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  1. rare steel breast plate for 5s?
  2. When I forget a password to a website, I'm able to recover it by receiving a temp or new password via email. When someone wants to change an avatar's email, something similar needs to happen for the current owner to authorize the change. The current owner needs to provide the temp or new password to the new owner. It seems like a simple extra layer of security that is common to just about every website. Maybe there is open source software that could be used to easily incorporate into Wurm?
  3. How about creating a bunk bed? That would allow for two people to sleep on one tile.
  4. When I forget a password to a website, I'm able to recover it by receiving a temp or new password via email. When someone wants to change an avatar's email, something similar needs to happen for the current owner to authorize the change. The current owner needs to provide the temp or new password to the new owner. I'm posting this in Suggestions.
  5. Yes, it should have been the same.
  6. Plz test by making a breakfast (pottery bowl in same oven) of diced canine (61), chopped cucumber (60), chopped carrot (84) and chopped corn (87) and see if you receive butcher knife. 61+(60-27)+(84-27)+(87-27)=211=73=butcher knife If you don't receive butcher knife, then you may be bugged and this system won't work for that avatar. Try it on an alt and see if same results. The values will be different.
  7. Yes, that's exactly it. I've found it's best to start in the middle of meat so that when adding different vegetables and such, if you find yourself just a few numbers off, you can adjust meat to match. Same concept with veges, as well.
  8. A few things do have the same value, but for the most part are different. Try a different vegetable. If still unsure, post you affinities for a diced meat in pottery bowl (breakfast) and the same diced meat and a chopped vegetable in a pottery bowl (breakfast), along with the type of meat and vegetable.
  9. This only works for avatars that are not considered "bugged". The following thread provides more information on bugged avatars. I've noticed my process only gives around 30 min to 1 hr of affinity time. So if you want a longer timer, high ql meals and have some extra coin, it might be worth investing in meals in the above thread. I don't know that person or group, but sounds like a good service. (Or, you could try changing the process up to increase difficulty, which will increase the timer. More info below). For this easy process, use chopped vegetables, chopped herbs, non-fresh spices and diced meat. Chopping and dicing will provide a little more complexity, thereby increasing the affinity timer. Cook the food items in a pottery bowl and in an oven, which will make a breakfast. I suggest not to use rarity in anything. Use only 1 meat. Multiple vegetables, herbs, and spices can be used, but only one of each different kind. Now on to the process. 1. Dice and place one type of meat into a pottery bowl and cook it in an oven. 2. Taste and record the affinity 3. Match the affinity with it's number located in the below spoiler tags. 4. Repeat with other types of meat. 5. Create a list of meats with and in the order of affinity number. For example you might have something like: a. insect x b. lamb x+1 c. pork x+2 etc. 6. Repeat steps 1-4 with chopped vegetables, one at a time. 7. Add the results to the created list. 8. Repeat steps 1-4 with herbs, one at a time. 9. Add the results to the created list. 10. Repeat steps 1-4 with spices, one at a time. 11. Add the results to the created list. 12. Now you will determine your vegetable, herb, and spice offsets. These are constant numbers that will be added each time a vegetable, herb, and spice are added. Note, that meat has no offset. 13. Choose one diced meat breakfast and one chopped vegetable breakfast from the above testing. 14. Add the single affinity numbers from each breakfast together. This is the guess. 15. Cook the combined chosen diced meat and chopped vegetable in a pottery bowl. 16. Taste and record the affinity and it's number. This number is the actual. 17. Subtract the guess from the actual. This value is the vegetable offset and will be added each time a vegetable is added. 18. Repeat steps 11 - 15 for herbs and spices. This will be the offset and most likely will be different from other offsets. 19. Now on to make the target affinity breakfast. 20. Inputing and manipulating the numbers in Google Sheets or Excel will make the process much easier. You will need to be able to select different vegetables, herbs, spices and/or meat in order to adjust the running total to be the desired target number for the affinity you want. 21. The number may grow very large. Since there are only 138 (0-137) affinities, Modular arithmetic will be used to calculate the actual affinity number. 22. You can read more about Modular Arithmetic at: The gist of it is that once a number exceeds 137, it wraps back around to 0. 23. There are two easy ways to determine the final actual affinity number. 1. use the formula =mod(total,138) in a cell in Google Sheets or Excel, or 2. use two columns and in the first column input the numbers 0-137 downward, one number per cell. At the end, start over with 0 to 137. Repeat this as many times as you like. In the second column, start at 0 and fill in the cells with the next number, but do not stop and start over. Just keep filling in the next number as many times as feel necessary. With this method, the total number in the second column lines up with the actual affinity number in the first column. 24. Choose the items for the meal so that the total (or more correctly the modular arithmetic result) matches the desired target. 25. The more vegetables and herbs that are chosen, the longer the affinity timer and heavier the breakfast. 26. Here is an example. Suppose I dice one bear meat, cook it in a pottery bowl in a non-rare oven and the resulting affinity number is 10. Then, I chop one corn and cook it in a pottery bowl and the resulting affinity number is 15. My guess is that if I cooked both together, then the resulting affinity would be 25, however the actual is 30. The difference between the two is 5 (30-25) and is my vegetable offset. This number most likely will be different between avatars. I do the same thing with bear and ginger and determine the spice offset is 2. I personally use a spreadsheet to make choosing the different numbers easier and determine that I need diced bear meat (10), chopped corn (15), chopped potato (16) and ginger (17) in order to make a Halberd affinity breakfast, #70. This is because 10 + 15 + 5 + 16 + 5 + 17 + 2 = 70. Remember, if the total exceeds 137, then step 21 will determine the actual affinity number. I hope this process enables you to find your desired affinities. This really just scratches the surface with what can be done. Have fun experimenting with changes, like using a frying pan, forge, salt, nuts, etc., things that may increase the difficulty, thereby increasing the affinity timer. There may be some combinations that break this model. I would just avoid those for now if cannot be adjusted. I'm sure a better system will be released to the public over time. Don't forget to wrap it and store in a larder to reduce decay and help extend the life. Also, only one bite is needed, so eat and immediately press escape. This will help it to last longer. It may seem like a lot of work initially to create the list. But once started, you can use it with other non-bugged alts to calculate their affinity foods. Notice how all of the items are the same offset between avatars. The breakfast should be that same offset, as well. Special thanks to Stanlee and Icbash for information and testing contributions. Without their help this would not have been possible.
  10. Can the graphic be changed to hold the beer stein by the handle, instead of inside bottom?
  11. WTB Red Dragon Scale Sleeves - 22s ea.
  12. This is the best pvp server I have every played. Many of the actions are instant, causing you to reach the end goal faster, which allows you to participate in pvp sooner. It has a great map layout with plenty of resources to build that perfect defensible deed. The population is steadily growing, so come on over now, solo or bring a group, and join in on the fun. This server is definitely what's happening now atm.
  13. Any tomes?