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  1. This is a PC from Egards cousin
  2. There is also 90ql pants not picture, sorry they arent pictured, but buyer recieves full set
  3. Looking for 6s or offer for this set of Black rare cloth~! Post here to buy or Pm me
  4. I would offer 2s for the glimmer rune
  5. Looking to auction this nice set of two handed swords. All 90ql All well Enchanted Rare has Blloodthirst Cheap Start, no reserve, reasonable buyout. Starting bid 7s 3 day auction 1 hr snipe protect Buyout 15s Post here, no private
  6. Id offer 300
  7. I offer 80 euros
  8. Evarya if you really have , then paste the screenshots shoing you said hello and he will be pretty much cornered and looking a bit rough.
  9. The family shags has drank the cool aid.
  10. He tried to sell her accounts, and he has ignored attempts she has made to make contact. he is online right now killing alts, maybe of other previos Ebo members. So should be no issue to get this resovled.
  11. Join DD, we dont steal He tried to sell me and others this account, wow....
  12. send your 8 lowest to salempl for 7s if you agree
  13. Send to salempl