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  1. I was not playing back then but I remember reading about it. There is also this Penny Arcade thread recounting the events as they unfolded; Of especial note was Rolf's stubbornness in the initial days following, even when he had many players and GM staff quitting, insisting it was a right move and players should just get used to it and hey maybe they would even find they ENJOYED having their deeds trashed and raided: This is why a few of us "newer" players go nervous when Rolf started blogging again in 2012 about "some situations where the game has deviated from the vision and idea over the years", and warning that changes were coming to return to original visions, since we all knew "original vision" was for Wurm to be a hardcore PvP only game world. If you poked around in the Wayback machine you could find Rolf's original 2004 "Concept" of the game, which again revolved almost entirely around pvp-style warfare: "Almost every day there is a raid where the enemy comes in large hoards against their stone-walled keeps." So we were edgy in 2012 about him announcing new changes coming to correct the current "Deviation From The Vision." We kept begging him to elaborate on that but he never did. Maybe he just forgot? Anyway this always made me wonder about that OTHER great event in wurm history, the 2007 Wurmaggeddon, when Rolf suddenly announced the wurm hard drives had catastrophically failed, he had no backups, and everyone's stuff and characters and deeds were just ..;. gone forever. I think seriously he sometimes just got frikkin tired of us.
  2. The wurm client has long had issues with intel graphics, especially with shifting ground tiles transitions. This used to occur in Wurm Online (WO) but seems to have gradually vanished both as Intel drivers got better and as the client renderer changed to the new rendering engine. Win7 users used to report this until an intel driver update finally solved it, but last i heard Win8/10 users can still struggle with it. Wurm's new rendering engine also seems to solve it but that is not yet released to Wurm Unloimited users as it is still being tested for bugs. That might mean you are stuck with it until you can find better grpahics drivers OR till the client updates to the new renderering engine, I am not sure when that will happen (probably sometime this summer?). Technically, the minimum system requirements for Wurm Unlimited do NOT include intel graphics chipsets ( Minimum Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 4xx , Radeon HD 5xxx ), but its usually possible to get them to run anyway. First question -- is this a laptop and does it have ONLY intel, or does it have "switchable graphics" : Intel for powersaving and ATI/Radeon or NVidia/geforce for gaming? If it has both kinds of graphics, we just need to tell it to use the gaming graphics for java programs, as currently it is using only the intel for java. One way to do this is to go to graphics control panel > manage 3D settings > global and tell it to ALWAYS use nvidia/radion, or see whether the game shortcut has an option to rightclick the games desktop icon and Run using the dedicated gaming card (radeon/nvidia). IF INTEL is your only option, first make sure you have the absolute newest drivers from intel, by going here: Some laptops will not let you install drivers through intel. Sometimes there is a workaround by downloading and extracting intel drivers and manually installing them, but the drivers you have now are semi recent so that might not solve it anyway. Let me know if you have ONLY intel graphics and cannot get thqat driver to install. If intel is your only option, and we cannot get better drivers to work, the next workaround is the one you attempted -- lowered graphics settings, and usually I think toggling GLSL shaders -- but this must be done outside of game and before you log in. Click the gear icon near the character name on the launcher (do NOT log into a server) and check on COMPATABILITY for disabling GLSL. Sometimes this causes a different graphics animation glitch in guards and animals instead of tile transitions, so you might have to decide whether glitch is more annoying. Again this glitch is usually solved "finally" by better intel drivers (may not be an option for newer windows yet) or waiting for the new wurm renderer engine to come to WU.
  3. Here would work just fine. PS: if it is what you consider an EXPLOIT, send a pm to Enki instead
  4. As far as i recall (very foggy) only Creative supported true hardware acceration in openAL, microsoft moved everyone else to some sort of DiredctSound doohickey a number of years ago but i may be confusing the issue with something else. however you say everything worked fine before you upgraded, and I assume you did not use Creative sound cards back then ...?
  5. This is not what you are asking for, but I can't resist whenever the topic comes up for "indoor trees," However you want more of a visual change in decaying houses to suggest woods are reclaiming it. But i am not sure having trees poke through the roofs of decaying houses will add that much visual enjoyment... maybe rats scurrying about and spawning in houses w / broken walls... so that locals will decide its time to raze the place down entirely with a catapult.
  6. Moha, you cannot use the X in the upper corner to shut it down or it will not save the most recent information, including the location of the horses. You have to use the Shutdown Server button and wait for it to shut down and properly save all information. It will then close the window by itself. When Steve asks whether someone used the X in the upper corner, he means to avoid using that X to shut it down.
  7. I know with forges, high quality forge burns MUCH longer on same amount of fuel, so also test whether high quality stills burn longer on same amount of fuel. This may also explain why you see variations in burn times. You may need 90Q stills to run an efficient large scale distillery with 21 stills
  8. yes people have commented before on the extreme amount of time needed to distill spirits, those most complaints seem to be in terms of time rather than in fuel costs. I guess fuel becomes in issue for large scale brewing. I believe peat is the most efficient though I never use peat much myself. You are correct that 20kg is the "full" limit and any fuel above that is wasted. I do not know how much more efficient birch is, just that it takes less birch. Maybe this means test with 10kg of each not 20kg to test times -- it's likely that 20kg of birch is wasting a good deal of it and you need to use smaller amounts to benefit.
  9. I believe birchwood also has an extended burn time, so make sure to use the same type of wood in your tests. (Birch might be the only exceptional one, I dunno) Wood quality has never played a difference in burn time that I know of but they might consider it. Most people use peat or wood scraps instead of logs, since its a good way to use up wood scraps. Wood scraps tend by nature to be extremely low quality if they are a byproduct of making planks etc vs making fuel from whole logs.
  10. Kindling got a "buff" some years back with the mere act of starting a fire in forge/over/campfire etc being a lot more efficient than continuously fueling with wood scraps etc. You can use less wood overall by continuously snuffing and relighting your forge every few minutes, but I don;t think it was intended to give all fuel a major buff, this was more (I believe?) geared more to new players who got frustrated lighting a forge only t have it go out again 90 seconds later. It's cheaper on resources but more demanding on time/attention if you want to keep relighting a forge rather than just fueling it after its lit.. I suspect they are more likely to nerf kindling back to original levels than to buff all other fuels, but it certainly is not an issue that only affects stills.
  11. I suspect "canine" meat may have been a little dev humor about asian food though they probably should fix that before it turns into an issue, to include all fried meats. (Yes, it's actually an offensive "joke") For the "pickle," I would def try cucumber if you have not already, even if other recipes allow any pickled veg.
  12. Love your videos \o/ \
  13. I play exclusively WU now. I would suggest looking at one of the WU servers without the fast action/skill timers, such as Mystic Highlands (light roleplay server) which retains vanilla Wurm's 1x/1x rates. There are also non-RP servers that do not have accelerated skill/action, or maybe one with a lower increase (Foreverlands, Sklotopolis) is all you need.You might find after a short time, you actually DO want to catch up a little faster to your old WO characters, , just not THAT fast. Trick is maybe to start a half dozen characters on a half dozen different servers and keep trying till you meet That Perfect One. Besides skill/action rates & mods, you will want to consider the temperament and the technical abilities of the server admin. Will they still be running this server a year down the road? Do they know how to prevent database corruptions and weird glitches? Do GMs exist to assist players with problems? Are the server admins non-drama, mature, and treating all players with equal fairness? I play on Sklotopolis a lot and I highly recommend it if you want something "like vanilla Wurm .. but better." It has a busy, friendlly player base however many have had an 18 month head start on you, so a lot of "high skill" players. I also enjoy Otherlands in part because their PVE White Light server is only two weeks old, so everything is still fresh and new, but it's super fast skill/action rates may not be a good match for you. Mystic Highlands is still "semi-new" as it only opened in December, and with vanilla 1x/1x skill/action rates, you can catch up easy enough to the early joiners. Wurm is a game for years and so spending days to find a right fit is time well spent.
  14. there would still be a problem, because now players have low quality milk that spoils before they can even finish milking their cows thanks to milk's insane decay rates. So we will get player requests to revisit milk decay rates. Plus it ends up closing the door on one of the few remaining business opportunities for new players (dairy industry). Devs end up spending weeks untangling all of that because touching any one part of rolfcode is like playing Jenga. I am not sure The Complexities And Wogic of Milk is that high on the priority list of players. But heck maybe it is. I guess this is why getting sheep took 6 years.
  15. well I predict that what is going to happen now, is the same as when devs decided 100Q water was "overpowered" for blacksmiths to temper Cream will stay the same but now butter & cheese will ignore milk "quality" since 100Q milk is "OP", and also come out in 28Q range. High quality tools will have only minor impact vs low skill level since otherwise all crafters could simply buy the best tools and not worry about skill. For blacksmiths, it meant that now tempering was broken but in the opposite way. I guess dairy farmers get their turn next.