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  1. He actually told us in Discord that he clicked on the merchant from the corner of the deed or building or somewhere and then walked around or into the deed to within range and then was somehow able to access it. It was not very clear on the method, but he did not simply walk through the front door and access the merchant. He's found some way to exploit the situation to access a merchant that probably would not normally be accessed.
  2. I did say if he carried his actions over to real life that he may have a hard life when he becomes an adult. I say that because he admitted to knowing it was wrong, this time with Tuga and the last with Armyskin (and the time before with Xor or Tor and Niki). He used to brag about finishing people's boats that just need one or two parts and then taking them for his own and admitting it was wrong. When people do things that they know are wrong, it could lead to a hard life. I surely hope it does not for him. I only said that because I don't want that to happen to him.
  3. Icbash invested a lot of time and work in the spreadsheet, much more than just data mining, so I wouldn't downplay his work. There were several of us that invested time and effort in that project. I hope we were able to make predicting food affinities easier for everyone. If it can make your tool better, then that's great. Good luck!
  4. Omg, lol...that's exactly what I did...well played sir. I left Ebonaura because of Zilbar. His nefarious intentions were to actively seek merchants that were exposed to the public in hopes that the owner forgot to increase the price. He did the same thing not too long ago to Armyskin. At that time, someone talked him into returning most of the items and he talked as if he would stop his unethical behavior. It's also a shame that members of Ebonaura defensively condoned his behavior in Discord. I was the only one that verbally argued against it (someone else not on voice comms typed their disapproval). I don't expect him to stop when his support group justifies his actions.
  5. Plz cod any color any size to Galatyn.
  6. I think a misunderstanding about the original intention of the post is developing. I just wanted to warn Freedom Vyn, Mag, or Fo priests that once they go BL they can never go back. It's not about while having dual faith, it's about the repercussion of leaving BL. Convert from BL and lose Freedom PVE priesthood.
  7. Yes, that was the issue. Thanks!
  8. resolved - not a bug
  9. This happened to me one time in a rowboat. What I noticed was unusual that seemed to trigger it was that when I crossed the server, I was immediately kicked off the boat. After I re-embarked, I was able to travel at the increased speed.
  10. It's clear to me now. Vyn, Mag, and Fo priests that convert to BL on Chaos should immediately lose their priesthood for all servers. Chaos Freedom kingdom and the Freedom servers are inextricably linked. No player should be BL on Chaos and then able to follow a WL diety on another Freedom server. That's where the game is broken and needs to be fixed. While on a Freedom server, an applicable player has HoTS blood when examined. This should used for checking to disallow that player from following any of the original WL gods.
  11. Yes, the conversion to WL is player choice. I think it's easy to be short-sighted when your account is less than 5 months old. Imagine these players can never every change to a WL kingdom in a dynamically changing game. Are you familiar with kingdom history? Even in the short 2 1/2 years I've been aware of Chaos, there has been the rise and decline of JK, the rise and fall of MR (as a kingdom on Chaos), the fall of Black Legion, the rise and fall of Macedon, the fall of Gratsalot, and there are probably others. So, if something happens to cause a player to become auto-converted to HOTs, then they are punished for the rest of their playing life to never play with friends in a WL kingdom, unless they sacrifice their PVE priesthood. I don't know if you have ever skilled a priest's faith from 0 to 100, but it takes considerable time and effort. You are correct, though, it is about player choice. It's just a shame that when a player contemplates choosing a BL or WL kingdom, that this choice has such a significant long-term impact.
  12. Thanks Retrograde. I'm not expecting any change in outcome, but my support ticket was #142095. Maybe that will help you find some helpful info.
  13. A player who is a Vyn priest on PVE cannot cast Vyn spells while as BL on Chaos. A PVE Fo player is not ignored by normal aggressive animals while as BL on Chaos. A BL conversion to WL does not carry over BL perks. I don't know what perks you are saying are being kept upon conversion. This isn't about "back in the day". This is about today's mechanics and today's players, and my intent is solely to warn PVE Freedom players that follow Vyn, Mag, or Fo, not to join a BL kingdom, which is a shame because they are great fun with great people, unless they are willing to lose all of their faith if they ever convert to WL and go back to PVE Freedom. I'm guilty of trying to recruit these types of players to a BL kingdom on Chaos to increase population and promote pvp. Now that I understand the serious repercussion of this mechanic, it's something I plan to communicate up front. Also consider this...a Vyn priest on PVE Freedom joins Crusaders on Chaos. After some period of time, they decide to convert back to Freedom kingdom and return to PVE Freedom. That person will not have lost all their faith nor priesthood.
  14. The same diety, Fo, that I was on Freedom before going to Chaos. I still show 82 faith, can pray at a Fo altar, and certain aggressive mobs, like HH, are not aggressive (blue outline). However, the spell option in the menu no longer appears.
  15. Yes, you can be a follower on Freedom. This issue pertains to being a priest on Freedom, specifically Vyn, Fo, or Mag. What it boils down to is that if you are one of the aforementioned priests and join a BL kingdom on Chaos, you are forever bound to BL unless you give up being a priest on Freedom and lose all faith 30+.