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  1. no problem
  2. I would also like something like this: since with diagonal paving, we already have a code in place to recognize the surrounding tiles content, it would be nice to have a path that can recognize if it has "path tiles" touching it, then combining them to one consistent path or if it's touching grass etc. and if not touching any path it could be used for decoration as grassless spots I would really like some optical "break up" of tiles, that makes it less looking like tiles.
  3. if those new house walls are gonna come with similarly fitting bridges I'm so gonna make the scar's gates out of new stuff
  4. I updated the link thanks for pointing this out, apparently dropbox has changed how it works.
  5. I want to kidnap you for magranons scar.....
  6. there is highway work being done around willow vale and shadow realm and south of albia estates to make things less confusing actually, but it's still work in progress.
  7. i don't know the exact coordinates, but someone posted a screenshot and it was on the bottom of dragonfang mountain
  8. if that's a serious question, there is no glass. If you want to have less windy homes, build some Banners and plant them infront of the windows...or build less windows.
  9. pssht, there are loading screen quotes ;D
  10. I'm gonna say this as politely as I can... your opinion and so called "criticism" is extremely biased/subjective and not the slightest bit constructive. in detail: your friends are not a good measurement on the "famous" level of wurm. you have no Information on why people are leaving and are making wild assumptions based on your view of the game and your friends again. you are right that alot of people are not staying long, but at the same time, those who stay tend to be very loyal, which means that most likely something is either off with the learning/starting curve of wurm or wurm is simply such a niché interest game, that it just can't hook alot of people. .....-.- if I like a game, I pay for it, if i don't feel like grinding, i would pay for someone else to do it or buy a character, but ultimately in wurm those skills are not giving you that much of an advantage that I would call it pay to win....and the res stones...tbh are not the reason pvp is dead, also not the deed prices and danger of loosing real money....>.> there are far more pressing issues. Sure res stones were often causing very heated debates, but ultimately in a battlefield, they don't make you win, just protect your stuff and as far as I'm aware they can sometimes even fail.
  11. we were quite busy and Valrei approved
  12. fantastic wounds
  13. probably not....i remember vaguely that they wanted to do it more regularly, but I would say that every 6 months would be probably enough, since, as I understood it, making those map dumps is not particularly easy, but I might be wrong.
  14. I actually have to agree....when I saw that picture I had some very disturbing "after images" in my head from it, so please consider a warning for the last one or spoiler for those who might have problems with it.