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  1. Under the armour and coifs/helms, all that will change is shoulder/hip ratio and boobs, maybe beards. I take more visual cues from garments than from gender identifying traits in Wurm.
  2. +1 But lets please stay clear from the typical, tacky, lion statue. And explore other possibilities, like: Its truth that renaissance aesthetics resonates more with the common, modern people, but their motifs are so over used. And in the other hand, sculptures from earlier periods, while not as referntial, have a lot cool aesthetic points to them, and are not as watered down as lions resting in front of a gate/door.
  3. I want to have faith, but that "How do you get it in WO?" line gave me chills. I just hope its not the worst possible system available, for a change.
  4. Huge -1, this is amongst the worst suggestions Ive seen in a while. And I already have ridiculous ammounts of horses for breeding, so it wouldnt affect me particularly.
  5. Im not surprised or horrified, while there is a lot of cool people in Wurm, it cant be denied that there is a considerable chunk that is rotten to the core. And while I may be an ###### on the forums, I never stole items or accounts from friends or former players. The guys defending the indefensible, and creating excuses for the slimy players, and accusing the victims of being "easy targets", to ME, are as rotten as the shamed ones on the OP list, and I encourage people to remember those names too, because if they are on the same lenghtwave, its just a matter of providing them with an oportunity to show their true colours (like the poster said a few posts above).
  6. It should be "crafted", because if you leave it to randomness it will just end in an exponential increase in farms size. Maybe like, Xth generation with a certain trait can end as a "blue ribbon", or the "Blue Ribbon" can be a temporary status that decays when the animal is not groomed? Just throwing out ideas.
  7. I dont think it really qualifies, since your main gripe is that you lost a friend, and there is a gray area concerning shared items and resources. that could be viewed as part of the community. On a side note, and not trying to bash you, just prompting some introspection: your attitude in the logs seems rather egocentric and needy, and if this was just a friendship and not a romantic relationship, I personally wouldnt have endured as much bullcrap as the other person did. You have to give people room to breathe.
  8. No, as a matter of fact I think I made a clear distinction between things that can and cant be obtained via ingame means, versus things that can only be aquired through an off-game shop.
  9. This is the time when a moderator should, instead of locking the thread, weed out the shills, so the thread can serve its intended purpose.
  10. Farwalkers, I dont know how they got into the game, I was under the impression that you could not get them anymore. Because Wurms currency has a RL money equivalent, its difficult to draw the line, a 50 guard deed... Ill consider it P2W, even if you could get funds for it ingame, that money is still RL money that has been poured into the game at some point. Having the infrastructure to aquire endgame equipment and such, is not Pay to Win, even if you buy your character already skilled, and you buy all its gear from other players, its still NOT pay to win, because you could aquire all that on your own without paying for anything other than (incredibly steep) premium. It would be incredibly slower, but nothing is preventing you from doing it yourself. And being able to do it yourself is what makes the difference, if you or anyone can craft it, train it, build it, its NOT pay to win. If it can only be aquired from the shop and it gives a clear advantage, its pay to win.
  11. Niru and Maurizio are on diferent scales of magnitude, but they both have a place in name and shame threads.
  12. poll

    I understand that the 3rd person view issue is probable the smallest factor when it comes to player retention, but theres no need to force the game to be as unplayable as possible just to prove the endurance of newcomers against the game. In fact, all ideas that dont affect the core of the game, that helps make the game a bit more aproachable, a bit user friendlier, should be considered.
  13. You dont know what pay to win means. What you are actually trying to say, is that the price of the game subscription to have full capabilities is rather steep, wich I agree. But you are misusing the term. Edit: P2W, would be, for example, buying a weapon or armour that gives you an observable advantage, and that can only be purchased at the game shop and has no means to be obtained playing the game (loot being an exception).
  14. poll

    I think its safe to dismiss all the people voting -no, since hey claim they would vote yes if it was an option, or restricted in PvP. So, all thats left is to hear from the devs to give an ETA.
  15. +1 to Ducks and Jackalopes