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  1. If i can find a good deal i might be interested in buying a 90ql knarr send me a forum pm with the price. I know i can get them everywhere for 8s but I am looking for a cheap one, lol (would prefer applewood in case they bring back the wood textures someday) send me a pm with what you have
  2. Well there goes building on the new island for a while. The sandstone one looks really good but don't forget about the matching parapets for them.
  3. It has been to long since i have meditated and my brain does not function that well to start with, lol I guess i was thinking it would say it between the 30 min wait time too. I will get it figured out again just a little slow on the uptake.. heh
  4. The message "You feel that it will take you a while before you are ready to meditate again" is not showing in event. I am not sure if things have changed and I just did not know it or what but I am not seeing this message anymore about needing to wait till your next meditation so thought I would post it. [08:39:05] You start meditating. [08:39:09] You fall into a trance. What if light and dark is the same thing, just in different shapes. [08:41:07] You finish your meditation. [08:41:37] You start meditating. [08:41:41] You fall into a trance. You think about rain. [08:43:44] You finish your meditation.
  5. I had bought a deed and there were a few locked bsb and a chest left behind in the mine and was trying to push them off deed but they were stuck. I was not able to push/pull them out through the mine entrance while the door was on but after removing the door I was able to push/pull them out. (Not sure if this is a bug or not but wanted to post it anyway)
  6. I am looking to get 2k bricks delivered to my new deed on south release. I am wanting them today and will want the crates or a bsb so pm me if you have some ready and can deliver them today.
  7. When I get back to my deed after crossing servers and go into my mine some of the house walls in the mine are missing the textures. In the screenshot below where the crates are there should be house walls and you can see that they are invisible. (I can relog and it fixes the issue but thought I would report it anyway)
  8. Just a little bump on this I am still having this issue. I have not been using the unstable because of the disconnects but now that it is playable again just wanted to remind everyone this is still an issue for me. Edit: Client version - 4.00-008396b Pic.. Console log...
  9. I have had three characters logged on now for almost 48 hours with only one disconnect so it is playable now for sure. I still think the dawn/dusk is a little much with the red seems like more of a golden color would work better.
  10. The new unstable client does not put a shortcut on my desktop that is the first thing i see but will test and see how things go. Edit: It might have been because of deleting the old one from before. I just went into java and replaced them.
  11. Rare Large Oak Shield - 3.5s If you have one left cod to kegan.. thanks Edit: You did take 3s for the last one so will you take 3s for this one too? (I will take it either way but it would be nice to get the same price as the last guy did)
  12. Edit: Closed
  13. I might be interested in a 70 faith Nahjo priest send me a pm with a price and we will go from there. (not looking for a high end priest just a low/no skill strongwall caster) I have decided just to make one myself this can be closed...
  14. Will you be adding a tab on the top of the forums here for that WU site?