 the current colours are way too bright imo
  6. comic relief

    I'm gonna make all the bricks for my 50x50 castle myself.
  7. Edit: A very kind priest cast courier, this can be closed. Hello I'm looking for a friendly priest who'd like to earn some coin casting courier on my spirit castle. My location is N16 on this map. PM here or /t Myriad in game.
  8. I probably hold the record for getting lost the fastest ever. I got dropped in Newtown on JKH, spun around, noticed the town token. I walked down a street, turned left. Or right? Then turned around to walk back to the token. It wasn't there. Spent a few minutes looking for the automap, too ^^ After doing some tutorial stuff (you know, the one where you had to walk out of town by a fair bit to find a tree to cut down), I met someone who was on his way to his deed somewhere on the north coast and invited me to join. We legged it up the road for what seemed forever, then jumped in the water and swam for another few hours (outswiming a croc with ease, them were the days). It wasn't a deed as such, just some players living near eachother. I picked the top of a small hill to build my first 1x1. Took me a long time because the hill wasn't called apple tree hill for nothing. Imagine that, a noob cutting down apple trees to get 80 planks... Once I finished it, I turned around, just in time to jump inside, out of the way of a wolf who must have been watching me for hours.
  9. 1. Problem Framing. This drives the process. Good: the problem you paint doesn't exist. No one but a few attention deficit suffering bedwetting hooligans would want PvP and PvE mixed so they can destroy stuff for no gain to themselves at all. Process ends. Sorry to be so agressive and flippant about it, but I want to make it perfectly clear that me getting thrown into PvP in any shape or form at all would basically destroy the game for me.
  10. No. Just no. I play Wurm to build stuff. I spend hours, days, weeks, months to build things I like. Only to have them destroyed in a few hours? By people who have nothing at all to gain from that? It would utterly destroy the game for me. Deal breaker, quitting reason. Maybe, just maybe the game devs would find a way to merge the playing styles, but it would absolutely certainly cause mass destruction and havoc for ages, ruining game play for as long as it would take to make sure both styles can coexist on one server. And then what do we have? The same as today, only on one server, with restrictions to both styles that would make both of them unhappy. PvP and PvE do not mix. Just abandon this pipe dream and play how you like, but if that's PvP, move along to a place where you can already do that and don't ruin my game for me. I do not wish to play cannon fodder for your dreams of being some mighty warrior all shall bow to. It is no fun for the rest of us and having fun is exactly what we're here for. All of us, not just you.
  11. Unticked... running! Thanks
  12. Hello everyone I open the jlnp, then the Wurm Startup 3.99zi window comes up. At this point, as it's been ages (May 2016) since I was online, it's supposed to download the latest stuff. Only, the download is stuck at 0% with 'setting up' in the download bar and below that: 'Update in progress (Selecting packs to use...). I have all 3 packs ticked. My Java version is 8 update 121 (build 1.8.0_121-b13). Any ideas?
  13. I feel the pain of the impossible mobs. My arch enemy is the crocodile. Can't see it apart from on roads unless you happen to highlight it with your mouse. It takes one single bite and you're immobile, then dead within a few seconds. Even though I've been playing for years and can run/hide behind guards and spirits with the best of them, this form of unavoidable semi-instant death still annoys me. One learns to live (or die as the case may be) with it. Wurm is not safe and that's a good thing. With time, one does develop a survival instinct. You keep in the back of your mind where you were shortly before, where the last deed you encountered, the closest body of water or the nearest tower are and how you can reach them without having to slowly run uphill (as mobs don't mind a bit of a climb). I agree with those who say a noob-friendly low-danger zone would be advisable to stop people giving up in frustration.
  14. Maybe a deal with Second Life can be made. Since we have Linden trees, maybe they could drop Linden dollars? (ba'dum tish ^^ )
  15. Unless you have a crystal ball, that's quite a bold statement. You may think or even hope this will come to pass, but if you look at player growth through the Wurm ages, there's an ever upward trend, no matter how many people ragequit over 'stupid' things Rolf did (assuming as you are that Rolf is either stupid or evil is ridiculously insulting to the man, by the way). Every single one of these actions claimed by the doom prophets to be the final nail in the coffin of Wurm. So far, nothing Rolf did ever killed Wurm or even caused a sustained downward trend. Stating your prediction, based at best on quite loose sand, as fact, smacks of fearmongering, a wish (if I don't want to play, then the whole game should disappear, in the best 'I'm taking my ball and I'm going home'-tradition), rather than 'fact'. What if people stopped activating alts every now and then, giving Rolf a rather shaky and unpredictable source of income, but more players with only one or two permanently paid for toons was the result of this price increase? I'm not saying it will happen, but it might.