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  1. I'm not saying it should be close or deleted, or chaos either. I'm just preparing myself mentally for it
  2. Chaos People wont leave Chaos. Epic people wont leave Epic. Best compromise would be to make a brand new PvP server where both servers can join, new slate so to speak. Maybe with Ausimus as a dev he can give new pointers how to make a cool map for pvp.
  3. Darklords, interesting post, a lot of what you say kinda has ramifications in the philosophy of game design. MMO's have vastly different philosophies than single players and WURM has seen a lot of development over the years. Its greatest asset : potential. Its greatest flaw : not taking advantage of all of it. But how? Aye there's the rub. So let me say a few things about your ideas. 1. Gm protected bridges, not sure such a good idea on a pvp server. The whole idea is that pvpers use the terrain to their advantage, and yes there is also the potential for griefing bridges. What if someone wants to set a trap up at a bridge (which historically happened quite a few times) and wants to build some quick fences to trap in enemies or slow their advance? It's a blade that can cut both ways. 2. Body strength- currently i don't think Body str has such a big advantage on a Epic server since we get like what: twice as little damage dealt against creatures and players versus what freedom gets? And it's like a 2.5 % difference in dmg of a 50 bstr fighter vs a 70 body str fighter (my math may not be 100% correct). So we're in the philosophy of somehow debating of whether new players should get a huge skill boost to catch up to older players. But what about the older players that spent years playing and earning high stats. I would agree to a skill boost to new players as long as the old players who have high stats get some other reward to make up for it . (maybe free skill points to distribute in nature skills, i dunno). 3. Meditation - I saw gary and zeke's posts on the subject, all good ideas, devs need to look at them and make it happen one day. 4. Champs - I'm not sure what to say. 5. King - not sure either. 6. Valrei - think the best thing would be to realistically build a new system from scratch rather than fix a broken one. Comes a time when you just can't put anymore nails in rotten wood, better to build a new chair. Maybe other rewards than just Permanent boost items or silly wands. How about something like a bag of Skillgain bottles - + 100% skillgain for 1 hour for people. Could easily make it in tiers Player with highest scenario pts - Gets big prize. 2nd prize maybe a rare bone. 3rd prize, bag of skillgain, etc. You get the idea. 7.As for transferring characters between freedom and epic, I do not honestly know what to say about this, but I feel like i would have wasted a lot of my times grinding my skills on Epic if they were nerfed to freedom. What would be the math behind it? How would you factor all the variables? Did I grind for 1 week with Sleep bonus on or off? Did I use CoC tools? Did I grind on higher or lower difficulty items? I heard someone telling me that after 70 skill on epic and freedom skillgain is roughly the same due to the Epic curve (treating 70 skill as effective 90, thus giving you little skillgain after 90). Does my 90 weapon smithing become 45 on freedom? Does it become 60? I'm not a math wiz , I am sure it's possible to make an equation to transform epic skills into freedom ones, but it has to be done damn right unless you want to screw over a lot of people. So, in a nutshell, Valrei - reworked, Meditation - definitely reworked. King - people with more experience and lore should decide. Transfering chars between epic - freedom - it's a math doozy, good luck with that. If one day they decide to delete epic or close it sure, i might play on freedom.
  4. Confirmed on Epic, allies and villagers can't mine veins either. I cannot mine_forward an iron vein, but i can mine up/down.
  5. Happened on Desertion server, Epic cluster.
  6. Nah, as mayor i'm not worried about my templar killing me, it's just that it's stupid that on my own deed i can get hunted for bashing a houseI own. My in village rep was untouched. But I got hunted and the village rep jumped by 10 pts from this crap.
  7. So this has happened in the past, but today it happened three times to a friend. I was commanding a cart drawn by hell horses. In the cart a friend sat as passenger and during our trip, each time an animal aggroed her, she would get hunted (randomly) , village rep raised by 10 points every time. Got 30 points village rep today from this bug. What gives? Each time a passenger embarks on a cart pulled by hell horses and we aggro a mob, the passenger gets hunted and raises village rep. Doesn't happen 100% of the time but maybe 1/3 mobs that passenger aggroes turns out in hunted status.
  8. So i was using a ram to replace one of my villagers stone doors for future slate doors. As i was ramming one of his portcullises i got hunted on my own deed (as mayor). I owned the house so this shouldn't happen. Possible ram bug here? Village rep raised by 10 and got hunted for 30 mins.
  9. I'd propose (if possible to code it) for each player to set his own defaults for crafting window creation items. But if it's not feasible then yeah, i could live with the initial suggestion, planks and stuff.
  10. Yeah if people have already suggested it , might as well get some more traction on the matter, get this implemented people! Raise your pick and raise your voices! Swing swing swing with me!
  11. Yeah the idea of scaffolding would be to be Deployable and Pack-able. Maybe load it into a wagon, then once deployed it can function like staircases in a house, leading you to higher levels.
  12. So the idea is simple, add wooden scaffolding we can construct, deploy, take and redeploy to terraform high cave ceilings. Since adding building possibilites in mines, high ceilings are necessary for building multi story buildings and we can only flatten and mine so high. Can't reach the ceiling. So this is where scaffolding comes in, make it maybe a fine carpentry item that can be taken, moved, pushed and re-deployed around the mine so you can climb up and level the ceilings. For the sake of non exploits, should be a mine only option so people wouldn't use it for some unsavory pvp tactics. What say you?
  13. I am not a monster evil retro ! I swear the bunnies all gathered at my deed to eat carrots then they suddenly collapsed 5 minutes later.
  14. The little bunnies worked hard, but now they must rest. I gave them a happy farewell, candles and flowers included.
  15. Seems Dairy food making and Polearms don't work in the sheet , for me it says "dairy food maiking" and "Poleares".