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  1. If tabards and wagons are creatable by all and wearable by all on freedom, big +1 by me.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Armyskin.
  3. +1 Also like to suggest this work in mines/caves
  4. Ironically, bar the draining the token (I'll suggest fencing low upkeep deeds), this could be applied just as well to offdeed walls around a freedom deed with templars. Which would appear then that freedom is turning pvp or that chaos has become some weird freedomesq ruleset? We bash walls all the time here on freedom, we kill guards and templars too, we raid fallen deeds and loot with the best of them. We make such wonderful enemies here! It's frightening to see, using that example, how close freedom is to wild Once you start hog tying pvp, it's hard to know where wild stops and freedom server begins.
  5. No one from team 2 is online. And therefore you can't have combat and therefore no pvp and therefore it's anti wild code of conduct per the last wsa? Admittedly I'm reading into this a little bit, but I'm doing the best I can with 0 info
  6. So in a game that has masses of alts and encourages them and in some sense relies on them for subs, we're now being told don't use alts for spies? Should mains be used instead? I'm starting to get this picture of pvp on chaos, Team 1 pulls up to an enemy deed, "anyone online guys? no? guess we have to go home then or risk a ban, if there's no one to kill we can't loot anything". Hyperbole...kinda...
  7. I'd agree with this, I'd just ask what makes a situation special enough that Enki or who ever changes policy? Is it because someone knows someone who knows someone in high places ? Is it because it's good for the game? Or some other clear cut or nebulous reason? I'd have my doubts about the good for the game reason. Too many sides have been told to suck it up when same kinds of things have happened over the years. I think that's why events like this get such a lovely response, what makes xyz person/kingdom special enough to warrant a rule/policy change? Even if it's just for 1 event.
  8. My concern is that if the GM's are moving the target of what the "rules" are when it comes to dealing with situations, then we as a wurmian community on both sides of the pvp/pve border have little to no idea of what is/isn't allowed anymore. This is a huge can of wurms to open.
  9. I simply mean wurm online is a pay to play game. You pay to play the game. It's not required to have skills that allow you subsidize your premium, nor a market place where you can buy/sell to cover your own costs. That it does so is a bonus. At the end of the day we as players are paying for entertainment value
  10. -1 The game is not required to provide a means to play for free.
  11. I find this funny because it used to be pvpers entering freedom with that purpose. And here I thought gameplay on wild was steal, kill and destroy by any means ingame. Perhaps wild should be renamed peaceful if there's this much commotion about someone achieving a heist. Do I get that stealing from your own kingdom is a crappy move? Sure. What's worse is being able to run across the border to pve land and not be touched. Or being able to dump it all on an alt thats safe even if your main got banned somehow. Perhaps it's time to close that border down and just allow folks to TP back and forth with 0 inventory.
  12. I could dig 20 slopes in protected pavement, could level, could start flattening but it would cancel with [18:46:04] Some corners can't be modified.
  13. Brought back impalong flashbacks and I was warned with dire threats, 10/10 would recommend.
  14. Great work dev team
  15. You people are all insane, I'd love to come chuckle while sitting in on one of your wurm anonymous meetings.