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    The good news is that I *will* be at the next one. Start saving those gems people
  2. It's not quite me you'd have to convince; the big naysayers are the people on PvP who make a lot of money from the goods they sell. They're a vocal crowd on the forums and unless something sweetens their pot it's going to get hammered down by them (and thus the devs will never take action). While this is a horrible state of affairs that has blocked a lot of good suggestions, it's the cruel reality (take this from someone who has been trying to get priests and easier time on PvE for the past 4 years ;)). Personally speaking, I'd be all for seeing player kingdoms but, as the post above me indicates, this is not likely to happen because someone will lose out financially and wurm is all about the money to some.
  3. rift

    Not going to be able to make this one; another timetable clash!
  4. As a lot of people will know, I often encourage ideas that will bring communities closer together; so why am I a mountain hermit?!? Well, as anyone who knows me really well will know, this wasn't always the case. At one time I lived in very cramped quarters (I've seen larger deeds) with about 15 other people in a series of microdeeds and perimeter houses on release. So why did I change this? Largely it was because of different visions for the area; myself and some of my neighbours enjoyed the forest we'd all planted together (the red woods of release), some other neighbours wanted their ultra-horse factories and started cutting into the forest. They did this not out of malice (well much malice, someone griefed a lot of my lovely maple trees) but because they extended their deeds and covered this land (remember, deeds used to have to be square!) and they felt that "well we're paying for the land, so it's now ours". I can't say it did much for my feeling towards my fellow wurmian The take-away message here is that for any form of close local community to develop you either need to share the ethos of your neighbours (at an absolute level) OR you need to deed everything. The first solution relies on a lot of trust (and assumes that your neighbours will last as long as you do); the second solution is imperfect because it costs a fair bit AND forces you into the role of "landlord" (unless you absolutely trust other people being able to manage permissions for your stuff). It also deters others from settling unless they trust the landlord (he can kick them out, has the final say on everything etc) so it really becomes "your neighbours need to share your ethos and you will pay for this privilege". Overall this is just not conducive to creating close communities, so people tend to spread out so that they may follow their own vision, but join an alliance for the community factor. Unless the game offers a clear advantage to living in a certain area/with certain people then it's more advantageous for a player to strike out on their own, deed an area, build half, get bored/join a community, quit/endure. There have been some interesting suggestions in the form of "subdeeds" (ability to manage permissions for specific groups of tiles) which is a nice notion. This would take some pressure off a "landlord", but the tenants still have the fear of "my home could be gone tomorrow if I upset this guy/gal". There have also been ideas that reduce perimeters (allowing close communities of microdeeds to form) which is also a nice idea (and it makes CC more money for less taken land....). Living on a mountain I have control over my local area (the forest is safe, for now), I have neighbours a short ride away (15 mins) and I am part of my local alliance. All pros, no cons. This kind of player distribution leads to wurm feeling quite empty though (ridden across half of Xanadu many times without a SINGLE person coming up in local), I can understand why this is so. So that's my thoughts on the matter, what sort of features do you think would either reduce the disadvantages of living in close communities (either on the same deed, or nearby other deeds) or increase the advantages of doing so? TL;DR The game encourages hermiting as there are few advantages to living near others and a lot of disadvantages to doing so. How fix?
  5. +1 iff the owner has also been away for longer than a month.
  6. Illness : Muscle Parasites "Oh *palm*"
  7. That just made my year, thanks!
  8. On the one hand, it sounds to me like this would be beneficial for wurm as a whole; gives the PvE whales somewhere to spend their money, reduces the reliance on the falling PvP population for certain goods/services, adds incentives to explore the world and encourages large communities. All things likely to have a positive impact on player retention. On the other hand. in reality, PvP goods are the only stable market at the moment and it risks destabilising it thus causing a lot of issues in an already turbulent time. This would hit the PvP crowd quite hard as the big sellers for any kingdom are its tents/wagons/flags/towers, it would force them to spend more money in a system which is already paying out much less than it once did and this might well be the final nail in the coffin of wurm PvP (it could force population below critical mass). There is also the matter of the INSANE powers granted with certain titles (50% favor costs with high priest anyone?). Overall this implementation would benefit more people than it harms, but the people it harms are already in a pretty dire place and the harm inflicted is uncertain to be outweighed by the good it creates. I'll reserve judgment until after the "religion overhaul", see how badly I get nerfed this time around.
  9. Another +1 because it would prevent trust abuse
  10. Well, this would destroy my home most likely (constant uninvited guests whacking the unicorn herd), but +1 anyway because why not.
  11. That is pure genius
  12. Be nice if there were USEFUL forage/botanise items that were found only at higher skill levels (or on tiles foragable/botaniseable at higher levels...) It would also be nice if animals killed by a bow gave higher ql products when butchered... +1
  13. So I got to thinking, there are a lot of minor, everyday annoyance in wurm. My current pet peeve is sudden withering (from very old sprouting to withered overnight), it's a bugger. I dread this happening to my trellises since I can't simply remake them! The thing is, it's one of many tiny annoyances in wurm every day. Removing them would remove a lot of the challenge from the game, but giving an alternative fix might be something nice. And this is where unicorn horn wands come in. Take one unicorn horn (weight of 1.5), have a jewellery smith attach a gem (product QL capped by gem QL, weight = 2), then have a priest cast a spell on the wand (or use the appropriate spell rune on a wand) to give it an effect. ANYONE can use a wand and wands vanish once their QL drops below 0. Unicorn Horn Wand + Wild Growth = Wand of Rejuvenation (use on a withered tree/bush/trellis to turn it back into a very old tree at the cost of 20 favour and 5 wand QL) A couple more examples: Unicorn Horn Wand + Heal = Wand of Curing (use on any diseased player or animal to remove disease at the cost of 30 favour and 10 wand QL) Unicorn Horn Wand + Mend = Pottery Sealing Wand (use on any damaged pottery item to remove 20 damage at the cost of 20 favour and 5 wand QL) Unicorn Horn Wand + Strongwall = Wand of Stable Footing (use on any unreinforced mine floor tile to reinforce it (default reinforced floor texture) at the cost of 30 favour and 20 wand QL) Optional Extra: Give priests a damage reduction on wands [Damage =Base Damage*(1-(channeling/200))] Edit: Changed borked formula
  14. +1 as long as it doesn't bork "lead" pathing. I really wouldn't like a horse to take a shortcut and end up on a cliff and then decide it doesn't want to go any further...
  15. Angelklaine really covered what needed saying; hunting is generally not something that you can support yourself on if you want to make money ingame.
  16. A nice disintegrate cast on a wand perhaps?
  17. +1
  18. Sure +1
  19. I can't abide thieves; sounds to me like he abused a core kingdom mechanic (access to areas a hostile player shouldn't have, guard immunity, kingdom home turf advantage in hostile territory etc) to get the items. Return the items, teleport the thief to chaos (naked and hobbled) and let nature take its course.
  20. With the Almanac released I got to thinking; magic scrolls, it's time we had those. There is a lot of contention over these as, if they were too easy to make, they would choke the remaining life out of priests. But here is a thought: Unique Blood + Special Paper dropped by rift mobs (and in reward pool) = Spell scroll (holding the writer's channeling skill like an almanac page does, writer chooses spell from their own collection) Spell scrolls can be used once by non-priests (no favour cost, cast at stored channeling, 3x cast time), or Channeling skill/10 by priests (at full favour cost uses priest's channeling). The idea here is that the rarity of the components is not too great as to render the creation pointless, but its great enough that the market (and battlefields) won't be filled with scrolls. Optional Extra: Rare scrolls do not decay when used by priests (essentially giving that priest access to the spell permanently) Optional Extra 2: Some spells that can only be found in rare scroll form added to various loot pools
  21. Speaking as someone who spent his first few months playing healing other new players with cotton and covers I would say don't remove cotton's use entirely. I must admit that making one's first loom is a daunting task to new players and placing that as a hurdle for healing is probably a bad thing. Then again, new players also have the healing buff now which does offset this a bit. I'd say allow the application of cotton still and leave it unchanged, just make bandages lighter than cotton (50% of the weight?), MUCH less bulky (same bulk as farmer 0.1 salve?) and faster (50%+) to apply. This would give players an incentive to both make and carry bandages in preference over cotton, but it would not nerf cotton itself. The pottery flask components I am not too fond of, mostly because I'd be stuck with junk QL items as a priest admittedly. Why not make them cease to decay if stored in a pottery flask (and only the flask takes the decay hit till it expires)?
  22. C'mon folks... We need these nice things.... *Bumps*