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  1. Wouldnt advice getting this for PC Playerbase is pretty low in comparison to PS4 and the amount of cheaters are insane
  2. I milk pigeons, join me lads
  3. I just remember my villager saying KFAQL all the time when someone crossed local. KFAQL meant: Kill First Ask Questions Later Good old Affliction 1.0, best time I had in wurm
  4. Sand made by players
  5. Tree colission MUST come back, it makes wurm very fun. I remember my friends making all islands impossible to travel by planting trees everywhere while i was sanding the mainland with other friends. This was a great time in my gaming life
  6. Back in the days it was buddy.
  7. Anyone who owns a PS4. Add me: Ajacied1987. If u dont own a ps4.. suck it
  8. This should only be a gift from the gods and has to drop from a Valrei scenario, its not even meant to drop from uniques Edit: i guess valrei overhaul gives us new insights in this matter
  9. Back in the days Serenity had the playerbase of Indy, i am not happy with a playerbase of 30ish lol
  10. They are pumping out good updates really quick since Rolf stepped back and Budda "kinda" took over it seems. Epic is still very empty and not popular tho which makes me sad daily
  11. My posts get deleted before i can even delete em myself On a serious note, +1
  12. +1 to everything that revives epic
  13. Never seen that before hueh