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  1. -1, HOWEVER, some harder to make (but long lasting) food for travel would be nice...
  2. +1 for a regular -1 for a HotA
  3. Just two extra messages to flash onscreen, similar to how vessel results do. "You stop leading X" (maybe with a nice sound effect?) "X starts to treat/bandage/heal your Y" The first one would help travellers a lot with keeping track of animals The second one would help healers a lot, mostly folks who firstaid and treat wounds.
  4. Yeh... Generally, during big fights, folks move around a lot; this interrupts both magical and mundane healing. You're usually healing people whose attentions are on the fight itself and their health bars (especially at rifts), not on the local chat saying "healing X now". Its the reason why not many people bother offering non-magical healing at rifts, people just move around too much. A simple green message would fix this (maybe just make it toggleable if people would object to the spam).
  5. That's really kind of you, thanks Ajala! Even if you arrive a bit late, the rifts go on for 2 hours and you can still take part if you join halfway
  6. What still confuses me is linden is currently ahead of maple... Are people blind? XD
  7. It does indeed
  8. I'm heading up there now and should be around for tomorrow. Any gem donations folks can make would be very much appreciated, as would saccables
  9. The blue ribbon notion sounds a bit artificial. -1 The rest (more animal traits) sounds very nice indeed. +1
  10. A big gripe on PvE is just how unbalanced existing priests are with the introduction of player gods (mag is almost extinct and fo isn't exactly healthy!). A simple solution would be to give every priest every spell, but this seems to really cheapen the idea of a god entirely. So.... Link non-combat spells to various skills for players not of that god. Priests of a different god still need to meet the faith requirement on top of a certain skill requirement for certain spells. Some examples are: Light token - 50 Firemaking Lurker in the Deep - 50 Fishing Lurker in the Woods - 50 Tracking Mend - 70 Repair Frost/Firebrand - 50 Strength LT/MS/Venom - 70 Strength CoC/WoA - 50 Mind Wild Growth - 50 Forestry Charm - 50 Animal Taming Genesis - 70 Animal Husbandry So a vyn priest with 70 animal husbandry AND 70 faith would be able to cast genesis, however, a fo priest with 70 faith would also be able to cast it without the need to grind AH to 70. The numbers here are just pulled from the top of the head, I am certain they could be balanced based on the difficulty of levelling various skills AS A PRIEST. It makes spell lists matter in terms of which god you pick (grinding a stat to 50 is no easy job), but it also means that putting time into a priest doing something other than channel grinding really pays off. It also means that the addition of new spells to various gods becomes less of a contested matter since every god will eventually be able to get it. The main point is to link the spells to skills that EVERY god can make use of...
  11. While that's a solution I personally would love to see its never going to happen. Player gods are just too damn convenient for most folks.
  12. Some form of underground flora would be a nice touch (as would underwater flora...) +10
  13. +1 QoL is a thing
  14. Sorry to say but a solid +1 from me. Whoever considers the current skillgain balanced evidently isn't trying to grind the gap between 69 and 70.
  15. Everyone else: Yay! New things to build! The Priests: Oh.... We can.... Erm.... Make hot cross buns and chip new types of brick? Yay? Wait, what do you mean our anti-deeding hedge mazes are gone?!? God damn it.... Seriously though, it is a nice update content wise. I'm looking forward to convincing someone to remodel my cottage for me.
  16. +1 for some aquatic plants, water edges don't look as good as they could. You'd need a tile that looks half decent when stretched too (because of those old fashioned docks out there)
  17. Urgh.... Thats a 3-4 hour ride this time.... I'll try to make it, gods help me but I'll try. We're low on gems this time around (burned through 80% of the backstock last rift) so any donations of gems and saccables would be greatly appreciated (as always)
  18. +1, makes needing 200 chickens less of a thing.
  19. Client does not. Its down.
  20. +0 I'm on the fence on this. Fo priests have been overly nerfed in the past couple of years, player gods pretty much replacing them. It's more likely to devalue the player god priests than the fo priests since genesis is really not a fo unique at the moment. It's not much of a devalue since every man and his dog has a priest alt to cast genesis anyway so we might as well open the market a bit for folks who don't want to have an alt. +1 from that On the other hand, I am seeing the slow slide of magic away from priests. It started with imbue being aimed at non-priests and then was carried further by runes being aimed at non-priests and who knows what the PvP priest update is going to do to us so... -1 from that
  21. The only way to get more than one permanent affinity is to PvP, this suggestion adds a set of items that change this and allow PvEers a chance to get their dream affinity without the need to sail over to chaos: Affinity Removal Took - 5 silver, unlimited stock, removes the affinity of your choice from your character on use (single use). Affinity Tome - 20 silver for crafting and gathering affinities (carpentry, farming, woodcutting, masonry etc), 30 silver for mystic affinities (channeling, meditation, sorcery etc), 40 silver for combat affinities (weapon skills, fighting) and 50 silver for stat affinities, unlimited stock (5 randomly chosen affinities stocked per 3 days), on use grants one level of affinity listed in the tome (single use). Optional Extra: Add the chance to get affinity tomes as a consolation prize if a sorcery tome is not dropped by a unique Edit: After being informed of the mechanics that were added a while back to prevent this kind of farming I've edited the main post a little, thanks to the folks who explained it.
  22. The counterargument here is that all players can forage/botanise/bury/sell for silver coins and thus buy these items. The trouble is that it really isn't much of a counterargument since there is a clear and notable advantage given to players who sink lots of money into the in-game currency. It's essentially on par with gold botting in other games, the only difference here is that wurm's devs make the sale.
  23. You make a good point with the risk/reward argument. So, with the HoTA statues, is it now balanced so that each kingdom has an equal chance to get the price? Yes, there is a lot of "-1" to logical suggestions on here, I see a lot of it. Actually, there are some balance nerfs that really do help PvP (think the LoF and Fullheal nerfs) which crap on PvE. This is not to say that such a nerf shouldn't be put in place in PvP (it was needed), but it certainly shouldn't have been forced on PvE. Every PvE player could move to PvP and enjoy these advantages, however, unless one can sink entire weeks into wurm then one is not likely to enjoy these advantages. Do they make a good reward for the effort of dedicated PvPers? Sure. Do they also fuel a resilience to change that isn't focused entirely on maintaining the status quo? One need but look up. It's a nice debate but it's not really central to the matter. In clear terms, why should affinity tomes not exist?
  24. Came to wurm from H&H actually, wanted a break from the horror of full PvP raids. Never looked back, I really should see what its like since I've heard their realm and conquest systems are really coming along well.
  25. I'm just going to leave that there. Seriously though, I can't say I hate chaos or PvP. What I do strongly dislike is PvP players being given a solid advantage over PvE players (HoTA statue market, affinity trade, restrictionless priests (champions), high priests, extra spells for PvP priests, PvP only gods etc) and nerfs to PvE content (or blocking of new PvE content) due to "PvP balance". As a whole playing the ``you hate PvP/Chaos'' card is rather like playing the ``you hate <insert people you think society has given advantages to here>'' card. It's usually a smokescreen to hide the lack of a good counter-argument.