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  1. Copy the entire Wurm Unlimited directory (C:\Program Files x86\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited) and paste it to another location. Place a text file in the newly pasted directory under the Wurm Launcher directory name this file steam_appid. Inside that text file write 366220 and save. Run the WurmLauncher.exe from this directory and never run it from steam again, the version inside the pasted folder will never be updated, if in the future you wish to connect to a newer server you will need to run the updated version from steam. This does not circumvent the DRM in any way, it only prevents steam from updating the other copy. Edit: this also allows you to run as many instances of the game that you wish (alts). Edit Again: for the server do the same thing, - the appid step, you should be doing that anyway instead of running the server from the steam directory.
  2. Felt the need to make this list of mods rather than make a new thread for each new mod. I will also be adding all my future mods to this thread instead of making a new one. Plus its easier for me to track issues from one thread. Bridge Mod Server side mod to allow server operators to modify bridge max width, works well with my infinite wide mine entrances and mine doors mod. Modify Gestation Time A server side mod that allows server the ability to modify the time it takes for creatures to give birth. Infinite Wide Mine Entrances and Mine Doors Server side mod to allow for infinite wide mines with the same mechanics as 2/3 wide. Shouldn't break anything but use at your own risk. Also configurable to allow for doors only on 2-3 wide mine entrances. Increase Merchant Max Items Enables the ability to modify the max items a merchant can carry default value is 100. Craft More Things Allows for the creation of an array of new items previously uncraftable. will update with a list shortly. Adamantine and Glimmersteel Transmutation rods Simple mod that adds Glimmersteel and Adamantine to the Rod of Transmutation roll-out. Log wall panels Allows for the creation of mock log facades to imitate the effect of a log home. No Tree Collision Client side mod to disable tree collisions in Wurm Unlimited.
  3. Is the prize on your server or the official servers?
  4. pmed it to you.
  5. Yea took you suggestion, lowered there spawn probability, and made them non hostile to all players. April 04 2017: Made all Rift Creatures Domable. Added Valrei Creatures to random spawn, these are also Domable. April 06 2017: Fized issue with drake and eagle spirits going through walls. April 10 2017: Lowered spawn rate of all new creatures. All new creatures should no longer be hostile toward players. All new creatures had to be wiped because of this change. Im sorry.
  6. A server side mod to allow for the configuration of max bridge width, goes well with Infinite Wide Mine Entrances and Mine Doors. 10 Wide 5 Wide With InifintyMines Mod Download / Source
  7. in properties change CS_all = true CS_fo = false CS_vyn = false CS_mag = false CS_lib = false CS_all = false and CS_GodName = true edit if custom god yea just add the id number to an if statement just as i have it. if you cant get it working put in your gods id and ill make you a custom version.
  8. Update: Added ability to use spell only set ActionBreedGestation = false in properties to disable all but the spell.
  9. yep, comment it from the Init class. @Override public void preInit() { //new DecreaseGestationPeriod(); } ill do an update to add it as configurable.
  10. Yea I think I posted this before the announcement. Well I do hope I'm not stuck in the void where I found out about thins issue from a portal.
  11. Cant reconnect to servers after using portal, nor will the launcher load.
  12. check your properties make sure addresses aren't commented out, Internal ip should be your router ip, external ip should be your WAN ip.
  13. April 02 2017: Added Logs spell. Added Clay Spell. Added slate slab Spell. Added Decrease Gestation Time spell it decreases time by 1 day, if cast at 0 days target gives birth. Removed construction materials from granite wand right click on crates as they are no longer needed. April 03 2017: Added All Rift Creatures to spawn. These will take some time to propagate as other creatures are slain.
  14. Due to lack of population i have decided to shut the server down, I will bring another one around at a later date, a mod can close this thread thanks.
  15. Now you need one named Abel, and fight them to see who wins.