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  1. are you guys actively looking for villagers? hit me a pm if so
  2. do you know how long an average wait time would be? i havent been able to login to the toon for a day now due to this error ;/
  3. Reset password on my account and went to log in with it and get the incorrect password error ???
  4. I wouldn't say "RIP Lib" more like RIP Wurm, lack of good ideas and incompetent development choices/additions (seryll armor, supposedly rare and hard to obtain my arse) ###### this game so hard in the ass its never going to recover But that is okay we will cater to the 5 freedom players and their 90 alts each for every last penny right??? Now i wait for my forum ban i guess lmao
  5. yes Marshal gained 4.5 points of stam
  7. " a game where walking up a hill tires your character out so you need to take rests, and in which you need to sleep" he just speculated a bunch of shite, writing up whatever sounded most logical to him. . Apparently you can review a game after playing 10 minutes, wow!!
  8. I fail to see how benches, bigger beds and differently coloured cloth armor being added into the game unbalances or changes PVP mechanics to be honest..
  9. You dont need a fancy keyboard, just a keybind to say fsleep maybe if it was thought about before being added it would not be an issue hmm?
  10. To counter bypassing requiring the raw material, improvable items that can be placed in a bulk bin will no longer randomize the next action needed upon taking out. They will now require the raw material. Who actually wanted this? FML
  11. I feel like there is not common sense or any thought going into these changes anymore. Can you tell the playerbase what you propose to change with the game instead of just releasing rubbish
  12. He never said they were a thing?
  13. +1 They keep adding useless cloth armor but cant add stuff that makes sense and will bring more attention back to pvp and fighting generally in wurm, this would be a large step in the right direction.