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  1. Would have been either. I have a map now so this can be closed :-)
  2. Calling all cartographer's!!! Anyone interested in making a PvP map for the server has a chance to win 1 Gold or a 50q Drake Hide Armor set including the helmet. The color will be of the winners choosing. Map Requirements: Map Size =2048x2048 Max (smaller is ok)Must have 3 separate islands and 1 main one in the middle that is not connected to any of the others. Must have ALL Biomes Must have ALL Trees Must have ALL Bushes Middle Island Must be flat-ish NO steep slopes on contested area Middle island is meant to be a contested area, so building is a main focus. A flat-ish area (like stated above) will be ideal for the middle island. Map is meant to make up 3 factions fighting for the "mainland" Towns/Buildings NOT required Map will NOT be shared with other servers Idea's also welcome!
  3. server

    For some reason, my properties file was missing from the mods folder. I added it back in and will see what happens in the next day or two. Thanks for the help.
  4. yes The new limit works fine, it just will not get rid of the excess templar's from existing deeds with more than the set amount
  5. I am trying to completely delete a player on a non hosted 24/7 dedicated server. I tried to delete the entry in the wurmplayers.db but after making a new character with the same name I am seeing the old character when trying to manage house and container permissions. Any ideas on how to permanently delete that character would be appreciated. Rebuilding the database is absolutely out of the question as everyone would lose what they have worked hard to create.
  6. I am just changing the name for the player. She was sharing an account with someone and then bought the game. So she wanted to make a new character with the same name to play. I changed all of the players skills in game one at a time. Everything except seeing the old character when trying to manage house and container permissions.
  7. server

    People have been having some issues with watering on my server. I have seen it happen on my own deed and others have as well. Will update with more info as soon as I get it.
  8. Patch Notes Page - HERE
  9. Love the videos, funny and informative!
  10. I do not have any info on what each one does, but here is the full list from the server.jar State: if it is implemented in the game yet Wurm: If it is a feature for Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited or Both or with Test or Steam (single player bridges able to plant a range pole to plan bridge alone on Steam)
  11. It was a bit early for April fools
  12. I am getting some errors on my test server. Still runs fine as far as I can tell though. Not sure if anything is not working with your mod yet. Just wanted to point it out in case it was something worth seeing.
  13. Where would I add this in the class file? I was able to easily change the number of guards for new deeds(tested fine) but the old deed fix I cannot get to compile. Edit: Got it to compile, but, It still does not properly work in game to remove the templars. I am guessing I did not place it in the code correctly still
  14. A mod loader form of it would be nice for other people who would like a different map or environment though.
  15. This post is for a google map for wurm and is a map viewer not a map generator. Not sure what one you have used since there are many versions on the forum.
  16. I've tried to reset my name three or four times now using the name change certificate. I keep getting the message, Failed to contact server. Try later. This is an Error. I try to change it with a GM and get, [08:10:37] You try to change the name of Henry to Harvey and set the password to 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'. [08:10:37] The result is: [08:10:37] Failed to contact server. Try later. This is an Error.
  18. My first recipe Tomato Herb White Pizza No sauce here... this mouthwatering pizza has tomato, basil and 2 cheeses. Chicken Marsala A delicious, classic chicken dish -- lightly coated chicken breasts braised with wine and mushrooms.
  19. Meaning that if you have the mod enabled on the main server, install it on all others but use enableSkillsOnly in the .properties file only on the servers that you don't want the vampires on. So you would still have vampires and all features on the original server. When players transfer to another server, they will retain all skills but there will be no other features of the mod enabled on that server.
  20. (Windows PC) The only thing i can find is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\players\(player name)\test_logs\_Event.(year)-(month). [16:59:05] These other players are online on (server name): (player name) (player name) etc. You might have to sift through some of it but it should tell you what servers you were on with that name. Each file is broken up per month. Pretty sure they would need the Announcer Mod active on the server you logged on to give the notice in the event window though.
  21. A couple things I noticed while testing this out. Otherwise a great amazing mod you have put together here! Stellar job my friend. The stake says "[00:31:29] The magical runes of the stake are fused to you. You can get rid of the stake is by throwing it in a trash heap or using it on a Vampire." when I try to unequip it but all I have to do is toss it in the trash then pull it back out and it is in my inventory as if I unequipped it. Maybe make it so you can just unequip it or not be able to pick up after it is in the trash. "[00:29:17] Dhampira the Ponderer leans over to carefuly pierce your skin with her lethal fangs... What could possibly go wrong..." The NPC that was spawned for Dhampira the Ponderer is a male. Also, carefuly is mispelled.
  22. Very useful to be able to configure the birth time of animals. Maybe make it so you can configure it so certain animals give birth at different rates possibly. Thank you for this addition to the Wurm mod library!
  23. Link is broken :-(
  24. correct, but when I choose anything but an item in that list, I get "model not found" error in event window. old model names do not work either
  25. WOW... simply amazing