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  1. denuvo got dunked
  3. just roleplaying as kellyt
  4. poll

    it was live on live lol i remember walking around on old Ele outside my deed going down the landbridge
  5. poll

    this was once in the game for like a day lol
  6. comic relief

    "Target Loren"
  7. comic relief

    "Target Klaa"
  8. you just noticed how bad it was a month ago? understandable though, seeing as who you are ayyyyy but, yeah, it'd be neat i also shield trained on epic with a coc shield with sleep bonus for 1 1/2 hours i got to 7.8 skill from 1
  9. Wow there guys, I was just stating that everyone uses hashes from what I've seen Don't need to go all bold text on me. And saying it should merit a warning for saying something that is in the game, and used by a ton of people.. lol.. need to calm it down there A+.
  10. Well, Wurm has covered itself by saying 'share passwords at your own risk'.. Also, people sharing accounts uh.. use hashes (usually), which I do hear aren't that hard to crack, but you don't just share the hash out of nowhere to anyone, and even then they still need the email for that account, and then the password for that email. Am I condoning this? Nah maaaan, I'm just bored watching some guy suck at the new MLB and get drafted in the 3rd Round.
  11. that wouldnt be possible without the titles and what not it would be considered stolen, and that guy would be jailed most likely no??? now this, she gave him the 'titles' and 'permission' essentially with giving him the actual passwords and emails. im just bored honestly, its 1:30 AM and I'm watching someone play the new MLB
  12. w a h
  13. where have you been???????????????????????
  14. There's nothing you can do to save the game until you remove all of the ###### mechanics that have been thrown into the game at random. Runes Random Spell List Gods Balancing SoTG Valrei Spells Karma Revert Shield Training (jesus why does it take so long) Hell Horses (if you want to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) HoTA (what a joke) (probably more) This game was the most alive, and most fun when there was just a base game, 2 Models per Kingdom, Iron Weapons, Steel Plate, Iron Chain, some Drake or Scale, no unique respawns, no Rares or Supremes, no Glimmer or Adamantine. Addition after addition, server after server, it's just dropping more and more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. he is for me