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  1. +1, iff fo gets a buff to make up for the nerfs we've had this past year.
  2. Be nice if they impacted magic in some way too, moons and magic go together! +1
  3. 2 hours delayed with this server crossing bug. Not going to make it tonight, will try to get down tomorrow during the day, but its going to be VERY tight since I'm working late.
  4. Heh, even I couldn't clear cut over 2000 trees alone. Took a community of folks working together to make a beautiful forest; that was then largely destroyed by greedy farmers.
  5. I will be there with Ether, setting out today to arrive there. Its one hell of a horrible trek! Gems and cloth welcome, I've got a few left over from last time but not enough for major fireworks. Edit : [21:57:19] There are some crossing borders issues, please refrain from sailing to other servers for now. Hamsters did it again! Thank you for the patience! There may be some delay
  6. That there is pure happiness. Thanks devs!
  7. To this day, the dominant tree species near my old home on release is maple. It used to be pine. There was a series of mass clear cuts.... Now it's beautiful maple!
  8. Suddenly everything makes sense!
  9. So I am only 100 hours of grinding away from being able to ride a hellhorse Wait a moment....
  10. A while back I asked if folks thought Wurm's priests were "working as intended", the majority felt that the answer to this was "no". With the recent news of some form of PvP overhaul coming into play that impacts both priests and meditation; I was wondering, what sort of direction would everyone here like to see Wurm's magic go? Should it remain largely as it is, does it maybe need some new content/balancing, or does it require a complete overhaul?
  11. It's never risen that far for me; I use my bow a fair bit and in 5 years my body control is camping nicely at 23. Are you sure you didn't mean to say "Priests, like non-priests, regardless of religion, have access to *the* fastest way to gain body control.... archery IF THEY PVP"?
  12. This needs a solid bump, the alliance is active but BFN is quiet at the moment.
  13. Sorry but a big -1 here from me. This would be a huge kick in the teeth to priests who (even without the nerf) have a lower stat gain rate (creation vs improvement).
  14. This both worries and excites me. Magic is finally getting peeked at, which is a good thing, but it's from a PvP perspective, which has been less than wonderful in its buffs and QoL changes where magic is concerned.