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  1. rift

    The good news is that I *will* be at the next one. Start saving those gems people
  2. It's not quite me you'd have to convince; the big naysayers are the people on PvP who make a lot of money from the goods they sell. They're a vocal crowd on the forums and unless something sweetens their pot it's going to get hammered down by them (and thus the devs will never take action). While this is a horrible state of affairs that has blocked a lot of good suggestions, it's the cruel reality (take this from someone who has been trying to get priests and easier time on PvE for the past 4 years ;)). Personally speaking, I'd be all for seeing player kingdoms but, as the post above me indicates, this is not likely to happen because someone will lose out financially and wurm is all about the money to some.
  3. rift

    Not going to be able to make this one; another timetable clash!
  4. +1 iff the owner has also been away for longer than a month.
  5. Illness : Muscle Parasites "Oh *palm*"
  6. That just made my year, thanks!
  7. On the one hand, it sounds to me like this would be beneficial for wurm as a whole; gives the PvE whales somewhere to spend their money, reduces the reliance on the falling PvP population for certain goods/services, adds incentives to explore the world and encourages large communities. All things likely to have a positive impact on player retention. On the other hand. in reality, PvP goods are the only stable market at the moment and it risks destabilising it thus causing a lot of issues in an already turbulent time. This would hit the PvP crowd quite hard as the big sellers for any kingdom are its tents/wagons/flags/towers, it would force them to spend more money in a system which is already paying out much less than it once did and this might well be the final nail in the coffin of wurm PvP (it could force population below critical mass). There is also the matter of the INSANE powers granted with certain titles (50% favor costs with high priest anyone?). Overall this implementation would benefit more people than it harms, but the people it harms are already in a pretty dire place and the harm inflicted is uncertain to be outweighed by the good it creates. I'll reserve judgment until after the "religion overhaul", see how badly I get nerfed this time around.
  8. Another +1 because it would prevent trust abuse
  9. Well, this would destroy my home most likely (constant uninvited guests whacking the unicorn herd), but +1 anyway because why not.
  10. That is pure genius
  11. Be nice if there were USEFUL forage/botanise items that were found only at higher skill levels (or on tiles foragable/botaniseable at higher levels...) It would also be nice if animals killed by a bow gave higher ql products when butchered... +1
  12. +1 as long as it doesn't bork "lead" pathing. I really wouldn't like a horse to take a shortcut and end up on a cliff and then decide it doesn't want to go any further...
  13. Angelklaine really covered what needed saying; hunting is generally not something that you can support yourself on if you want to make money ingame.
  14. A nice disintegrate cast on a wand perhaps?