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  1. I made a suggestion about this a couple of times about CA help, concerning Epic offcourse. But it seems Epic seems just to be looked at again lol. We will look at it, we will work at it, why in the world does it happen on freedom in no time and epic is always just to be looked at?
  2. I really start to wonder what non friendly alt+tab is now U a naughty boy huh?
  3. PS4
  4. Game has a damn annoying learning curve, but once u get into it, it's pretty good
  5. If u need help, add me in game as friend Ingame name is: The Noob Cya soon ^.^
  6. Game is going good, development is doing well, economy is booming.
  7. U still an alcoholic Suus xD?
  8. Like epic is different then freedom now.... All our unique features transferred over to the freedom cluster years ago, besides a shitty curve and ascending to godhood. I strongly disagree with ur argument here. A bit of help is better then no help at all. Since our cluster is completely dead the last is the case.
  9. New players need all the help they can get and I think freedom is full with helpfull people. If people abuse the CA help channel just ban em for a day or anything that makes em not abuse it.
  10. Would be even better if the CA help channels from epic gets merged with the freedom CA help. Then it even gets moderated (which doesnt happen now coz there is no CA's) which is a win win.
  11. Why does Freedom gets a CA overhaul and epic is still left with the horrible system in place? Without a merged CA help channel we will never ever see new people on epic.
  12. Come join us we have fun
  13. Cheers Joelle, I never check that forum section so my fault This thread can be closed, I got me answer
  14. Well at least it doesnt show the emptyness Epic is nowadays lol I guess thats a good thing