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  1. Well that wasnt hard was it? Maybe a learning lession for the devs? Ask for help sometimes about specific bugs?
  2. You didn't hear the birth of feminism by any chance?
  3. .
  4. I like the idea in priciple, however all we're talking here is a battle of who has the most masonry skill (in which case who has the most money to buy an account). I certainly think trying to fix the system so it updates more reliability and accurately would be a massive step in the right direction. I think also a indicator when getting an error message planting a deed or tower (have it base off the locate soul direction and length). This would help greatly with QoL. Another one im sure is related in terms of capturing towers, can we please have a summon tower guard option much like there is on tokens? Sometimes the guards bug out (they don't chase in someone else's influence) or they get stuck in mines etc. I certainly think there is room for improvement, so lease, guys, don't shoot him down to trying to help.
  5. As much as I am enemies with the kingdom this happened to, I am very sorry this has happened. Ivr been on ththe receiving end of behaviour like this more than most and all I can say is that it is a horrible experience. Well done on catching him.
  6. Foot steps kind of annoyed me. They were way to loud and really drew your attention away from the other ambient noises.
  7. This game has been declining in population since Rolf pulled out of the game. I think it would be detrimental for another server to be released.
  8. Hypothetically speaking, would a NASA super computer suffice?
  9. Did you just assume our gender?
  10. Is this a hypothetical change?
  11. Probably working on his tan.
  12. Be careful Drake helms don't become the new PvP requirement.
  13. Can we make all war machines lockable and have permissions?
  14. -1 I like how it is now.
  15. Only thing I can say about hitting the top of a slope is that the difficulty is very high. I'll do some more testing but my only comments would be to slightly lower the difficulty. Other than that, hitting a dirt wall with this new system is actually quite easy.
  16. What would be the point in hota statues then other than meal warmers?
  17. Great stuff budda, I'll be testing when I get on later!
  18. Can we also please have it so catapults hit all sides of the tile it hits?
  19. Can we please remove skill check on missing with the ram? It makes no sense personally. Maybe have skill factor damage? At the very least please decrease the difficulty because rams honestly feel completely useless at the moment. Catapults in many occations do not hit walls. You see the animation, but no damage. An example of this is a unsupported walls having the shots absorbed by unfinished plans, and for very high height difference (only seen in cases shooting below yourself). Also can we please have a fail message like before? Sometimes its hard to know if the fail shots are the true shots. Can we also please make it so catapult shots do not damage ore? Its kind of annoying because it means you cannot recycle ammo a lot of the time.
  20. The difficulty of the new catapulting system seems to be way too high versus what it was prior to the change. Concerns are that repairing will be very easy, as the calculations and hit-and-miss methods will need to be re-done for each and every location. Previously, the winch would be roughly the same +- 1, meaning the transition from location to location was simple. Not only that, but I have concerns that different people operating catapults will have completely different winches due to skill and the actual catapult ql. Can I suggest an "analyse" or "test" feature on the catapult/treb? One simply loads the ammo, and winches the preferred amount and hits "analyse". A timer (dependant on catapulting skill and ql and even difficulty of shot) will count down and when it finishes could say "You analyse the shot, and come to the conclusion you will hit x at a distance of y tiles". This will certainly cut down on the hit and miss phase of catapulting without the need to reload and rewinch, and will definitely add QOL to catapulting. Thoughts?
  21. Or perhaps it should be deleted as it is unfair someone's personal opinion is being used to name and shame people in a thread who some may think is official.
  22. Maurizio did nothing wrong. He was given an account to do with as he willed. Just because you think what he did wasnt right, doesnt mean he should be on this thread. I agree he shouldnt have sold the account, but that doesnt mean I think he should be "named and shamed". Very unfair.
  23. I think it's unfair how you've made your own opinion on Maurizio. There were two sides to the story, and you've only stated one. I fear this may tarnish his reputation unfairly.