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  1. if possible, i would try to switch to 64-bit windows. That way you can also run 64 bit java. Wurm really does not do as well on the 32-bit java anymore. if that is not an option, then even though you have a nice GTX960 video card, i would turn settings down fairly low and see if it runs the game more stable that way. Some people report more crashes on 32 bit java after travelling, so maybe also a relog when you first arrive at a destination and then again when you've returned home.
  2. Just started a new singleplayer map with no mods and noticed I am no longer finding any iron rocks at all while foraging. Before one of the last two updates, there was at least a small chance of finding these while foraging. I can understand people looking for the new 1.3 herbs/cooking items getting frustrated by finding unwanted "iron rocks" when they don;t need iron rocks because they already have an iron mine. However, my understanding is that the entire reason these were initially added to foraging, was so that new players would have a chance of scavenging enough for a couple nails for a cart or fenced pen if they had no local rock faces to rummage and were having difficulties learning to start a mine. That way if they could at least find clay, they had an option to build a Timberframed house and could scavenge enough iron for a pen and a couple tools. It should not be that hard for more experienced players to simply drop these if not wanted much as they do other unwanted items like "branches" which also have little use to many (but can still have a use for some). Iron rocks were often a big help to new players or people starting from scratch on a map and I don;t think they should have been removed from foraging loot tables.
  3. Actually, that suggests one other possible solution: if "correct tool" (sickle) is equipped when foraging/botanizing, you find items an "advanced" player might want (cocoa, garlic, nutmeg, tomatoes, black mushrooms) and quality close to your foraging skill level. If no tool is used, foraging/botanizing is "cruder" and you find items from a more limited pool (a short starter items list: potato, pumpkin, nettles, sage, cotton, wemp, iron rock, branch, 2-3 other things at most) and those items are capped at 25%-50% of your foraging skill level. Also allow sprouts etc to be snapped off a tree by hand BUT their quality then is always 1Q, they have damage (bruises), and you only get one half the times you try (Similar to how you CAN cut grass or butcher without the "proper" tool but the quality and odds for success suffers) I would like to see "Crude Tools At Start Only" for an Iron Man Challenge Start toggle, but i think for people new to the game that is going to be a little too challenging.
  4. Elroth updated the other thread to confirm it is an issue with updates to Windows Creator, and a solution on how to solve it. (Go through Device manager, and if you have multiple mice showing, start deleting them until your mouse stops working so you know which one is the real one that you need to keep, and get rid of all the rest :D)
  5. Thanks Keenan, I think top of the list for brand new players ought to be: cotton, wemp, pumpkins and .. iron rocks With just those four, you can get pretty far, so they should probably all turn up in the first 20-40 tiles Maybe also a couple of healing cover items even if its just red mushrooms and nettles or something. Most starting players do not care so much about things like paprika (they likely do not have any planters yet for herbs, or a mortar to grind spices) or more exotic crops like cucumbers or strawberries...
  6. Nice, I remember seeing that mention of Windows 10 Creator updates in that other thread. I am glad we have that documented now and a solution posted in this thread so we can find it the next time it comes up ... as I am sure it will!!
  7. Hmm, well at least we progressed from one issue to the next issue I remember seeing something about "<Only 0 mouse buttons detected, at least two required.>" and will have to google what the solution for it was... edit1: see this thread: Besides Macs and Touchscreens, it apparently affects multi button gaming mice. Xandra said in that thread it seemed to be a random issue and relogging in sometimes allowed Java to find the mouse: ""But I even have 7 buttons on my mouse, and all are working! For Wurm to find the mouse again, logging off & on usually helps. But no other programs complains about missing mouse buttons, even the Java CP and other Java programs are working fine."" EDIT2: Oops, you already posted in that thread too so you already saw that thread
  8. I have [ and ] keys bound to forage & botanize so I do both on every tile. Many areas do not have access to a rock face, which I mentionned in the original post. I will try another 100 to 200 tiles and report back but it sure looks to me like they are not there. Thanks, Keenan. I had already cooked several casseroles and already planted a farm from all the seeds and had a full tummy. The item i needed most was ... iron rocks. I will continue foraging and see if I ever do find one but it sure looks to me like they are gone now. I used to get at least 1-2 per 100 tiles or so. EDIT: ok, I finally found one, so they are not completely gone but they do seem extremely rare. I imagine the foraging table is so huge now, that the odds of finding an iron rock are just very very very slim now. I am not sure there is any easy solution for that one. Well, at least people not finding any iron rocks and searching forums, will now know it's just much rarer now due to the huge foraging table.
  9. My foraging skill went from 1 to 16 (which is certainly qualifies as "lower skill") without finding any rocks and I found every other herb, seed, rare coins, branches, orange/hazelnut/hops sprouts, and all other items. Were you testing on WO or on WU?
  10. Yes, i have an iron mine now however for new players who do not understand GM wands and waving an iron mine into existence, let alone installing an NPC just to hand them 1 iron ore, and are just learning the game, the removal of "iron rocks" from the foraging tables is a step backwards. Experienced Wurm players do not have issues and can get by, but this is not a beginner-friendly change to the game and should be reverted in the next update. What we seem to get now and then is, one dev gets an idea to add some change to the game and a few updates later, another dev gets the idea to remove that change, and there seems to be no "system" behind the changes. This is very frustrating way to run things for players, both new and old, when things just seem to randomly change from one update to the next. Also it means Wurmpedia is now once again showing incorrect information. The entire reasoning behind having "a higher chance at lower skill" was to help newer characters without overly annoying older players.
  11. Win10 reportedly does a stealth install of NVidia Driver 376.53. Your logs indicate you also had this driver self-install itself. This is NOT the latest driver and this driver apparently caused major crashes in some java related games such as Minecraft. It has also come up before in people who could no longer run Wurm after this driver self-installed. There is a driver hotfix here. However there is also a newer NVidia driver, which you should use instead. . Do NOT do driver updates through Microsoft Windows Update as they do not use the latest NVidia drivers but instead the latest microsoft drivers which focus on DirectX and not OpenGL like Wurm uses. personally i suggest under install options that you install ONLY the driver and maybe PhysX, and uncheck everything else such as GEFORCE EXPERIENCE as those are gunk in my opinion, but that is up to you. For your GTX 660 Ti and 64-bit Win10, you should be using this May 04 2017driver, 382.05 - WHQL ALWAYS do fdriver updates through the NVodoa site and NOT let windows automatically check for drivers as they will probably put in their own drivers that are a little .. hostile .. to OpenGL.
  12. Curious whether anyone has tried the Early Access release of Steam Hammer It's billed as a "hardcore sandbox game" that reportedly is based off the Life is Feudal: Your Own engine but by different developers and set in a steam punk universe instead of medieval setting. Supposedly can be played singleplayer or Coop/multiplayer, has terraforming, farming, crafting and ... airships. I have not tried it, the reviews are "Mixed," am hoping someone else takes the $26.99 (sale) bait It's supposedly still a little rough at the moment so consider it a "high risk investment" Website Steam Kickstarter Page (already funded) i believe it is one of those games where, in multiplayer, at default settings no one person can do all tasks (ie skill caps) so I am not really sure how this works in singleplayer, which i imagine is less PVP WARFARE and more care bearish ... edit: when I was googling more on singleplayer, sounds like people running a server can set whatever settings they like to remove skill caps, speed up actions etc. See also this youtube video, billed as a LetsPlay Tutorial
  13. Love this!! I consider this island to be the single most beautiful spot on Planet Earth. I know my kids (who are Tlingit and all born in Sitka) are definitely going to want to play on this map. You should include Mount Edgecumbe as a live volcano, although aside from April Fools Days pranks its been a couple thousand years since its last eruption (at least I think I think there is some way to make volcano in the game....) Will definitely be trying this map out! edit: my one suggestion after playing on the map a bit -- have a little more tar around (and maybe some close to the Sitka Landing start deed) ... because you can't make boats without tar, and it's not really Sitka without BOATS! Nevermind, I found tar "close enough" to the start spawn Finally figured out from google maps, which part of Baranof this is (too far to the south for Mount Edgecombe to be included): Also cheated a smidgen and ran the map through Map Viewer just so i could try to figure if it was possible to leave the starting island, and there is tar on the starter island -- which is great because intrepid explorer types can be confident they are able to eventually make a boat and leave the initial island once it is thoroughly explored. There is also all the necessary things to get started -- trees, iron, clay, sand, moss (torches till you find that tar), horses, cows, wolves, scorps, crocs .. and at least one troll ...
  14. If it is "stuck" on 60 then I would first check to make sure VSync is off. Check both in the game settings as well as in NVidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Global However -- i suspect that is not the problem. I read someplace that Win10 now does this in fullscreen mode for some games, due to some forced windows update to make things compatible for XBox GameDVR recordings or something, If you use Windows resizeable (max screen) instead of regular fullscreen it might go over 60 -- otherwise see these links:
  15. Dang, I thought it was lignonberries and lutefisk, I see I need to brush up on my Swedish. (Not sure lemons are really native to Sweden anyhow .. I always figured Sweden was the Braavos of this world -- and every schoolchild knows there are no lemon trees in Braavos!! I always thought "Wurm" was supposed to sound like a medieval era dragon, though I have since heard it is the actual name of the planet. Or maybe as Klaa, tells us in that thread, it is ... A GREAT THING. Something evil that threatens from Valrei but has never yet been actually seen ingame. And, possibly related to the "lost puppet conversations" and some great evil that Libila set loose or made some pact with ... or something-something.
  16. it's not clear which link you meant from me, since over the course of several threads I have given many, but in this one yes you do have to buy windows as one of the "parts", that is ALWAYS the case with custom built systems (since some people either install linux or their own copy of windows), but that is part of the bundle prices he is quoting for "all parts windows all ready to plug and play" for $530-$950 gaming systems. .Frankly, his prices for buying a copy of windows are sooo low "Also have windows 10 64bit for $50 fully installed and activated. ($40 if purchased with PC builds)" that i am not sure how he does it so cheap, though I know some PC builders often qualify for a discount. Are you sure you asked him WHAT he charges for windows or only got discouraged to find that the operating system was one of the "parts"? Or did not actually check? (which is fine, you do not have to check every single lead from everywhere-and-everyone, sooner or later you just have to go with gut instinct, as long as its backed up by some solid data.) Anyway I am glad you seem to have finally made a decision. Hopefully the "AMD quadcore" is one of the newer/better AMD quadcores, as my daughter has a desktop AMD quadcore that does not meet minimum system reqs for newer games, so not all "quadcores" are created equal. Here is a reference chart on gaming CPUs to get an idea of where specific CPUs fall on the charts for gaming etc. You probably do not want the top couple tiers as they are way over your budget, but you also don;t want to end up too far down that ranking. You don't want to end up with one of the "discount quadcores" in the same rankings as the Celerons, so if the quadcore starts getting ranked as same tier as a celeron, you probably need a stronger CPU for gaming. You migth ask the guy with the $1200 system "which specific quadcore cpu" then check it on that ranking chart. Probably the 4th or 5th tier down are all fine. See also how much ram you are getting with the system (although that is usually cheap and easy to upgrade yourself, so long as they dio not have all of the ram slots filled with lower GB sticks). Just like the GT720, some quadcores are designed for home/business machines and not for gaming, just like not all Intel cpus are good simply because they are intel. But it sounds like a good buy if the CPU matches the 1050 videocard and SSD hard drive.
  17. His original PC had a Radeon R9 200 series for graphics, so not that old and the GT720 is no upgrade. I think he just was not sure how to fix whatever-issues-it-had and decided a new system would be less headache, and a 2GB "720 Something Something" sounded better than 1GB "200 Something Something", all of the parts though sounded fine and he tried I think reinstalling windows a few times. This is where a $50 local geek can be your best investment.
  18. I understand Keenan is working on some new default maps besides Adventure & Creative, and I suspect at least one or two of those will end up being more "newbie friendly" for those (like me) who find databases and GM commands and server settings and kingdom settings too complicated/intimidating. As far as advice, for the rare unique mobs that were too OP for singleplayer/family player maps, i used to occasionally go through the database with some database editor (it was on my old hard drive so i don;t know now what its name was) and simply delete any dragons etc that would spawn, though it would be nicer to have an intuitive server settings page where you could just check/uncheck. Obviously you need to shut the server down before doing something like that and probably make backups first. but it was mostly a matter of just knowing where to find it in the database and then -- click-and-delete.
  19. Yeah, most of the cards i mentioned (GTX 650 750 1050 series) are all extremely low power options, they get all the power they need direct from the PCI-E slot with no additional power cables, so they should run ok even on a chainbrand PC (which usually have miserable power supplies in them). Most of these do fine on a generic 300W PSU. I can sympathize with not wanting the hassle of rebuilding yourself, even though it is "easy" if everything goes right, it's very often that something goes funky. I have been building PCs since the 1990s and frankly, I don't really like doing it much any more myself either Assembly has not changed that much in the last 5-10-15 years, though at least you don't have to worry about jumpers much any more. Saying all you need is a screwdriver and 30 minutes is a little simplistic. You need to know some basics and even then things can get tricky. Just rebuilt mine & my boyfriends and I usually figured a complete rebuild will usually eat up most of a day if everything goes smoothly. Most of that is after I verify the motherboard, cpu, ram and gpu are all in and seated correctly and getting the power correctly --just getting the correct drivers for our Creative X-Fi cards took me far longer than 30 minutes, since the ones on the Creative site refused to recognize our X-Fi cards). Meantime you often don;t know whether you have dead hardware or what the frick is going on. You often need at least one other computer around to look stuff up on the internet, maybe more than one if you need to swap parts back and forth to verify which part is causing an issue. You also have to figure out all those little connectors that plug into the motherboard for USB, front power, speakers, etc, and even though half of them you can just leave unconnected with a shrug ("whatever"), knowing which half are important and where they go is harder than it sounds (for instance, the ASUS motherboard manual I had was for my model but did not match the actual board connectors for those little plugs).you need to know what color wire means "grounded" and what "grounded" even means. You need to know how much thermal paste is too much or too little. You do NOT want to be forcing anything that could bend a cpu pin or breaking a plastic clip on gpu/ram slots You need to know how pairs of ram work for dual channel (sometimes it is slots 1&2, but sometimes they are alternate slots 1&3 etc for matched pairs.) You need to read unreadable fine print on the boards .. and to know what fine print you are even looking for. It's a GREAT option for people who want the intense satisfaction of building themselves, and I would certainly encourage anyone interested to give it a go, but you also need to be able to stay focused, and i suspect you are like me, in that staying focused on a 70 page manual is harder than it is for others. Just sheer discipline and willpower is not as easy as it sounds. So .. I can relate on preferring someone else do that part. And $50 to a baby geek is a terrific investment in those cases. plus .. i always drop the little itty bitty screws (except for highend screwless systems, you still need those in most builds). And I hate all CPU fans even the so-called "easy" ones, which never seem to clip on as easy as they are supposed to. )
  20. In Tasmania, you might check into this guy who sounds like a computer-savvy youngster offering to build computers for people at a limited price, and maybe located not too far from you? He also sounds like he will upgrade your current desktop for a $50 fee (parts not included). So if you are not eager to do the actual building, he can assemble or upgrade for you. You can probably ask him for local references: ""Low end gaming PC's starting from $530 and up including all parts windows all ready to plug and play, Medium end gaming PC's starting from $750 and up including all parts windows all ready to plug and play,High end gaming PC's starting around $950"" Of course it is more risky than buying from a "professional" custom builder but I bet you end up with something better than a chainbrand PC with a GT720 (which as bdew points out, is only slightly better than intel integrated graphics), Or just pay him $50-plus-parts to fix whatever-is-wrong with the desktop you have now. Another option is to check for something like this, you'd still have shipping costs from melbourne, but I can''t believe its going to cost that much to ship a computer from melbourne to tasmania. I checked this page and it estimated about $40-$70AU to send a computer from melbourne to hobart. You are still way below budget for a pretty nice system. (Hard drive is too small but that is a cheap fix, as 1TB hard drives are under $70 even in Australia) Another used gaming system here well under your budget and located not too far (Olinda Grove, Mount Nelson, Tasmania). Or -- just get a better videocard for the Acer system. As said, you are much much MUCh better off buying a GOOD 1gb videocard than a lowend cheap 2gb card -- computer parts people make those with cheap SLOW ram especially for people who do not know that vram on a grpahics card is one of the LEAST important factors when buying. Any of these would be fine: GT650, GTX750ti, GTX1050. Avoid the GT720. I list the older GT650 only in case you run across one supercheap second hand. Rule Of Thumb: Usually the last digits give a clue as to the card's intended market audience -- a x20 series card is for office/home but not gaming, a x50 is for budget gaming, a x70 or higher is for highend gaming,. So, a NVidia 750 is decent, a 720 is not meant for gaming, They sound close, but they are not. Much much better to get a 1GB 750 than a 2GB 720. Those are for web browsing and running Microsoft Office. Also get something ABOVE an nvidia 400 series card, as the older ones like GTX275 are gaming cards but will no longer run newer DirectX 11 games. The GTX1050 is an excellent new card that can usually be found between $100-$200AU "even in australia". But there are decent cards under $100, just avoid the GT720 as it's not meant for gaming. For quick reference/comparison of graphics cards, you can also check the gaming graphics card hierarchy chart at tomshardware (GT720 not listed as it is not a gaming card -- be wary of cards not even on this chart). You can look for a card that you know is decent then try to stay at or above that tier. For instance, check where your Radeon R9 is listed and try to stay close to the same tier level or better. I think we have about 3-4 different threads going now on different computer hardware upgrade options available to you? I am not clear why another new one was needed... I tried to suggest more "mainstream" options in some of those. It might be nice to ask a moderator if they can merge it all into one single thread so that we don;t keep recommending the same advice over and over.
  21. Just a followup -- I have been playing YLANDS a little more, and it's actually a nice little game especially for those who enjoy exploration/crafting/building more than action/achievement. If you buy it now before it comes to Early Access Steam in summer, you can get it for half the price ($9.99) and still get a free steam key when it is released on steam. There is a one hour timed demo you can test out if you have an older computer or simply want to make sure you enjoy the game world (system reqs are a little higher than I expected BUT lucky for me, I just this week upgraded my ten year old computer's cpu, ram + gpu ... so i finally have a modern computer again!) Most of the game is pretty intuitive BUT you are not given detailed information and you need to experiment and play around with things. This actually is much of the game's charm so i would not rush into trying to look up wikis, guides and powerplay walkthroughs. One easy to overlook hint: On the crafting page select the KEY ITEMS icon to select items that will help unlock recipes of other items. However I do suggest Gracekain's series if you need some youtube guidance on getting started, or to get a feeling of what the game is about. This game will NOT appeal to those interested in heavy combat/action (there is combat but it is pretty minor part of the game), or those who want to rush through content as fast as possible, or want to compete with other people (there is 4-person multiplayer however) Besides a tutorial world and a sandbox "random procedural generated" world (my fav), there are also "Themed Worlds" you can explore esp if you enjoy story roleplay on pirates, castle sieges, westerns, mad scientists etc, but everything in those can also be made in sandbox "Explore" mode. In EXPLORE/sandbox, you start on a smaller island but can eventually make rafts, boats and large sailing ships to explore other islands and biomes. Some resources will require you to explore other islands.I have not tried the Multiplayer at all so no idea how that works as I prefer singleplayer for these types of games, but multiplayer does exist. I believe however it is limited to 4 players. Of course it is no substitute for WURM but then, nothing really is, but it does make for a nice temporary diversion It might be a little lightweight or "cartoony" for people who are into "hardcore" gaming -- but you will die and die often if you are not careful If not from Bears and Wolves, then from weather and starvation. TRAILER WEBSITE STEAM PAGE YOUTUBE OFFICIAL CHAN PS: it is PRE- Early Access so do not buy if you want to wait for a completed game, however there is more content than some early access games have (and less than others). I have been playing about 10 hours so far but then i enjoy restarting on a fresh world every so often, which may seem weird to some but very familiar to others...
  22. Apologies if this was covered before. Does "age" of the horse (mature, aged, venerable etc) affect the speed or carrying strength of the animal? I was told by one person that venerable horses might be slower/weaker than Aged but by another that it was not true.
  23. We will wait not patiently, but we will wait...
  24. Ylands is made by Bohemia Interactive, the company that did Arma & DayZ, but a totally different style of game from those. Reminds me a bit of the original Stranded or a bit like SALT. It's a little demanding for my really old computer but should play nice on new systems: I am rather fond of procedurally generated voxel building games and this one has some interesting elements: Instead of using square cubes for everything there is a much nicer "artsy" prism style to the world. I died a few times the first time I played, from not paying enough attention to being cold or hungry (yes you can die from cold, so put some clothes on and build a fire!) It is one of those games you can jump into not really understanding how it works, and just enjoy figuring things out bit by bit. It's coming to Steam Early Access this coming summer but you can get in early through their website, getting in during alpha costs $9.99 and I think will cost more when it gets released to Steam (you'll get a steam key too). There is a fair amount of content for a pre-pre-early-access-alpha, but its not yet a completed game. Still enough to putter around with for hours! There is a Scenarios editor and I think they are hoping to make this an active modding game. This is a lets play by Christonian who I used to follow for his indie game early looks: