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  1. There's a bug with the material requirement for the wide staircase without banisters. It shows the material requirement for the standalone staircase but it should be 30 planks and 2 large nails.
  2. Same with sandstone windows.
  3. The same number of bricks yes, and yesterday I didn't have my endless clay crate yet. I am just wondering if it's bugged or refunding all the clay. I'll probably just wiithdraw the clay to see if there's a limit to it, which should be about 1500 pieces if my theory is right. EDIT: Nvm, seems it was a graphical issue. After relogging the crate is fine again.
  4. Hey Retrograde, can you confirm that this is actually the case now? I made a lot of clay bricks before the update and now one of the large crates that was holding the bricks/materials is giving me huge amounts of clay. I don't know if this is a bug or just the game refunding all the extra clay for the bricks I made previously.
  5. Are sandstone veins supposed to be rare? I checked my hundreds of tiles big mine and from what I can see, not a single sandstone spawned. Other than that, great update! Lovin the clay brick roads.
  6. Ended.
  7. rift is right at the part where N20, N21, O20 and O21 connect on the ingame map. Will open in about 4 hours, 20 min from this post.
  8. hatchet, iron 4ql COC78 - 60c Please COD to Vengus.
  9. You must have misunderstood. When the newspost talked about marble planters, they meant a bag of marbles!
  10. Happy smashy indeed. Taking fences down in one go. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I would like to buy a plain 80 ql Large Maul for 50c for some demolition work. Please cod to Vengus.
  12. Hello, I would like to buy an exquisite meditation rug for 70c. I assume it's the 70 ql one? Cod: Vengus.
  13. Thanks, and I assume the additional CoC on one of the shoes doesn't do anything right?
  14. Do you still have these horse shoes? Set of 4 at 80-89 woa = 4 s If so, I'd like to buy a set. Cod: Vengus.
  15. Hello, I would like to buy Grooming brush, oakenwood 4.00 QL 76 CoC 50c. Could you please cod it to Vengus?