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  1. You literally posted the thread quoted in the title of this thread, and also mentioned in this thread o.O Regardless, I spoke to Enki today and he assured me it should be happening soon.
  2. Grey fox makes an interesting point. Hmm 🤔
  3. Pheasants never have been conditioned as far as I can remember
  4. And a simple reply to his PM saying "please email me with examples of your work etc" is beyond buddas remit?
  5. And what information do you have to back this statement? PvP deeds cost far more monthly than PvE deeds, that alone shortens the gap. Not to mention more alts are required for PvP players. Whilst I agree the PvP population is far less than the PvE population, the average spending on prem/chars is far greater for PvP players which evens the scales.
  6. Current strategy by the devs is not to do anything by the looks of things. Sadly this tactic is detrimental to the PvP community. In most other games new patches come out, which are used to boost population levels in the hopes of retaining players. We've outlined time and time again what Wurm could do to do this, however it falls upon deaf ears. The question is, when do the devs think the PvP community will give up on this game?
  7. Used to be hom at one point (201x201) Kyara crazy tho
  8. Think of the economy -1 mad troll
  9. Will said video contain rap?
  10. Current market? 1000e
  11. IIRC JK had a IRC bot where some dude had alts from every village online on their pc and it would read the logs nd post to IRC if a village alarm was raised. It wouldnt make much difference. Remove any ingame messages when alarm is raised and it'lll be fine
  12. There are many changes required for a functioning PvP server. All these changes need to be compiled and worked on and released with a new map. That way the PvP scene will get a big boost in population and will retain some of the player base in that boost due to good changes. Or alternatively we can go with the current dev idea and leave it alone and watch PvP slowly die more.
  13. Great name, I can see this going far. Good luck!
  14. Auction lot clearly says seryl armour. Last i checked a snow lantern is not seryl armour. The picture, i assume, is clearly indicitive of the armour you were purchasing. Now please stop trolling.
  15. Call me cautious because of the Niru scam, but bare in mind all the excuses are plausable excuses a scammer could use. Also the "please wait while I gather my funds from in game assets" could be a guise for him to sell up assets before he gets banned for scamming. Either way, I hope he proves me wrong. Good luck and let us know how you get on Goldfever