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  1. It is possible that i may be able to add an extra hops harvest a while after the next one.
  2. I've looked into this and it would require a fair few new cave entrance type tiles, and loads (and i mean loads) of code changes in the movement code (where it needs to know you are on an exit). It would require a cave reinforced exit tile, one for each of the pavings as well (and the prepare one). But most worrying was the number of places it is checked. So dont expect it soon (if ever)
  3. Do put it in suggestions forum..
  4. Each report is separate, so you can just go study the tree/bush/trellis again and replace the report in the almanac. Note once you study, you need to write the report on paper or papyrus before you forget what you studied.
  5. One almanac will work on all servers and give that servers data.
  6. Support material will change depending on how high it is. That should affect the first 2 stages.
  7. Thanks for the report, I've added Oleander to the herb group for next update. So will be able to use in any recipe that uses 'any herb'
  8. Please do tell us which ones.
  9. If you build the wrong one, you have an option to swap sides.
  10. You may have noticed a big drop in fps at the same time. It happens due to dynamic lighting, if you change the setting to show a max of 8 (so its like the stable client) it should be fine
  11. 2207297627489538L That one is my steel shovel, and has a unique name of "Ace of Spades" Rolf gave team members a chance, some time ago, on having a unique name and description given to one of the items. I cannot remember all of those, or who asked for them.
  12. sowing uses the active item, and so (may) harvest, so when the active item is no more, any actions that are queued when it was active, may not happen. Not all actions need an active item, but harvest may require one.
  13. How do you mean. like stone walls - but a wall type so can have one for each material? and stable doors (half height)?