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  1. Well I rode up yesterday, turns out I am not going to be able to make the rift due to family stuff. Sorry folks!
  2. Well I'm coming up to my re-preming day in the next week, the only thing I'll likely reprem for is the rifts. Be nice to have something extra to sweeten the pot; say some really useful items one you pass the 2 year subscription mark.
  3. Suddenly the prospects for the ingame map becoming usable just multiplied. Finally content in this development phase I can get excited about
  4. You wouldn't see market inflation like that, even the gem market is in the toilet at the moment!
  5. +1 for any uses that don't already supplant existing functions
  6. "Zinc Rune of Vynora - Casts Mend" "Zinc Rune of Fo - Casts Morning Fog" "Tin Rune of Jackal - Casts Refresh" "Iron Rune of Libila - Casts Light Token" "Iron Rune of Mag - Casts Sunder" "Copper Rune of Fo - Casts Charm" "Copper Rune of Libila - Casts Locate Soul" "Bronze Rune of Jackal - Casts Goatshape" "Gold Rune of Vynora - Casts Reveal Creatures" @Finnn - I'll just leave those here.
  7. Quite, however, magic is what priests give up their ability to craft (many things), improve, construct and harvest (2/3) for. If magic is the realm of priests, let's make sure that they're going to be good at it
  8. It's been a fair few months now since runes hit the ground running and they've proven to be a wonderful feature to have. The trouble is that priests have next to no chance of every being proficient in creating runes unless they depriest, level FC, JS and SC (all three of which are almost entirely impossible to train to a decent level using creation ticks) and then repriest. Given that soul depth can be trained just as fast as a non-priest this leaves us with non-magic users being the better runesmiths. Given that runes are a form of enchantment; it seems as if magic users would have more knowledge of them and should be the more proficient users. There is also the fact that Mag seems the kind of god who would make great use of runes and Mag's following is extremely low in the PvE worlds. Thus I propose the following changes: 1a. When creating runes priests use their channeling skill OR the creation skill (whichever is higher) OR 1b. Give priests a way to train these skills that is on par with non-priests (giving them stronger "creation" ticks would be the simplest solution) OR 1c. Add a buff that occurs randomly when praying that allows priests to use their faith score in place of a skill for the creation of a single rune 2. Make the bonus towards creating a rune of one's own god based on faith, giving priests a buff. 3. Give mag priests and followers an additional passive buffing final rune quality (again based on faith) The fact that imbues are also locked to one type of priest is disturbing and seems plain wrong, there is also the follower imbalance since followers of vynora dominate due ot the experience bonus. Thus, the following changes are proposed: 1. Allow all priests to perform alchemy 2. Give fo priests and followers a bonus to natural substance item creation QL (based on faith) These changes should give priests a well-needed edge in rune creation, as well as balance followers a little more.
  9. Gods I couldn't post it yesterday but this needs -1ing so very hard. The only way I would even consider +1ing this is if magic, too, faded over time...
  10. -1, HOWEVER, some harder to make (but long lasting) food for travel would be nice...
  11. +1 for a regular -1 for a HotA
  12. Yeh... Generally, during big fights, folks move around a lot; this interrupts both magical and mundane healing. You're usually healing people whose attentions are on the fight itself and their health bars (especially at rifts), not on the local chat saying "healing X now". Its the reason why not many people bother offering non-magical healing at rifts, people just move around too much. A simple green message would fix this (maybe just make it toggleable if people would object to the spam).
  13. Just two extra messages to flash onscreen, similar to how vessel results do. "You stop leading X" (maybe with a nice sound effect?) "X starts to treat/bandage/heal your Y" The first one would help travellers a lot with keeping track of animals The second one would help healers a lot, mostly folks who firstaid and treat wounds.
  14. That's really kind of you, thanks Ajala! Even if you arrive a bit late, the rifts go on for 2 hours and you can still take part if you join halfway
  15. What still confuses me is linden is currently ahead of maple... Are people blind? XD