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  1. Personally, for all that I dislike it, I think the nerf was needed. I don't think the spell immunity was though...
  2. Pretty big nerf to the trellis, to be honest. Also, wild growth doesn't age them; whats up with that?
  3. I'd settle for a top down non-isometric map to be honest; maybe with a couple of extra levels of zoom on Xanadu? +1 for something like that.
  4. Nearly 2 years later and I'd still +1 this
  5. +1 Turn a chore into something less of a chore.
  6. +1 Simple, useful, everyone is happy.
  7. It just struck me, I've been playing wurm for over 4 years now and during that time I haven't seen a single new PvE spell (and even with PvP, I have only seen one spell added). Seems like a bit of an oversight given how many other new features have come into the game! So... What spells would you like to see added to wurm? Let's give the devs a little material to work with here!
  8. Heh, I rather hate the notion of runes because they are magic that is (for all intents and purposes) inaccessible to priests, they essentially insult players who gave up the majority of game content for magic (though I notice you have no indignation over such a thing) There is a great difference between "basic survival" on wurm and "basic gameplay". I manage basic survival fine; I've adapted to gather rotting logs when I see them, never travel far without my cart, always keep some kindling stocked, ensure my tent is always on my person, keep a spare statue around, etc. It took a minimal amount of "crafter-priest" interaction to meet those needs (actually these are things older players routinely donate to newer ones). However, things like getting tools and weapons imped up, or runes made for me, costs me considerably. What I produce from magic casts is nowhere near enough to trade (remember, once courier is cast you never need it cast again, enchantments decay A LOT slower than item QL etc) so I'm pretty much reliant on the charity of others for such services (gods bless my alliance, housemate, rifts and impalongs). Getting buildings made is even more costly; I'm still waiting to find a volunteer to replace my ground floor walls XD The point here being that magic doesn't just need extending to the point where priests can survive, we already have such a situation. It needs to be extended so that they can: a. Survive without insane workarounds b. Satisfy a need crafters have to facilitate trade (currently there is no market even for highly enchanted items) c. Replace "pet priests" in terms of how hard they are to train (get 70 faith from sermon group, never pay for genesis again) The solution to c. would make life a lot harder on newer priests, though if a. and b. are well implemented this would be counteracted somewhat. My personal thought would be to split channeling off into (or have it as the parent of) 4 other skills; Abjuration (buff spells), Enchantment (enchanting objects), Invocation (direct damage spells) and Transmutation (misc spells). Tie casting power to these and channeling (75% main skill, 25% channeling). Introduce other methods of gaining spells; make genesis require both AH and AT at 50 rather than just unlocking at 70 faith for example; have lurker in the deep unlock via sacrificing a rare shark; etc. In essence, make training an effective priest as challenging as training an effective channeler.
  9. On previous occasions I have suggested giving priests access to the same abilities as FREE characters. A common line of argument expressed is that this would be going too far. I disagree with that sentiment quite strongly (if I can already do it with my free alt then I'm not cutting into anyone's market). However, implementing it would be very difficult, thus my reason for not pushing further. Something that might be worthwhile is enchanted items craftable only by priests (wands of blessing, genesis apples, courier charms etc).
  10. +/-1 Make it magic based!
  11. -1 to non-priest magic +1 to wands or scrolls for utility spells...
  12. Adding in some extra forms of magical crafting might be a good way to go; give priests their own useful items to create and sell on. Personally, I think that some form of scroll crafting skill would be a nice touch... Three simple harvest spells: Scoop : Costs 20 favor, 20 diff, digs down on caster's location, product QL based on caster digging (Lib, Vyn, Mag) Mineral Draw : Costs 30 favor, 20 diff, performs a single mining action on a tile, product QL based on caster mining (Vyn, Fo). Holy Axe : Costs 40 favor, 20 diff, chops down a tree or bush and turns it into logs if possible, product QL based on caster woodcutting (Mag, Lib, Fo).
  13. 1. Reduce overall tick size 2. Make each meditate action guaranteed to give a tick Total effect: No change to average skillgain rate, but a lot less ragequitting players after 10 meditations actions without skillgain
  14. The best bit is that he thinks 50 prayer is needed for gems... It bought so much laughter into the room.
  15. Heh.... I might make this one
  16. Your comments on every priest thread give lie to that.
  17. Well, things have currently reached an interesting point so I'll just leave an additional thought here. Group summons: Link spells for each of the gods allowing them to create a temporarily summoned creature from a natural feature. The idea is that each of these spells costs 150 favor to cast and lasts as long as existing summons (wargs), summons follow the caster as if led. A caster may only have Channeling/30 summons active at once. Fo - Turns a tree into an ent; the strength of the ent is based on the age of the tree. Oaks and willows are slightly tougher. Weak vs cutting and fire Mag/Lib - Animates a statue as a golem; the strength of the golem depends on its QL. Marble statues are slightly tougher than stone. Weak vs crushing wounds Vyn - Calls forth a monster from the deep. Strength depends on the depth of water it was called from. Slightly tougher if called from a kelp tile. Weak vs ice Such spells would have to be carefully balanced for PvP, or just disallowed on PvP clusters if within enemy territory.
  18. +1 for enchanted moss -1 for anything that requires construction/multi part craftin
  19. +1
  20. Tick box option on PvE deeds. Keeps a list of the last 30 non-resident visitors to a deed accessable by any deed resident and GM. Helpful for GM's to resolve situations like Also good to get to know the names of your neighbours. Finally it's useful for figuring out how much traffic your deed has (is your market being used?)
  21. If your tracking is good you may get some names?
  22. WTK

    *Raps the bar* I'll have what OP had please! *Rereads OP* Make mine a single though.
  23. *Takes a look for priest content* *Finds none, gives mandatory applause for new crafter content* *Notices community auction and thinks "Yeh ok, it's pretty epic when GMs work to raise money to help folks in need, probably going to take part in that"*
  24. Says the man with over 80 meditation; the RNG gods just love you :P