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  1. wts

  2. wanting a second merchant, presently been trying to buy one for 7.8s

  3. looking to buy a merchant if one is available

  4. wts

    Sent PM
  5. I mean that list this kind should be sorted from A to Z for easy navigation, for example, if I got some mortar and bricks for sale i cannot go along and check for B and M starting words on the list but got to look on all items on the list.
  6. Hey, Would be neat if you could sort the list BR Deleo
  7. wts

    Sent, thanks.
  8. wts

    You should have it within half hour. Thanks.
  9. wts

    Added locks and iron lumps to the offer. Enjoy.
  10. wts

    Added plenty of 91ql+ woa enchanted horseshoes. Enjoy.
  11. wts

    Woa items sent, Seems like butchering knife decayed. Thanks
  12. wts

    Added some speed tools to the list.
  13. wts

    Added skilling tools and speed tools categories to the offer, will add more items into those categories as I make them.
  14. wts

    Updated item list and stock, Removed paid transport for bulk construction items in favor of free transport