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  1. kinda looks silly digging in a mine with a pickaxe when you flatten a ceiling...might want to find something better.
  2. Basically your argument is I don't want to pvp so I can pvp in a can, just admit you want ez-mode. It's all pvp, raiding and doing hota. You shouldn't need to ask the staff to pvp for you by imposing frivolous buildzones and extended borders. Your problem can be solved via normal pvp means therefore nothing needs to change, play the game. The fact that they recently made HOTA a no-build/no-terraform zone is extreme interference by the impetuous staff since there was already increased decay in the zone. As for smaller kingdoms, if they want to do hota then they need to work together, if they choose not to do so then don't cry about being small. Its not the game's fault you used alts to make your kingdom and you can't field enough fighters to accomplish your goals.
  3. If you don't want an enemy deed next to HOTA, guess what, you can try to remove it (its actually part of the game). Terraforming is what makes wurm PVP so dynamic, asking the gms to do it for you is just weak. If you choose not to play all facets of the game please don't complain when other's do. There is always going to be an edge to HOTA unless you dedicate an entire server to it, so your request for extra tiles around it is completely unnecessary. As for an idea to improve hota, how about making the pillars spawn randomly around the map, like 1 spawns every few minutes till a side gets 4? There will be no edge to hota then, the entire server comes into play. You could also increase the number of pillars needed to win based on kingdom population at the time, so if you have 20 people on you need 6 or 8 pillars compared to a smaller group that would only need 4. Instead of pillars how about you hunt the enemy kingdom's creature, ie Hyena, boar, anaconda, gorilla etc. Buff them up to rift boss level of difficulty for the event. Then to win hota you have to both protect your lands and visit the enemy's. So easy to make HOTA fun and fair.
  4. I'll be there for the bday bash-ing of the blue beast.
  5. Are you ready for Wurmonline endgame? Mol Rehan is looking for some dedicated players to enjoy all facets of the game at the highest level.
  6. The rift's have been designed based on the premise that no one should be able to figure out an easy way to enjoy them. As soon as someone does find a way an immediate change is made to counteract the method regardless of how much fun is sacrificed in the process. Ideally the shoulder armor should be craftable and the items needed to make them magical should be a random drop from killing a mob in the rift area. But this idea isn't cruel enough, obviously. I wonder if those responsible will figure out in time they are in the entertainment business and making things fun for their audience and rewarding for time spent should be the only goal.
  7. -1, you can easily make a wurm unlimited server with the rules you want and stop spamming the suggestion forums instead.
  8. -1, no one is forcing you to play on chaos, if the rules are not to your liking find another place to play or maybe give wurm unlimited a try where you can change the rules any way you want.
  9. People play afterwork during the week too and what about those who work on the weekends? I personally have too many accounts to use all of my sleep bonus as it is so I would not benefit from something like this as much as others would. So no, I am not being selfish as your post incorrectly implies. Hell I still have a main account with over 8 hours from when they gave us the extra 5 hours.
  10. This confusion is my fault, in an earlier post I asked them to add more fun and giving us clear, straight facts with start dates and end dates is far less fun than trolling and misleading.
  11. Since this suggestion amuses you so much, do tell why you think its not up to par? There is no unfairness because everyone has access to it regardless of timezone or playtime. Players that haven't played in a while can get addicted again. Where is the downside pray tell?
  12. Unlimited sleep bonus for the anniversary week is a great idea. See devs, this is not hard to do.
  13. You can move on and reply to other threads, I will not.
  14. How many days after the gift has been identified do we have to premium up accounts and still receive the gift?
  15. Let's try this another way since reading comprehension is not a strong suit here. If I pay money to buy premium for an account that is not currently premium AFTER the gift that we have a 100% chance of getting has been revealed will my freshly premium-ed account be eligible for the gift or will the window of opportunity have closed once the gift is made available?