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  1. Not sure if this is part of your issue but i have noticed when a person logs out in a house that they do not have permission on it will tp them outside of the house when they log out. (on the pve servers anyway) Edit: Like a house that has an arched wall and anyone can be "inside" the house.
  2. Well he is not doing anything wrong from a game rules stand point and no I have no issue with buying low and selling high there are a lot of people that do that including me. (although i lose money on most of them seems like) Until posting this i had thought it was just a case of bad money management on the first one and maybe a little hate on this second one but was not sure. Now seeing others have had issues too maybe there is more to it.. idk It does seem like he has slowed down with bidding on things now but back when i was waiting on my first cods i seen him bidding on things right and left while my cods were sitting in the mail waiting on him to collect them.
  3. It might not be the best but i use an alt and leave him online 24/7 while the cods are going on and can see the amounts come in on the logs. This only works if you have different amounts but it did work this time as he was the only one with 5s as the amount. (The others paid within 1-2 days of mailing as normal) But yea a way to see who has picked up their cods would be a great add for sure.
  4. I did pm Enki last time on the 27s deal and as long as you are not on epic when the items from any freedom server is returned you will get them back now.. they fixed that. Edit: iirc he was not sure how being on epic would effect the mail returning.
  5. I do not have a problem with the time of the mail really but he is using the mail as a way to get items that he can not afford to buy hoping he can come up with the funds as he goes. (well that is what it seems like to me) When he bought the last items from me it was four items totaling 27s and had pm me to negotiate to get that price. It took a week or so of back and forth and threatening to post about him last time to get him to pick up the last ones. Even then it was one item a day over a few days till all the items were picked up. I had another sale and he bid on a rare sm anvil this time but gave him the benefit of doubt knowing that the item would return and sure enough this is day 6 with no money yet. If a person is having trouble or something comes up and they need some time then pm me and say that don't ignore me completely this tells me you are up to no good or just don't care. Stop bidding on things if you can not afford to pick them up the same day or make arrangements beforehand before buying/bidding on your item.
  6. The last items I had cod and was waiting on he listed them on his rare sales thread even though he had not picked the items up from the mail yet. This new one has still not been picked up and it has been 6 days now with no response to my forum pm. He is quick to respond to where to send the item but after that nothing and it shows it has been read since my reminder pm. I guess i am not the only one this is happening to so glad i posted this for sure. Edit: I thought i would post a link to the rare sales thread Skorpionek has. Notice the bumps there is one from what i thought to be a reputable bulk group lets hope it is not the same group doing this...
  7. I am not sure if Skorpionek is doing this to just me or to everyone but if you are selling something and want your money in a timely fashion avoid bids from Skorpionek. I have sold two batches of items to Skorpionek and both times it took a week or more to get the cods collected. I even sent forum pms reminding of the mail that is read but get ignored. I guess the mail system does send the items back in 14 days but just wanted to give a little warning to everyone. If you have had bad dealings with Skorpionek feel free to share.
  8. As far as stone goes you can use the pliers i think it is to change them to plain stone then render but the rest you can't.
  9. I will send you a pm
  10. I have 50s coins to sell for $50 usd buyer pays any fees... paypal verified. SOLD
  11. [05:52:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thank you
  12. 87ql - rare small maul, iron (84N, 90LT, 96C, 75MS) w/AD - 10s
  13. last few hours and last bump
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