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  1. From what I understand, it has been in the works ever since the server was created, ongoing unending work of optimization. So I wouldnt expect a definitive fix for it, ever.
  2. You are really looking down on your non-existant competitor, if you think he is so far from developing 5-speed technology.
  3. -1 it has been suggested before, and it has always been met with overwhelming resistance. Instead of asking for such a mechanical restrictions, why dont you just sell either male or female horses, if you dont want the "competition" breeding your horses ? There, problem solved, Ill send you the bill.
  4. Ill be the first to say it unironically. (looking at Yldrania right now) Wurmians LOVE to talk about whats wrong with Wurm, there are heated debates over what should be priority, or what specific part of a wrong is worst. But you need to a bit more engaging about it if you want to draw some attention, your OP has absolutely no meat. For example, tell us what problems did you have in mind, or some background on yourself and why did you choose... I was going to say radio, but you dont even specify that. I think that made my point for me.
  5. Finn, just imagine if any action you made that isnt specifically shipbuilding, decreases a random ammount of your shipbuilding skill. You most of all should understand that a viable main character should be able to do some basic chores for itself, since not everyone can get along with a community to babysit them. And please stop comparing enchanted weapons and other superfluous bonuses to BASIC SURVIVAL, it is tired, everyone has already explained you why they dont equate, please drop it.
  6. Its no diferent than keeping any other animal that doesnt graze, so dropping food for the animal would be the most natural thing. That would be incredibly useful, not just underground but above ground too, and I think it has been asked several times. A feeding through that keeps all animals in a certain area fed, it would also save us the trouble of making a ton of 1x1 or 1x2 cages to put animals in.
  7. Nobody asked for all restrictions to be lifted and to allow priests to do everything that other players do. And about everyone being a priest, look at it the other way, there are very few players that main priests, and most who do or have in the past will agree that its not viable to solo it. While Ether made the thread to fix priests by giving them more spells, I think that the fix for priests lies within the mechanics of what they can do. If you read the thread, you will see all the options people brought forth, and none of those were "lift the restrictions".
  8. Okay, this is actually great news. Are there any plans or considerations on doing more hard-coding and less random generating on player gods, and/or blancing player gods with the four original deities ? Also @Keenan, have there been any talks about priests QoL, or making priests capable of being solo mains at all, or is the idea of priests being dependant on other players for survival a core concept with no chance of reviewing ?
  9. All players, even priests?
  10. Thats not it, what angelklaine is trying to say is, that you dont know what you are talking about and should stfu untill you do. Or maybe Im reading too much into it.
  11. The player god system should have stayed in epic. Its a f*uck up, theres no other way around it. And adding spells is not going to fix it. Despite what Finn says, wich is "-1 to priests", I still think that if spells are to be added, they should be made to assist priest in their daily lives. Granting them self suficiency. Maybe on the drawingboard it looked like a nice idea, that the priest had to live within a community, but like most of those ideas, it was just horrible, and its about time its looked at again ,after so many years of Wurm, there is enough data on priests to make informed desicions.
  12. -1 to more redundant mobs +1 to better mob AI
  13. -1 its a slashing weapon.
  14. Thats not something I could decide, and probably nothing players could decide, since Devs would do what they think its right and thats it. If its up to me, sure, lower the skills to a freedom equivalent, to compensate for fast skill gain, and transfer your characters. Heck, shut down Xanadu while we are at it, I think Wurm needs some lands downsize.
  15. That is the blandest answer I have seen all month, and I have been watching a lot of political interviews. It sounds as if you are dodging the issue, but it does nothing for the players. Maybe if you would comment on any of the KNOWN issues, with something more specific than "optimization". Like, is it because of the mobs AI ? Is it because of checking that ammount of tiles, or some other less obvious issue that arises from scaling up the server in the current engine. Throw us a bone Retro, anything.
  16. -1 As late as it is, devs should cut their loses and shut down epic, then focus on chaos and freedom.
  17. +1, banks everywhere!
  18. Three years in terms of game development is long term already. Maybe having ONE person look at it during lunch on weekends may not be enough, considering the problem was there on launch, and profusely documented since then. If they gave up and "it is what it is", it would also be good to know, instead of some vague answer. So people know what to expect and plan acordingly, instead of waiting for a fix that will never come.
  19. Yes, and its nothing new, its in line with every other working mechanic on deeds, witht he sole exception of the untouchable ships. So there is no added danger to the "legacy" of one person or alliance. Im just trying to defuse the fear mongering over such an innocent and inocuous suggestion as, being able to RENAME a bridge that is on your own, payed for property, just like you would be able to do with any other structure you own.
  20. +1 to a client side solution that would not interfere with the huge 100vs100 archers wars that are constantly cropping up in the thiriving PvP servers/clusters.
  21. You are missing the point completely, when you press F2 and you are a priests, thats the list of all the things you CANT do, down to basic survival. When it comes to catering the basic needs, a priest is below a free account, and it shouldnt. Imagine if suddenly, Shipbuilders couldnt do any type of farming/cooking/forestry action, because "they are supposed to be part of a community, if you want to build ships, you have to be in a village". Rebalancing is good and all, but it does not adress any of the issues, and to be honest, I have no hope that the devs will make a rebalancing that is both sound, and not f*cking over PvE priests.
  22. That makes absolutely no sense. GMs already have to worry about ofensive names on structures and Im sure they dont wander around wurm checking for names, but rather, playes report offensive names for GMs to look at. Bridges would make no difference.
  23. Hmmm... spells to simulate crafting/harvesting actions would be nice. It wouldnt compete with regular crafters/harvesters because of the favour pool limit, and would allow priests to do all types of actions, at a cost of favour per action. So they could chop down one tree to get fuel, in order to cook, but woulnt be able to clear cut an area, might be able to grow some vegetables for sustenance, but not enough to replace a farmer, etc. So you could at least satisfy all the basic needs. The skill used for the action could be tied to faith or channeling, and capped at something reasonable like 50, to keep priets out of the competitive pool of crafters. They would still need crafters and harvesters for quality items, big houses, to fill stores of food, etc. But at least a main, solo priest, wouldnt be absolutely helpless.
  24. No one is asking for demolishing, just moving outside of deed, and if your PC catches fire, Im very sorry for you, but not my problem, get your sh-it out of my property. If it was a supreme boat with clippings of rolfs hair in it, its the same, take care of YOUR property, no one should be forced to babysit your sh-it for you. And no one is being vengeful, but when you PAY MONEY to have your deed, you expect a certain ammount of control over it, particularly in PvE where you dont have other means of control. If you are being an annoyance to the person who is paying for that land, the owner of that land should be able to move your items outside of his property. Its simple and pretty logical. TL:DR: get off my lawn!