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  1. Yeah if people have already suggested it , might as well get some more traction on the matter, get this implemented people! Raise your pick and raise your voices! Swing swing swing with me!
  2. Yeah the idea of scaffolding would be to be Deployable and Pack-able. Maybe load it into a wagon, then once deployed it can function like staircases in a house, leading you to higher levels.
  3. So the idea is simple, add wooden scaffolding we can construct, deploy, take and redeploy to terraform high cave ceilings. Since adding building possibilites in mines, high ceilings are necessary for building multi story buildings and we can only flatten and mine so high. Can't reach the ceiling. So this is where scaffolding comes in, make it maybe a fine carpentry item that can be taken, moved, pushed and re-deployed around the mine so you can climb up and level the ceilings. For the sake of non exploits, should be a mine only option so people wouldn't use it for some unsavory pvp tactics. What say you?
  4. I am not a monster evil retro ! I swear the bunnies all gathered at my deed to eat carrots then they suddenly collapsed 5 minutes later.
  5. The little bunnies worked hard, but now they must rest. I gave them a happy farewell, candles and flowers included.
  6. Seems Dairy food making and Polearms don't work in the sheet , for me it says "dairy food maiking" and "Poleares".
  7. I can confirm this bug, Wooden right staircases have no collision for me, i can go up wooden left staircases just fine.
  8. So i'm pretty sure by now this is a pretty common occurrence and that is "garbage" or just carpentry littering. Maybe it's a villager who quit on you and you suddenly have 5 carts, a lot of chairs, tables, shelves at your disposal just doing nothing but occupying space. Maybe you found some ruins with a lot of furniture, shelves, bsb's , etc. Maybe your whole village quit or disbanded and the place is a mess of ruins or the place you want to deed is so littered with carpentry garbage that you just can't burn it all in forge (or it seems a waste to do so). So what i'm proposing is simple. If you are on deed and own an item, either a cart or wagon, or you are the creator of a bookshelf, chair, etc, you can disassemble it in some base parts like planks and shafts based on your carpentry skill. Maybe you could get 30% back at 90 carpentry let's say, with varying degrees of quality. Makes for fun scavenging trips for those finding old ruins no one has lived in months, or just spring cleaning your deed once in a while and you can get some extra mats while doing so. Maybe even do it for boats as well as long as you own them and Are the original owner of them. What say you wurmians?
  9. So we got an interesting albeit minor bug relating to stills when crossing servers. Bug occurred as follows. Got two 84 ql copper stills with Rune of Fo (reduces fuel usage), loaded them up in a knarr and sailed cross server from Desertion to Elevation server. When stills were planted on a deed, liquids couldn't be moved inside the boiler, any liquid. They still had the runes on them. A possible fix for this bug that I found was to simply replace the rune of Fo with another rune, (such a a mag copper rune), then add the Rune of Fo (fuel usage) again to it. Stills were working fine once more. Might help the crazy distillers amongst you. Cheers.
  10. Try living on a server which once had 40 regular players, now down to just 5 people before saying that. Epic is.....dying.
  11. Yeah Etherdrifer has a point unfortunately. I am sorry to see your FO priests have been nerfed so bad and devalued over the years, i can sympathize with that. I don't want to screw over a breeder's market or anything. I guess it might just be for Epic then? There is no market here for genesis -ing horses, but with the ridiculously low epic player population (around 30-40 players per month? or so ) we could benefit from that. Not many priests left here that play. So might at least add it for Epic please?
  12. Thanks for the support corn :D, ill tell that to your 3 legged horse
  13. I don't think FO priests will necessarily be devalued over this , the idea was to help people who don't have access to fo priests, or simply don't have money to pay for them. Gives breeders a chance to get better horses rather than killing the negative traited ones.
  14. Free information for runemakers . https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ApYmRXivxO5vTX15fDsRdCWnR9iYunkAXw_QxH04ssE/edit#gid=1781683185 Crystal metal runes = uses jewelry smithing skill Stone metal runes = uses stonecutting Wood metal runes = uses fine carpentry. Applying runes = uses soul depth to determine success rate. Have fun and enjoy.
  15. So , simple idea, would help a lot of people on Freedom and epic who don't have access to sme,fo or nahjo priests. Add a rune or replace a useless rune we have now with a rune that can cast "gensis" on horses that removes a negative trait. It would massively help horse breeders and farmers in game, without having to track down a priest that casts genesis for them. Not everyone has access to them and rift materials are becoming abundant these days. What say you devs? Good suggestion ?