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  1. sorry for the bump on this old topic but is there a way to turn of the event messages yet? if not then we need one
  2. 25s coins for $25 usd buyer pays any fees, paypal verified
  3. I was just about to start a large mine rework this is great news.. thanks
  4. 74ql - Rare Trowel, iron (84woa, 91coc) Starting Bid: 2s Increments: 50c Buyout: 5s No reserve, 1h sniper
  5. With this new update my reinforced walls are no longer smooth with the high cave detail setting. They used to have the same texture as the low setting walls when they were reinforced so not sure if this is intended or not so thought I would report it.
  6. All my mine houses are missing the locks too.
  7. If they made it so animals only swim when they are being lead then they can put in a thing that will drown them if they are on a water tile after a set time. This way if a player loses a horse while sailing they have time to go back and get them but if they stay in the water for a long time then they will start to die off.
  8. Might i suggest while you are looking at the animals that you allow the passive creatures the ability to swim so that we can get these farm animals back to your deeds. I see no reason to stop cattle, bison, sheep and all the other farm like animals from being able to be lead and brought back to our deeds by boat. (If you have to put a thing on them where they can only swim while they are being lead or something if that is an issue)
  9. The key to things is to have a passive income so you have all your time to do whatever you want. If you don't have a passive income you should be speeding your time getting that set up first
  10. How long are we waiting on this? I do not see any timers as mentioned in the OP not that i am impatient or anything but do plan on taking a little break soon.
  11. Put me down for one #14
  12. I would like this just for the decoration of the crops at ripe stage.
  13. I think most players that are here full time have more of an online presence then anything in the real world, lol
  14. last day last bump...