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  1. Interesting, but I can only see issues with having sea life tamed or dominated. Having it leave the sea would be a huge immersion breaker (get it?) but without the tamed creature leaving the sea, there'd be little point that I can see. I'd far prefer them to focus on land creatures that people can easily interact with.
  2. Added the important bit, but otherwise yes.
  3. That would be lovely. Some way to limit crabs and seals to within 5 tiles of a tile you can drink on, maybe? Even that might let them get far up vertically, but I dunno if you could fix that with a slope limitation too. There's nothing quite as strange as finding a seal in the middle of a forest, up a mountain. /facepalm
  4. It's very interesting to get an insight into what you are using to evolve your plans with this. Thank you for going into detail. I look forward to the implementation - can I volunteer Release as "one of the smaller Freedom servers"? =)
  5. Isn't the Fo colossus ugly enough already - do we really want this sucker too? =P
  6. This would be a wonderful feature, +1
  7. 21c
  8. One for me please.
  9. Yeah, I agree with this. If you're truly worried about upsetting the rare-affinity players with this change, then this probably shouldn't have been brought up at all. If the change is truly better for the code and the game, then take the dive and make the change - just try to make things as painless you can for players affected negatively, if possible. If not, just don't look at the forums for a few days. *ducks* Crowd-sourcing in a group of people who can barely agree which way is north is just going to confuse and delay any process, but the effort is appreciated. =)
  10. I see, thank you. So the long and short of it is: anyone who has already found affinities while using rare items would loose their work, in favour of anyone in the future who might possibly need to make a new non-rare tool if they accidentally rare something they cook with? That seems ridiculous to be even under consideration.
  11. I don't cook with rare components, so the outcome of this won't affect me (I hope?) but what is the goal of removing this bug? People can use rare components, or not, as they choose, right? I'm feeling like I must be amazingly simple for not seeing the issue here. If things are left as they are right now, what problems does that cause?
  12. I miss them too. It seems to me that the excessive sheep spawns on steppe have replaced the bison entirely. How many sheep does a server need?? =P
  13. Sunrise with the moons, with bonus comets.
  14. Enter item name, hit enter, sort by price, buy cheapest? What is appealing about that? That would be another layer of social interaction removed. We should be looking for options to increase interaction, not remove it. Old-style market places provided that interaction (due to travel and the people you encounter on such travel), but any kind of automated system that removes the need to talk to people at all is a step in the wrong direction.