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  1. i was number 1 on the list of wonders of deliverance but sadly im now gone, im sure Steveleeb some still miss me.
  2. I dont play wurm anymore so this was the time i saw the flat maps it looks just terrible,acurate or not saying you should change it dont come on Yaga dont go so far as to say that the comunity maps the way they worked forever until this new flat maps were created was "totally useless" because it worked perfectly fine for many years.
  3. wow this 2d maps look like ######.
  4. but they are not the same in that being a player that plays with premium without paying doesnt mean you want to take incentives to go premium away.
  5. what about when those who dont pay to play using the shop or sometimes do that with money they made in wurm? what if a "free player" helps a lot of players stay in the game long enough to become paying players and pay for years,making the game money in an indirect way? i know i did that with a ton of new players over the years,some that are still around and paying. and im not saying im better than others im saying that what most long playing "free players" contribute to the game. BTW: dont take this wrong i dont like the direction this is taking with giving less restrictions to non-premium players but we are mixing two topics here because non-premium players and players that play with premium without paying are not the same.
  6. it looks like somehow you missed the point that wurm its not a hosting company. lets talk about one of those disgusting "gold farmers" im now retired but i played wurm on and off for about 5 years, in all that time i only payed with for premium with real money 2 or 3 months and i made like 900 euros out of wurm (most of it when i left and sold everything) i also managed alliances that helped keep lots of people playing for years that would have left if those didnt exist,i helped tons of new players by anwering questions,giving away decent weapons,armors and tools,i was a CA/CM/FM for like 2 years made and mantained the comunity maps for 3 or 4 servers for years,participated in comunity events as much as i could,even helped organize some of them, gave a place to start the game to many new players that later went on to play on their own, i sold tons of things,making others spend their money to buy them.i made many suggestions that were implemented like reinforcements for mine floors or changing the name of the help forums to be more welcoming to all players. so, sure keep believing that the average "paying players" contributes more than i did and all i did was worthless.
  7. if daash or whoever its doing it when it comes out its interested i could make a new map with the new dump when it comes out and hand it over.
  8. what i got from this is that finnish people are not as good at english as i expected.
  9. great to see the devs time its well spent in absurdly complex things 95% of which nobody will really ever use. makes me want to come back
  10. as someone who made a several of those maps that are still in use il tell you that most people mantaining the maps barely know how to add and remove deeds with a 2 layer image it wont be me or someone like DM remaking them,but even if i take the original map file with all separate layers and it would take me 5 seconds to change one dump for another i bet the flat dumps will mean deeds need to be moved to new positions because they dont fit. so thats still work.
  11. mmm well i usually have groups of layers to make it easier to handle because it has a ton of layers having all the deeds separated but i made it with photoshop cs3 it should work fine but whatever you do what you can
  12. lool kinda sad that i sent you a remade version with all the layers including deeds an names and a new legend with cave canals and bridges and full layers so you could change fonts or the grid or anything you wanted i thought that would save you a lot of time but lol i dont know what the problem you had was.
  13. bring it !! i wanna see what you are doing
  14. not odynn's loop? you need to get with the times
  15. i ever pvped but im pretty sure that would solve nothing,you can still check the the population info like the forum server status module does,they would need to remove that