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  1. Being able to use sorcery spells on PvE servers would be awesome also.
  2. This looks amazing! Should be much easier for my server settlers to create recipes for me to add. Thank you for taking your time to create this awesome tool!
  3. Be sure to clear the area so rock is exposed on all sides around the border you want to flatten. Go to the upside of the slope and "surface mine" until it is flat.if it is lower, then you will need to create concrete to use to "raise the corner" of the lower side of the slope.
  4. Add "MINE" to the configuration file along with the other actions. I tested and it works just fine. Shards go onto the ground but works non the less.
  5. I was joking. I don't think anyone could say anything bad about you on here
  6. I have them all and they all work fine with the update
  7. Thank you so very much! I don't care what everyone else says about you, your OK in my book.
  8. GUI in game cannot be resized or closed unless you use main menu button. I tested with no other client mods enabled and it is still not re-sizable. Everything else seems to work fine so far though. Good mod and great work!
  9. If I may ask, where can I get a list of actions that can be entered into that line?
  10. If anyone could take a peak and maybe help out if you see anything off. When trying to add this to my test server I get this string of errors: Any idea as to what I could do to fix this? Help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Would love to add my own in but not sure where to edit the configuration file
  12. Awesome Idea! Hope it goes well
  13. agos mod loader

    Great mod and everyone on the server is loving it. Thanks for the awesome work!