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  1. [21:44:29] An aged troll mauls you deadly hard in the right eye and damages it. if this is intended behaviour for a helm covering the entire face change the model to reflect that, otherwise please fix
  2. Started to notice this again since the most recent patch, random disconnects. Before this patch I hadn't experienced a disconnect at all since the last time the problem was around. Now i've had it maybe 4-5 times over the past 3 days
  3. unstable

    also noticing this, windows 7 64 ultimate, 1920x1080, windowed fullscreen disabling/enabling one of the options fixes it
  4. needs an option to expand the shopping list for all the ingredients so we don't need to scroll the box on screen if we have more ingredients or larger screens
  5. Thank you but yes I only use java 64
  6. If that was the case I'd say get better hardware. I have a feeling that it's software related limits though
  7. Happening every 20-30 minutes, 32gb of ram, client is crashing at 1.9gb REALLY annoying
  8. 1.4s
  9. Missing items, like dough, passata, legacy meat, coconut, fish and meat filets nice to see the alcohols also using the different woodscraps also missing mashed prep. When you delete a meal, keep that characters meals open
  10. Not that I recall, but then there were lots more players too
  11. While that's no doubt helpful I'd like to see the server status in the client or forum when I'm waiting for downtime or a restart. I don't really want to have a third party program telling me the most basic info that should be clearly visible. Was it removed to prevent prospective newbies not seeing how low the game population is?
  12. In terms of cooking garlic is considered a vegetable, when you queue chopping several herbs it will not chop garlic but when you chop several veggies it will chop the garlic. About more boxes, I've filled up all 30 boxes making full house pizza without filling the baking stone yet, 3 of those were for the pizza base offset and one other was for my rare oven offset (I have now switched to the new system as of today) I could possibly condense that into one or two ingredients for the pizza base offset but I still only put in half the herbs and feel confident I could fit more. If you added an option to enter a custom offset into a box that could work for adding more ingredients without needing to add more boxes and would also allow us to set other base meals until they are added. Keep up the good work I'll certainly be using this lots over the coming days now all my prepared meals are junk!
  13. I'm pretty sure most people here are fed up of 3 years of lag and bad performance and a conversation with the developers about that in the hopes of getting some sort of resolution. It does seem however we have a lot of trolls with no real input on a server they don't live on. If you have no constructive input, solutions or empathy, please refrain from posting, thank you.