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  1. You didn't hear the birth of feminism by any chance?
  2. .
  3. I like the idea in priciple, however all we're talking here is a battle of who has the most masonry skill (in which case who has the most money to buy an account). I certainly think trying to fix the system so it updates more reliability and accurately would be a massive step in the right direction. I think also a indicator when getting an error message planting a deed or tower (have it base off the locate soul direction and length). This would help greatly with QoL. Another one im sure is related in terms of capturing towers, can we please have a summon tower guard option much like there is on tokens? Sometimes the guards bug out (they don't chase in someone else's influence) or they get stuck in mines etc. I certainly think there is room for improvement, so lease, guys, don't shoot him down to trying to help.
  4. As much as I am enemies with the kingdom this happened to, I am very sorry this has happened. Ivr been on ththe receiving end of behaviour like this more than most and all I can say is that it is a horrible experience. Well done on catching him.
  5. Foot steps kind of annoyed me. They were way to loud and really drew your attention away from the other ambient noises.
  6. This game has been declining in population since Rolf pulled out of the game. I think it would be detrimental for another server to be released.
  7. Hypothetically speaking, would a NASA super computer suffice?
  8. Did you just assume our gender?
  9. Is this a hypothetical change?
  10. Probably working on his tan.
  11. Be careful Drake helms don't become the new PvP requirement.
  12. Can we make all war machines lockable and have permissions?
  13. -1 I like how it is now.
  14. Only thing I can say about hitting the top of a slope is that the difficulty is very high. I'll do some more testing but my only comments would be to slightly lower the difficulty. Other than that, hitting a dirt wall with this new system is actually quite easy.