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  1. Bramson, yes I am at D14, I was unaware the lake had a name after all this time ha.
  2. Hijaks was accepted with his brother. I am still looking for more players =]. We are by no means crowded, and have since grown, Will update pictures soon. Currently I am the only active player still.
  3. MrCoolMan, I think I am ready for more dyes =]
  4. +rep Fast Trader, honest, and good communication. 10/10 will use again.
  5. +1
  6. Smooth, fast, honest service. 10/10 will use again.
  7. Messaged.
  8. + Rep, 10/10, would deal with again.

    Fast delivery, honest service. Thank you.

  9. Willing to split some of the Gold into Silvers ?
  10. Are you willing to split the gold coin into Silvers ?
  11. Dagon Fel is looking for a few good players. We have all basic amenities, can make starter sets for tools, You can even climb in Rank with us. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Water Food Shelter Beds Horses Caves for mining Mountains Loads of wildlife ! Very close to water and close to the open ocean Unexplored lands (sp00ky) Grass (the kind you can't smoke) (or at least, you wouldn't want to) We have it ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can even make many friends ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ever wanted a Harvest Moon type experience ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Even the Gods make stars align for us ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This picture may be dated compared to what we have on deed, but we still have plenty of room for you with us. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pet wild horses ! (*Not all horses may actually be wild. **Your experience may vary.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Experience the views ! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current projects ! Infrastructure (making it easier to travel by land) Surface Mining (not a priority and most is done) Improvements ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***If you answered YES to ANY of the above, Inquire within ! We may be able to help you find that experience which you seek.*** We only ask that you be Mature, Respectful, have a mind to learn the game you are playing, and realize that Real Life comes first. We are mostly active but not all the time. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your time, and apply within !
  12. +1 Oman Please !!! The saddles and contents could further slow the animal like it does with the riders and their gear.
  13. Hello, I am looking to buy Decent - High QL Leather in Bulk. Also interested in Decent - High QL Hides in Bulk if no Leather. Post here or PM, even Chat me same Ingame Name your prices and delivery fee's or where you are located so I can make a trip. My location is NW - Xanadu at D14. Thank you.
  14. x

    Really reliable, Very affordable, Honest. 10/10 will use again ! Thanks !
  15. + Rep ! Fast, effortless, and very friendly trade ! 10/10 will use again ! Thank you.