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  1. Whatever server the wagon is from, I would like to join.
  2. The sandbox type genre seems to be popular. I am wondering if anyone has discovered another game similar to Wurm? A lot of games don't come up in searches, so perhaps someone is playing/trying something that is up and coming (or an oldie but a goodie), please share it here. As a start, has anyone tried these below? 1. Rising World https://www.rising-world.net/ 2. Shroud of the Avatar https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/
  3. They do make a nice decoration though. Oh well, guess there will be a nice piece of one ql charcoal next time I log in.
  4. A yule deer trapped in a mine?? How is it possible I missed one? Please send coordinates immediately so I can go rescue it and add it to my flock!
  5. New fashion statement: Mixed armor ensemble.
  6. Rarity of container (pan, bowl, cauldron) does not affect affinity does it? As far as I know the rarity of the oven/forge does, not the rarity of the container the food is cooked in? The other issue is that we also need to be able to imbue/rune the tool so the resulting mats can be of higher ql than our skill, similar to what happens with woodcutting/farming/mining/butchering/any-mat-using-a-tool-that-can-be-runed/imbued. Obviously this has to do with woad and acorns for dye, which is where the sticking point comes from as they always used to be random ql wheras now they are linked to skill level with no similar way to increase their ql to what we have for logs/ores/veggies etc.
  7. I think some people are confusing foraging with forestry. Bump for revisiting skillgains and product ql which do not use tools yet the mats are linked to the skill level of the char.
  8. Rare dredge to Fairyshine please
  9. Were you grinding when the skillgain was broken? It surely seems to me that people who did it during any period of that time now has the benefit of high skill (as obviously, those who benefited from the unbalanced and exponential gain did not lose their skill when the bug was fixed). I would really like to see this issue addressed and not be berated by those with such higher skill as I am just trying to catch up or just getting reasonable skill myself. Would it matter to those with higher skill if lower skill chars get some skill too? I know a few of my mining friends, and those who spent time grinding woodcutting, even farming or anything gathered by a sickle, was initially miffed that we can add a rune or imbue to the tool and get up to 100 ql of the resource, however, now they are fine with it as it is clear that just gathering high ql mats is of no use unless you do something else (imp stuff, mix dye, etc). The point is for those skills and for most others, there is a way to help people get a higher ql resource so they can enjoy the game. This is not true for botanizing/forestry. A lot of tiles are picked clean when there have been no animal in the vicinity and the tiles have not been picked for weeks (it is inside fenced areas on a deed with one person access only). I am bugged and can't get a botanizing affin meal. And skillgain is patently slow with no coc, you have to move all the time, and the mats are always low ql due to no rune/imbue yet the mat ql is tied to skill level... Retro, if I understand you correctly, the bug with certain characters is due to taking away the variation to do with rare containers? If this is the case, how would changing it back so rare containers affect the affinity affect the non bugged characters? I agree with Zigozag, the variety of woad surely was a great support to those who like mixing dye. Having it explicitly linked to skill level is what broke it.
  10. Since woad and acorn ql are linked to foraging/botanizing skill levels, people have been trying to raise these skills. Turns out that bugged chars can never get a botanizing affinity meal, so for these people it remains forever slow and tedious as there is also no tool you can coc to even make skillgain slightly higher. Furthermore, you have to move the char after an action on a tile, and hope the tile is not picked clean, else it is a non tick tile. PLEASE revisit the rate at which we gain skill for foraging and botanizing. Make a drink we brew to drink and get an hour of affinity for it, or some tool we can coc or something, or fix bugged chars so they can at least get an affinity for a period of time for botanizing...please help people who would like higher ql woad and acorns out. Would be greatly appreciated