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  1. sorry I forgot to tag the thread so missed the updated info. Your barding issue does not involve a hellhorse so it might be a different issue form the others. I am puzzled because the adapter info references an integrated intel chip and intel driver (Adapter info: igdumdim64 ( which i think is maybe IntelHD530 or HD5600 or something, ... as well as a Radeon R7 M370. It appears to be a laptop so maybe it has both, I guess it is using the radeon since it at least shows that though I have no idea why it even lists intel as the adapter, and lists an intel driver ( Usually it lists one or the other and not both, Maybe one of the wurm client devs will know some other ways to confirm which it is using inside of Wurm, the intel chip or the radeon. According to one site, this might be a generic microsoft windows update driver for Intel HD 530 and those microsoft drivers do not tend to be as OpenGL friendly, but again the radeon references have me confused over which adapter is actually being used. Over my head -- so hopefully a wurm dev will know whether your barding issue is same as the others.
  2. Build is a pretty old driver for intel graphics, see if the driver from here helps: Is this a laptop? What is the brand and model? (driver build numbers keeps running me to DELL website with a driver date of 21 Jan 2014) Two more things to try: 1) See if the new unstable client works better (I heard sometimes if does for intel graphics) 2) or, with the regular client, see if these lowered settings make things any better If this a laptop with "switchable graphics" -- ie, intel for low power and nvidia/radeon for gaming, it's possible that updating java changed the path for java and the dedicated gaming card can;t find the new path. Easiest fix is to go to graphics control panel > manage 3D settings > global > "always use high performance graphics"
  3. PS: I actually enjoy 7 Days To Die once I figured out how to disable zombies, ignore guns and cities, and just make a custom outdoorsy map and use bow & arrow for deer hunting. There is a big update coming "anytime now" that should give a ton more freedom in building designs. Right now they have bears deer pigs and I think they are about to add more wildlife (wolves, buzzards, some other stuff) There are also new updates this week in Rising World ECO Survival has some intriguing elements, it's meant for Co-op play (so that you can battle environmental issues as a team) but can also be played singleplayer (early stages still) I started tooling around a little this week in Eve Online again, my first time back in many years. They have a new "alpha clones" free to play option though like Wurm, there is a cap on how far you can get without either putting in money or working pretty hard for ingame ways to buy gametime, Not sure how long I will stay with it this time -- I don't think i am committed enough to work my way up to "omega clone" ie premium status, but kinda fun again trying out all the tutorial missions (Exploration, Industry, Military) from the NPC agents for now. Yes, I am a carebear so yes, I stay mostly in pve solo friendly high sec areas. SO SHOOT ME. I enjoyed early builds of Subnautica which can be fun if you like the idea of building an underwater station while gathering crafting resources. There is a bit of a storyline though like all true sandboxes, you can kind of ignore it to wander around on your own. If you are not a stickler for modern graphics, Unreal World (iron age finland). every so often I jump back in for a few weeks of huntging reindeer with bow and arrow, avoiding death by frostbite or starvation, and trying to put together a nice homestead before winter sets in hardcore. I also tinkereed around a bit in Creativerse which is kind of a prettified minecraft. Steam has a free to play version you can try out. For some reason I enjoy plunking around in the "beginner" stages of these games more than racing to get the the so-called "endgame," which means I enjoy ones with replayability in the early stages (new map, slightly different challenges, but slower paced exploration rather than action-combat oriented) I always end up back in Wurm, though.
  4. Not out yet but looks interesting if you are not into Zombies and Guns: "" LIFE: A Lighthearted Survival Game, coming soon to Steam Greenlight! ""
  5. Been like that for a couple months now: needs a "merge" more than a "move"
  6. sounds somewhat similar to these: Both of those were related to using NVidia Geforce Experience Shadowplay Are you recording your gameplay? Do you feel this is a necessary program for you? (I took it off my computer when I realized how much gunkware NVidia installs these days, i usually only install the basic driver and PhysX) If you have NVidia/Geforce and don't really need all this extra stuff running, maybe try uninstalling removing or disabling the "GeForce Experience" program ?
  7. Nice, time to go make me some more planter pots ...
  8. they actually do sell bumper stickers already: besides the bumpersticker boring you can get: clock totebag: only slightly out of date calendar (still perfectly good as a coffee coaster): and the ever popular CLASSIC (and super duper classy) ... THONG: so you can see code club is right on top of the merchandising opportunities already.
  9. Slaymane, you are using the generic microsoft driver (probably reinstalled windows at some point?) Do not use windows update for the drivers, update the video drivers directly from the graphics manufacturer: INTEL: NVIDIA/GEFORCE: ATI/RADEON:
  11. Marks her calender and sets the egg timer ...
  12. Page 1: DeedPlanner 2.8.0 - not released yet Added "Animals" tab That's because animals tab is not live yet....
  13. i thought so too kind of like that book, "If I Did It"
  14. At one time they said "maybe" they would have stallions and mares look different (as do cows & bulls, doe and stag, ram & ewe) with mares having a slim "Arabian" build and stallions having a muscular "Friesian" build. However, I am not certain they ever ended up making a "fresian" style horse (winner of the poll) as they usually are I think a bit more bulky and "workhorse" shaped -- kind of an elegant Clydesale -- than what we have now, which seem more of a middle ground between riding horse and workhorse: Friesian breed: Wurm Horse: Ooooh, i found a picture of the horses they originally teased we were getting, and what i was thinking of when I first started babbling about "new" horse models (source) as you can see those look a little different than what we have now. We never did get the horses in that last photo. Perhaps it was a first run before they decided on a final shape, or perhaps they are by a different modeler and one was "in-house" and one was "purchased" -- only the dev team members fromn 2010 ish era will know for sure! Originally our Funky Wurm Horse (we had to stand on them upright like a circus acrobat as there were no saddles or sitting riding animations -- in fact even wurm characters all looked identical back then) had five colors -- grey white brown gold black -- and I think the intent was to introduce five new versions of those same colors. edit: Rolf's original phrasing was that the art staff "picked" the models and they would have no animations (original horses didn't either, all animals glided around on ice skates) ) , which is perhaps where I got the idea they had purchased the models with art team having decisions on what to get...?? Also that last picture, the colors did not match the 'five classic wurm colors" so it seemed maybe they were no inhouse models. But maybe i was mistaken back then as well. Possibly also the origin of my confusion that maybe you had made the meshes/models of the ones that ended up ingame, in part because of the full color chart you did of possible new colors. and how different these models ended up being than the original teased photo...
  15. Well its also possible they they bought a horse model that they never used, and that the current art team made the one they DID use, I only know there was some interest back then when we were told rolf had purchased some new horse models. If I messed up my recollections, then i owe the art team here a giant apology. I now recall there was also a POLL on what type of horse body players wanted, suggesting it was an inhouse/staff project. So possibly I was confusing "sheep" and "horses" or something-something-something. i think I had probably go take my daily nap as it sounds like I am waaaay past due for it.
  16. i now think i remember them saying back in 2011, that they had purchased a horse model to use in the game, it's possible that I am mis-remembering but if it was the same one they later used, it may have been an outside purchased asset with limited textures. But i always think of you as the one who made them special. PS: some of the prices for a hosted server are as little as $6 a month I think, so its not like a huge investment and possibly less than the cost of leaving your own computer running. Obviously the big public servers run on much much more expensive plans, hosting large maps with thousands ogf creatures and lots of ram and cpu power. A limited showcase server would be closer to the $6/mo range. Also, the 'visitors" would not be able to make anything (assuming permissions were set) -- they could not chop trees or mine or dig and you would like also give them no tools or starting gear and not allow them to pick up anything. So even if they were 'veteran" WO players, they are limited to nothing more than tourists. They could mnnot make items, build houses, use skills, or even have anything to equip. the only way to make it clear in advance what this server "os", is to make it part of the server's name : "Malena's Personal Showcase : Limited Viewing Only" or something
  17. Yes that would be easiest, a little like the original GV tutorial area where you could see over the walls but never go there (at least not as a new login). Just log in, wander about, then log out, with indestructible walls fencing it all in.
  18. Code Club hosts only the WO servers, however what i think you are asking about is a hosted server, where for a small fee you pay to have them run the server 24/7 for you (as "owner" you can shut it down any time you want.) You want to read carefully in the HOSTING PROVIDERS SUBFORUM for information and prices from different companies. I can;t remember but it seems many charge by how many "slots" your server can handle, so you can pay rather little for a hosted server than can handle say, 4-16 people or something. It's probably possible to set up a "Look but Don't Touch" server but frankly i have no idea why anyone would want to visit it then. It's basically a 3D version of you showing off the things that you have done which is also accomplished faster and more convenient by posting screenshots or even making a youtube video of your private projects. Someone here will probably know more about the technical aspects of how to do somethng like that. it sounds like something that could be modded. PS: I cannot even now begin to express how much joy your horse textures (Or maybe meshes too, I was never quite clear if you did both) have given me over the years, I think I never said THANK YOU. >> OLD MODELS (look without laughing, i dare you!) >> MALENA"S MODELS
  19. Weird! 1) Do you use a 4K monitor? Those have problems in wurm with various UI issues, I have heard 2) Is this a PC, Mac or Linux system? 3) What settings do you have in gamesettings.txt for these lines; font_antialias=2 font_static=11 font_monospaced=11 4) can you post console.charactername.log so that we can see which drivers you are using? Might need one of the client devs for this. Did anything else change around the same time -- new computer hardware, upgrade to Win10, ?
  20. these people are in Hobart Australia and they custom build computers at a decent price they also have some reconditioned computers: if they don't offer a good price on a graphics card to add one (desktop), most Australians I have talked to in the past use StaticICE for ordering online computer stuff You could also try first using the integrated AMD Radeon HD 8470, it uses "shared memory" so I would make sure the system has a minimum of 8 gigs You could also check out this computer builder in Launceston Tasmania:!/PCZ4U-Starter-PC-Desktop/p/63731473/category=18540031!/PCZ4U-Family-PC-Desktop/p/63731477/category=18540031 It sounds like thy might be willing to custom build to specs, but their graphics cards seem priced high so maybe instead order that separately via StaticICE edit, also these people in Hobart also seem to have decent deals, they have a custom section where you can pick out the exact case, processor, graphics, memory etc: looks pretty easy to pick out a custom gaming system for under $1000 let me ask again -- Can you explain what is wrong with your current computer, the laptop with the dedicated graphics that you currently use for Wurm?
  21. well, i poked around some Australian sites, this one looks like it would be ok for wurm, but we really do not know much about your total budget or other details: They give an option on graphics, GTX950 or Radeon RX460, I am more familiar with nvidia for wurm so I'd pick the GTX950. I don't think it includes an operating system, another $140 for win10 unless you have a copy, or go for a free linux distro maybe if it is mostly for wurm+internet. Can you explain what is wrong with your current computer, the laptop with the dedicated graphics?
  22. can you take a screen shot so we have an idea what "no text" looks like. I am not clear if you accidentally hit F10 and turned off all the user Interface, or if the UI is all there just no letters in the menu boxes...
  23. Since you have not picked ut a systemn yet -- you can get a decent Wurm-only computer for a lot less than 2grand. this one would run Wurm quite nicely for $569 In fact it would probably run all but the most demanding games fine. It comes with GTX1050 graphics. And its probably a better deal than off the shelf national brand systems you get from BestBuy. I haven't bought any computers from ABS lately, but waaaay back in the 1990s, i got all my systems from them ( I is serious. I ran a small business and used only ABS computers.) ABS Computers later went on to form NewEgg, a geeky online computer tech shop with one of the best reputations on the internet. Now NewEgg sells ABS computers, making it a win-win in my view since NewEgg will guarantee the system or refund it. I checked and ABS Computers still have a very good reputation -- much much better than HP, Dell, and other national chain brands. Seriously, read some of those reviews before you buy a chainbrand system. if you have an extra $50, toss in another 8G ram for 16GB total (I checked, it has 4 slots with two now empty and uses DDR3 1600) But even without that, this is a much better system than I run Wurm on now, and i can run up to three clients without much trouble (any more are too hard for me to manage onscreen with one monitor)