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  1. Updated item list and stock
  2. Updated item screenshot!
  3. Bump, still in business! Adjusted stock info.
  4. Still there bro
  5. Seems to work smoothly, thanks.
  6. Heya, S11 Independence if you find me online in game I will most likely deliver for free
  7. Added some new items and updated general stock of items
  8. I could supply mortar/bricks 2s/k and planks/nails 1s/k - with all materials on shore it should be much easier to complete. BR
  9. A rare bsb what's worth to you?
  10. small anvil, iron 16ql COC94 - 2s Please cod to Deleo. (with my everlasting rebate of awesomeness :P)
  11. Still up for the job (free bumper)
  12. small anvil, iron 21ql COC93 - 1s75c CoD to Deleo (with my golden member card rebate :P) Pozdrawiam