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  3. This isn't about being slightly useful or game breaking, it is about this being an unintended exploited container. Fountain containers, also identified as such, were consequently removed from the game after people payed many silver for them. This satchel should be removed now to be fair to those players and also to protect any future players in case it is removed later.
  4. Yeah, I agree with you....just seems like I should not be able to enchant someone else's stuff either, without having it in inventory first.
  5. I was unable to dispel an item and later found out it was because I was not the owner (i.e. last person to have it in inventory). So I tested and found that I can enchant items for which I am not the owner, but not dispel them. This may not be a bug, per se, but doesn't seem right.
  6. Fountain pans were a similar type legacy item and were removed from the game. Many people lost money from buying them and being removed.
  7. solved
  8. Plz cod rare silver knife to Galatyn. Thanks
  9. My post was an unbiased cost breakdown of the current asking price of 230s plus what it would cost to complete the red scale set if buying scale at market price and then selling the drake jacket to offset the total. I think you are reading something into my post that's not there. I used the word "cost", not "worth".
  10. Not sure if its a bug really, but doesn't seem right.
  11. Good luck with the sale. This is just a bean counting price check. A scale jacket weighs 2.2Kg out of 5.8Kg for the set. To complete the scale set, a person would have to pay 110 silver, if paying the common 50c per 0.01kg, Since the majority of the set is red, it makes sense to craft a red jacket. So a complete red set would cost 340s, if going by current sale price. A drake jacket weighs 0.66 Kg, and the crafting value (using 40c per 0.01Kg) is 26.4 silver. So, if the jacket was sold to recoup some money at crafting value, then this complete red scale set (with some rares) and seryl helm would cost 313.6s.
  12. wtb rare dragon shoulder pad, steel
  13. cod the rare leather adventures hat to Galatyn plz
  14. It's medieval-like time period, so the books are big.
  15. Allow almanacs to be stored in bookshelves.