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  1. comic relief

    "everyone I know is always 100% focused on the game and not doing anything else while playing!"
  2. It doesn't make sense, that you suggest server wide wipes to bring "freshness" into the community and game, when the game itself doesn't change. I have seen people all by themselves go to other servers to start over...again and again and while they were busy there for a few months, they usually were never staying for long and usually with explanations that it wasn't what they expected and still felt unsatisfied. I have seen how people reacted to new servers and I have seen how wurm was before we had so many servers...and you know what? While I agree that the tutorial is really not ideal for this kind of game, people will always find something to complain about...when we only had 2 servers it was most often neighbour disputes about land and "free natural land" in general...especially coast places...now with the community being so spread out there are a lot of coast spaces available and tbh the complaints about that came down...... What I don't like about these kind of suggestions, is that there seems to be an assumption that something you thought of, that might solve your personal problem with wurm, that it would apply to the whole community. So...what happens if they would actually do what you suggest and it would not increase player count? and it would not change the way how you can't get yourself into wurm anymore? Do you have anything that would actually back up your thoughts with facts or experiences that this would actually be helpful?
  3. +1
  4. this does point out some flaws with wurm though. I mean he practically has no chance to like the game, because he is confronted with how it's all gonna be grinding, which yes, it is, but it's not the grinding that people necessary love about wurm, it's everything around. The freedom, the community and that one can actually take pride in their accomplishments, since it's not just done with a mouseclick. In every MMO i know, if you would tell a player about how in the future it would become better, if they just train their skill, it is not close enough and graspable in the present to see "why" he would even do that? When even just pointing out that he can use the starter town newbie thing to get food or even ask players to help him could have been good opportunity to show him how much wurm lives on the community aspect, which for me, is what kept me for a long time going with wurm.
  5. I have to say, I don't really like the looks of highway eyes, especially since they are currently offset from the center if putting them on a 3 tile highway besides that I think that graphically they generally don't fit wurm very well, because they look too modern and their coloring seems "off" from wurms normal/natural colors. I would have preferred them looking more like the light token spell from priests with maybe little changes....or like a smaller more simplified version of turrets or something that looks more like glowing gems than eyes.
  6. I could imagine to kinda make "plot stakes" either using similar mechanic to how deeds are founded, but instead of showing a plot token it would only show the radius through markers (a little bit like small rope fences) or to have a similar system to building houses, which is the "create a plan on each tile" but instead of housing frames it would create those plot-stakes/fences and merge them on intersections like it does with houseplans. The houseplot access for controlling permissions could be either purely over the character management or one has to set a tile or border to hold a plot sign of some sort. I definitely like that idea, cause it could help normal wurmians to let in people into their villages more easily, since you could just give someone free space to roam in, inside your village without having to compromise your village in general and without having to prebuild a house for them
  7. +1 I would like to see it as new trait
  8. that indeed seems rather silly
  9. climbing with help of trees was indeed a nice thing, sadly it was hard to get the right spot to stop sliding
  10. I'm all for expanding the current cash shop with cosmetic items was actually wondering that they never went that way.
  11. i don't think it's possible to build stairs outside a houseplan, unless there is a mod for it, but otherwise you could make a compromise and use a tiny bridge that goes up (not sure if they can be that short, but you could try)
  12. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  13. I also would like some variance for cave reinforcements would be cool if we could make cave walls look like stonebrickwalls etc.
  14. same here...tried now 2 days in a row and couldn't change it due to that error.
  15. it's not a scar on magranon it's a scar made in magranons name