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  1. overly dramatic cat (parents feeding toddlers can relate)
  3. really sorry to hear about this
  4. OS: Windows 10.0 , 64 bit Build 14393 (10.0.14393.1198) CPU:total 8 (4 cores per cpu, 2 threads per core) family 6 model 45 stepping 7, cmov, cx8, fxsr, mmx, sse, sse2, sse3, ssse3, sse4.1, sse4.2, popcnt, avx, aes, clmul, ht, tsc, tscinvbit, tscinv Memory: 4k page, physical 33473476k(29953824k free), swap 67027908k(62810432k free) vm_info: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (25.121-b13) for windows-x86 JRE _____ This says you are using 32-bit java, but have a 64-bit operating system. Wurm very often crashes on 32 bit java. If you have both 32 & 64 bit java, it seems to use the 32 bit version much of the time. The easiest solution is to go to Control panel>Programs, Uninstall ALL versions of Java listed there, then manually install only the 64-bit Java from their site here: Don;t go through the normal java installation page because if you are using a 32-bit browser, it will give you 32-bit java, For wurm, its usually best to install it from their manual download page (third option, "Windows Offline (64-bit)")
  5. nevermind, I think I was looking at a wrong issue
  6. I believe many requested in the original thread, HAVE been added by devs. I see "sheep" requested and they are in now. I see marine animals requested that have since been added: Shark Dolphin Seal Whale octopus crab So that is a minimum of seven that were requested here and were added by devs. Roughly how many more do you think are needed? It became very rare after a while to see some animals because the spawning RNG got so complicated. (Though "Sharks" were actually in before as I recall one of my characters being knocked off her corbita and eaten when Deli first opened in late 2011, not the "dark shadows" text message but an actual very aggressive, very strong animal, they were later tweaked to not be able to knock people overboard from larger boats). They became very rare till after the marine animal update, and even then they were never again the ferocious monsters that could outpace and attack merchant class sailing ships. They were almost as bad as sea monsters for younger players (hard to escape + hard to kill) though at one time high level characters liked to kill them for fight skill. I think the XP on them was tweaked down when they were made less ferocious.
  7. Could not create window with selected width and height. The error was: <Pixel format not accelerated> This is not an issue about screen resolution, it is a driver issue. The graphics driver you currently have does not support OpenGL features. At some point it is possible Windows updated with a driver that supports directX or somehow the old driver was overwritten. Go to the manufacturer of the graphics card -- DO NOT USE WINDOWS UPDATE -- and get the graphics driver redownloaded.
  8. Adding to Hordern's list : ability to build entire underground cities, wide underground entrances, with many new construction materials now (marble slate potterybrick sandstone houses/bridges/extended arches etc) cooking overhaul includes not just mead but also still distillery -- whiskey, vodka, rum, moonshine, lotsa others and of course hops/beer I forget what else new graphical client engine coming out, UI overhaul in progress, other stuffs
  9. The boys are back in town! Guess who just got back today Them wild-eyed boys that had been away Haven't changed that much to say But man, I still think them cats are crazy
  10. THE LONG JOURNEY HOME This "space survival sandbox" game looks pretty interesting and I might decide to give it a try! It unlocks on may 30. it's a smidgen pricey at $39.99 so I will probably watch more reviews and youtube videos on it before deciding whether to invest in it. However, i love procedurally generated worlds, and Gamereactor gave it a 9 out of 10. Hopefully it is not another No Man's Sky ... Steam Page: Here's a "First Look" by Quill18: ____________________________________________________ KINGDOMS Another procedurally generated game I have not tried, in a more medieval setting, is Kingdoms. It's been out longer so maybe some people here can comment. From what I hear, it started out a little shaky but got much better over time & updates. Cheaper at $9.99 -- and rougher for those able to handle a little lack of polish & some bugs in an early access game. MAIN FEATURES >>DYNAMIC WORLD During the game, the world changes constantly: settlements appear, new houses, taverns, and shops are built. NPCs decide for themselves what to build next and how their settlement should be developed; and of course this living world reacts to any players' actions. >>LIVING AI Each npc has his own life goal and acts depending on this goal. Every NPC is unique - temper, motivation, reputation, skills and many other parameters affect NPC behavior. Even when NPCs have the same goal, this goal can be reached in different ways depending on situation. >>FREEDOM You can do anything you want, you can go anywhere you want. Explore caves and ruins, fight wild animals and bandits, trade with other characters, open shops, taverns or manufactories, create settlements or even whole kingdoms and manage them or just help other people. It’s up to you! >>DYNAMIC COMBAT As with all other aspects of KINGDOMS, we want to make combat as realistic as possible. The movement of your sword depends on mouse movement. Our goal is to make combat intuitive and give you a challenge. One perfect strike can be the final one. >>K-EDITOR Our mods editor, K-Editor, allows you to make any kind of modifications from new items to global mods. World, quests, AI, items, creatures - All can be changed or modified. Steam Page: Let's Play (GameEdged) ______________________________ CROSSWORLDS ESCAPE another early access and still "rough: is Crossworlds Escape, which I have been following a little as it's a little more "hardcore survival" -- I tend to prefer "survival" games that pit you against nature & the elements instead of combat-zombies-guns \, and this looks like it fits into there though very clearly an indy one-dev game. Another one where you might want to check more reviews and youtubes before investing in ($14.99 early access) Steam page: YouTube Lets Play: ___________ OSIRIS NEW DAWN Another interesting looking space survival sandbox, early access with some recent updates: STEAM page: LetsPlay: _______________ WORLDS ADRIFT has finally come out in CLOSED BETA which means you can finally get some early gameplay videos on YouTube and hear some early reviews. This is an MMO with PvP. and reportedly no singleplayer or "safe zones" (which means I will be passing it by as I am too much a carebear, but might very much appeal more as a result to some others) STEAM:
  11. Just started a new singleplayer map with no mods and noticed I am no longer finding any iron rocks at all while foraging. Before one of the last two updates, there was at least a small chance of finding these while foraging. I can understand people looking for the new 1.3 herbs/cooking items getting frustrated by finding unwanted "iron rocks" when they don;t need iron rocks because they already have an iron mine. However, my understanding is that the entire reason these were initially added to foraging, was so that new players would have a chance of scavenging enough for a couple nails for a cart or fenced pen if they had no local rock faces to rummage and were having difficulties learning to start a mine. That way if they could at least find clay, they had an option to build a Timberframed house and could scavenge enough iron for a pen and a couple tools. It should not be that hard for more experienced players to simply drop these if not wanted much as they do other unwanted items like "branches" which also have little use to many (but can still have a use for some). Iron rocks were often a big help to new players or people starting from scratch on a map and I don;t think they should have been removed from foraging loot tables.
  12. if possible, i would try to switch to 64-bit windows. That way you can also run 64 bit java. Wurm really does not do as well on the 32-bit java anymore. if that is not an option, then even though you have a nice GTX960 video card, i would turn settings down fairly low and see if it runs the game more stable that way. Some people report more crashes on 32 bit java after travelling, so maybe also a relog when you first arrive at a destination and then again when you've returned home.
  13. Actually, that suggests one other possible solution: if "correct tool" (sickle) is equipped when foraging/botanizing, you find items an "advanced" player might want (cocoa, garlic, nutmeg, tomatoes, black mushrooms) and quality close to your foraging skill level. If no tool is used, foraging/botanizing is "cruder" and you find items from a more limited pool (a short starter items list: potato, pumpkin, nettles, sage, cotton, wemp, iron rock, branch, 2-3 other things at most) and those items are capped at 25%-50% of your foraging skill level. Also allow sprouts etc to be snapped off a tree by hand BUT their quality then is always 1Q, they have damage (bruises), and you only get one half the times you try (Similar to how you CAN cut grass or butcher without the "proper" tool but the quality and odds for success suffers) I would like to see "Crude Tools At Start Only" for an Iron Man Challenge Start toggle, but i think for people new to the game that is going to be a little too challenging.
  14. Elroth updated the other thread to confirm it is an issue with updates to Windows Creator, and a solution on how to solve it. (Go through Device manager, and if you have multiple mice showing, start deleting them until your mouse stops working so you know which one is the real one that you need to keep, and get rid of all the rest :D)
  15. Thanks Keenan, I think top of the list for brand new players ought to be: cotton, wemp, pumpkins and .. iron rocks With just those four, you can get pretty far, so they should probably all turn up in the first 20-40 tiles Maybe also a couple of healing cover items even if its just red mushrooms and nettles or something. Most starting players do not care so much about things like paprika (they likely do not have any planters yet for herbs, or a mortar to grind spices) or more exotic crops like cucumbers or strawberries...
  16. Nice, I remember seeing that mention of Windows 10 Creator updates in that other thread. I am glad we have that documented now and a solution posted in this thread so we can find it the next time it comes up ... as I am sure it will!!
  17. Hmm, well at least we progressed from one issue to the next issue I remember seeing something about "<Only 0 mouse buttons detected, at least two required.>" and will have to google what the solution for it was... edit1: see this thread: Besides Macs and Touchscreens, it apparently affects multi button gaming mice. Xandra said in that thread it seemed to be a random issue and relogging in sometimes allowed Java to find the mouse: ""But I even have 7 buttons on my mouse, and all are working! For Wurm to find the mouse again, logging off & on usually helps. But no other programs complains about missing mouse buttons, even the Java CP and other Java programs are working fine."" EDIT2: Oops, you already posted in that thread too so you already saw that thread
  18. I have [ and ] keys bound to forage & botanize so I do both on every tile. Many areas do not have access to a rock face, which I mentionned in the original post. I will try another 100 to 200 tiles and report back but it sure looks to me like they are not there. Thanks, Keenan. I had already cooked several casseroles and already planted a farm from all the seeds and had a full tummy. The item i needed most was ... iron rocks. I will continue foraging and see if I ever do find one but it sure looks to me like they are gone now. I used to get at least 1-2 per 100 tiles or so. EDIT: ok, I finally found one, so they are not completely gone but they do seem extremely rare. I imagine the foraging table is so huge now, that the odds of finding an iron rock are just very very very slim now. I am not sure there is any easy solution for that one. Well, at least people not finding any iron rocks and searching forums, will now know it's just much rarer now due to the huge foraging table.
  19. My foraging skill went from 1 to 16 (which is certainly qualifies as "lower skill") without finding any rocks and I found every other herb, seed, rare coins, branches, orange/hazelnut/hops sprouts, and all other items. Were you testing on WO or on WU?
  20. Yes, i have an iron mine now however for new players who do not understand GM wands and waving an iron mine into existence, let alone installing an NPC just to hand them 1 iron ore, and are just learning the game, the removal of "iron rocks" from the foraging tables is a step backwards. Experienced Wurm players do not have issues and can get by, but this is not a beginner-friendly change to the game and should be reverted in the next update. What we seem to get now and then is, one dev gets an idea to add some change to the game and a few updates later, another dev gets the idea to remove that change, and there seems to be no "system" behind the changes. This is very frustrating way to run things for players, both new and old, when things just seem to randomly change from one update to the next. Also it means Wurmpedia is now once again showing incorrect information. The entire reasoning behind having "a higher chance at lower skill" was to help newer characters without overly annoying older players.
  21. Win10 reportedly does a stealth install of NVidia Driver 376.53. Your logs indicate you also had this driver self-install itself. This is NOT the latest driver and this driver apparently caused major crashes in some java related games such as Minecraft. It has also come up before in people who could no longer run Wurm after this driver self-installed. There is a driver hotfix here. However there is also a newer NVidia driver, which you should use instead. . Do NOT do driver updates through Microsoft Windows Update as they do not use the latest NVidia drivers but instead the latest microsoft drivers which focus on DirectX and not OpenGL like Wurm uses. personally i suggest under install options that you install ONLY the driver and maybe PhysX, and uncheck everything else such as GEFORCE EXPERIENCE as those are gunk in my opinion, but that is up to you. For your GTX 660 Ti and 64-bit Win10, you should be using this May 04 2017driver, 382.05 - WHQL ALWAYS do fdriver updates through the NVodoa site and NOT let windows automatically check for drivers as they will probably put in their own drivers that are a little .. hostile .. to OpenGL.