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  1. Apart from the look of the new items, which is great for more variety, I guess I will be the party pooper and say the following: I have been waiting to equip my unicorns forever. Now we can equip them and ride them only when tamed, so mobs will aggro on them off deed. Taming them to ride them offdeed will be a no no, as I will forever be at risk of potentially having my five speed, fully equipped, unicorn killed if I decide to get off and pick a flower in the forest. If we still can't brand them, they can also be stolen. You can't risk hitching them in a cart and leaving the cart anywhere off deed or in a non enclosed area, as they will randomly unhitch when they go untame, again, risking losing them. Since we can only have one animal tamed at a time, you really can't use them in carts, because if you tame and untame animals all the time you will not ever keep your uni in your cart as it will run off. Alchemist cupboards containing only 2kg of a dye colour at a time? Apart from the looks, they are not really useful. Next. Storage units to keep fishing poles and saddles but not slow decay? I may build one when bored one day but it will serve no purpose to slow decay so in the mean time the saddles and fishing poles can lie in the rafts in the wagon and rot, same as they will sit in this unit and rot. I am talking as an entrenched freedomer, so I guess there will be pvp reasons for the unicorn decisions etc. However in the same week as not getting a Valentine present and noting that the snowballs in the larder is already taking damage to the extent that they will probably not last until next winter, I was probably a bit disillusioned before reading the updates.
  2. Soooo....You only ever ever get ONE Valenine's gift from Wurm? Ever? Forever and ever and ever and ever??? Devs, you broke my heart
  3. Rare saucepan to Fairyshine please, thanks Niki.
  4. A few years ago we got roses, but needed a special link to get them. If it happens this year please let us know where to go. (Hint: Pink roses would be awesome.)
  5. This has nothing to do with Valentine's day but so cute! Have a fun day.
  6. Oh can their saddles be actual GOLD visually? Will it stop them from running off?
  7. Want to buy scale pieces, any colour. Please pm me Name: Fairyshine in game or here on forums. Paying 50 copper per 0.01 piece.
  8. Bump. Also 'cause I like watching this video.
  9. We are asking for the same information we get from the wiki to be displayed in game. This is generic, It is not specific. It shows ranges of ql and ranges of amounts left. If you want to be specific, feel free to grind to 90, but as we all know, grinding any skill to 90 is not something anyone will do in a few hours (days, weeks or months).
  10. Normally I would +1 this but currently I think hellhorse colours really makes no sense. Other than perhaps a tiny (possibly and maybe and Wurm Lore perhaps or maybe not...) tiny speed bonus on jet blacks, they serve zero purpose other than taking up memory space in the game. I would rather opt to remove all hellhorse colours entirely and replace it with the addition of more normal horse colours. The previous time more horse colours were introduced, quite a few people started playing again and it was great fun to exchange the horses to share the colours around.
  11. I wanted to respond in this topic but it was closed before I could do so. As long as snowballs inside larders are not protected from decay, the way the mechanic works where larders will significantly reduce decay "as long as filled with snowballs" is really as useful as a snowball in Australia on a forty degree Celcius day. The snowballs inside larders take decay and sometimes just disappear and poof, so obviously the larder then stops working. Please take away all decay of snowballs inside larders if the larder is inside an intact house or on a deed. I believe snowballs poofing and decaying inside larders, is a bug. Not the place for it but I will repeat my request to please turn off all decay on food and items on deeds with more than 30 days upkeep, since this extends further to turrets and braziers.
  12. With the information you get, could the actual numbers be added in brackets behind the message please? E.g. Instead of getting "poor" or "pretty bad" you get "Poor: 20-29" "acceptable", you get "Acceptable: 30-39" instead of "normal" you get "Normal: 40-59" etc. For other messages: Instead of getting just the message, add in the numbers, e.g. "There is plenty of ore left", now add : (more than 10000) "Only a few weeks mining remain here" but add (between 5000 and 10000) "The ore is starting to deplete" and add behind this message (between 3000 and 5000) "You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore" add this (between 1000 and 3000) "The ore will run out soon" add (between 100 and 1000) "The ore will run out any hour" add (1-100)
  13. Which is another suggestion perhaps: Make unicorns a bit more robust so they don't lose speed with two mounts, given they are unicorns, after all.