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  1. U used to have good comments in the past which made sense. Nowadays u just joined the anti pvp club. Which are running rampant. I would advice sticking to ur old habits again.
  2. Horsch for the win
  3. Pretty sure this wont be touched untill priest overhaul, we can only pray now that it finally becomes balanced and that player gods become much less effective then original gods
  4. Whaha Valrei is a good feature now, u really have no idea what u talking about man.
  5. Offcourse
  6. I used to cut all trees and make everything desert RIP affliction 1.0
  7. Lol this sounds hilarious, sadly i didnt knew wurm existed back then
  8. Lost the itch due to countless nerfs to my kingdom without reason and no attention to the pvp side of the game. Will get the itch again when religion is getting a overhaul and pvp server population aren't treated like 2nd class citizens/players
  9. Nice dreams
  10. ^^
  11. Not that it matters at all but its not kind to not answer ur questions so here u go. Im a simple carebear who is playing on the epic cluster (HOTS) for some years, i suck at pvp and im not very smart.
  12. Lol Says he wants no drama but copies personal talks Grow up kid
  13. hueh i spam a lot when drunk, i chat with people not with kingdoms
  14. [15:47:29] Your premium time expires this week. @RockySchulty can be at HoK with 4 months of prem left man, enjoy that at least.