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  1. Some of the stories I've been told by well connected people have me doubting if the /fatigue system does more then catch the stupid macroers. You used to be able to answer a question if a gm thought you were botting, that you can't do something like that when you run out of /fatigue from a week of power imping is boggling to me.
  2. As far as limiting people from getting ahead (one of the stated goals of fatigue by rolf) account sales have completely nullified this aspect of /fatigue. Want to get ahead now? Pony up the cash and off you go, but don't dream of just out working others to get ahead
  3. That polearms feels broken isn't news, I think it took 99, 98+ and 96 for me to break 90 polearms. Apparently that's how its supposed to work on freedom. On the flip side you'll see the servers and get lots of fun in.
  4. Wooden spear could be 1h (may need dmg balancing as it's always been weak for 2h). Steel spear would then be 2h aka pike.
  5. Bump for my future Mjolnir Warhammer.
  6. While out hunting today, I found 2 or 3 wild tortoises, they're still out there!
  7. Suggest we put bucket on cold fusion energy source and sit back and profit.
  8. I find this most curious I'm supposed to take the word of an emotional forum alt for how many bugs he/she/it sees reported everyday for veracity when I reported actual log in numbers. Must be that famous PVP logic, I joke but the point is the same. Sure I know bugs get fixed when the wrong person gets annoyed. It's no secret. It's no secret the kingdoms abuse bugs and then try and get each other banned for using the same bug. I wouldn't count the low level bugs that most of us have a hard time figuring out are bugs in the first place until we see those famous/infamous patch notes. The reward system is a joke in and of itself. It seems to strictly depend on who you know and how you report something I guess? It's never worked for me and I've reported at least 1 game breaking bug. Some of the bugs I've found were worth their own reward for the screenshot though I wouldn't begin to answer for the devs of wurm, some of them (at least one) dabbled in pvp far too long imo anyway to the detriment of the game. Every kingdom can tell you horror stories of it's own about dev involvment or when the emails/ircs got through higher up and things changed drastically. If the game were truly balanced I'd be able to go find a hota statue, moonmetals and the like on freedom while farming my own affinities. I wouldn't need to join the 15% who push the boundaries, and we all saw how that went recently on wild. I do recall Budda offering to spend 6 months playing pvp and being told to shove it by the leading players on pvp. I doubt he's got any warm feelings for them now If that's the case then y'all have a problem indeed because you've had a switch of devs running the pvp and pve spheres.
  9. I find this interesting that you point out PVPers are known to exploit bugs and that you call that a good thing Nappy. It used to be frowned upon in wurm hehe. It's been long known that if you want to know what bugs are floating in wurm, ask a pvper. If the pvp crowd was more helpful in getting the bugs fixed instead of abusing them, then reporting them when the other side starts using them in hopes of getting them a ban I'd have more sympathy for them. Having traveled wurm extensively, I'm unconvinced that pvp is anymore creative then pve in how they play, they simply play to a higher Nth degree, aka more ruthless. What I do know is from history, Rolf spent years trying to entice his pvp server numbers up with affinities, moonmetals and hotas. History has shown that wurm is by and large a pve game. As per the server graphs on the wiki, Total prem players is 3042, Chaos is 238 at time of this typing, Desertion:31,Serentiy:43, Affliction:69, Elevation:103. My calculator says that Pve vs Pvp at the time of this typing is 2558 vs 484. We can talk about how much pvp pays into the game and so on and so forth (Along all the selling from pvp to pve on freedom I see), but I fail to see how a small minority comes on the forums so often and demands their own dev and their own fixes. My calculator says 15% of total toons online atm are pvp, but maths... As near as I can tell, Xanadians have about the same right per pop as all of pvp to come onto the forums and demand their own dev and their own fix list Wurm is no longer in 2010 or 2013 or 2015, and either adapt or perish
  10. +1
  11. console contents from unstable client 4.00-x on 3/11/2017.
  12. So like when do we get our skittle mobs back?
  13. Congrats Bucket, can't wait to see you break 100 clubs.
  14. Sandstone tiles/cliffs/gullies etc would be a lovely addition to the game as well as all the building components that would then be harvestable from them!
  15. +1 again
  16. Those are incredibly rare as to be extinct, pigs, dogs and cows are all better choices to look for
  17. +1
  18. That's probably one of the biggest problems with pvp posters the pvp forums are >>> that way mate. Otherwise we can all post here last I checked. Devs listening to "pvp experts" has gotten the current situation to where it is, none of you experts seem terribly thrilled with that result either, perhaps try some pvp noob ideas. Who knows, you might find a good'un among the bad ideas.
  19. Fair enough, I get that a lot of the goal of pvp is to score loot of some sort or another, my previous post was just repeating a rumor I've oft been told. Without the help of yellow toons and the rise of freedom vaults (not to mention said merchants and alts), any decent level wild combat team should be well secured against a raid and that's the part I don't understand. Everyone I've ever talked to wanted to be fully secured against a raid and wanted to be able to raid the enemy. As a principle this seems counter intuitive to me. I look forward to an open and honest discussion about intended vs unintended usage of mechanics and if any changes will be coming soon
  20. I hear pvp is lots of fun, who needs loot?
  21. So out of curiousity, how do we hitch a pair of unicorns to a cart?
  22. Because names are the primary way we can communicate with our friends in WO, I've never supported name changes or toon sales for that matter. I have enough trouble with names as is and people changing their names only adds to the confusion, I don't feel like I should have to keep a spreadsheet on known thieves and their latest toon or my friends and which alt they are using to message me today.
  23. Thanks for the fight
  24. Yay for dual wide mine doors and actually usable unicorn mounts!