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  1. All you need is java.
  2. Server is back online with New map. Custom "Landmark" item that spawn items like a depot when conquered. There are 4 of them located on each side of the HoTA 10 min cap timer at each minute of cap the depot sound will pop off for all players on the server as well as telling who is conquering in death message and which Landmark. Still on the ToDo, HoTA rewrite to give different items, and possibly traited Horses. Everything else is the same for the most part.
  3. Moved to server bugs section, erroneously posted in Wurm Unlimited tech issues. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.
  4. seriously?

    When the game is minimized and you are taking the screenshot of task manager your graphics card isn't under a load (throttles down when tabbed out), use an application like MSI Afterburner with RivaTuner to get an in-game overlay of resource usage. And realistically speaking, I would expect a frame-rate drop at max settings on any computer if the area your client is in has a heavy poly count / animation amount.
  5. The clay is at the grass (green) at the edge of the sand (brown). The huge grey circles are tundra.
  6. There is clay, just not a whole lot, the in game map is pretty easy to make with Photoshop plus the included mapdump.
  7. Yea its a known bug, thanks for the report.
  8. May 15 2017: Added WoodCutting Potion and Mining Potion to 5s coin right click. Did some misc code cleanup. May 16 2017: Fixed issue that caused the player to need to relog to convert chests to gold in some instances, now you must activate a gold lump to do so. Fixed bank open issue when bank location deed disbands. Increased default bounty to custom creatures from 1c to 1s. Can now bank and drop animal tokens again, as well as reduce there weight to 1 gram. This will only effect tokens created post update not pre. May 17 2017: Added the ability to purchase Hell horses and regular Horses to 20s coin right click (male and female). Added the ability to change color trait of your tamed creature with granite wand for the cost of 1 charge(example Piebald > Ebony Black) Choose only one or you will waste a charge on the wand. Added the ability to locate your deed by right clicking body.
  10. There will be, it's just down at the moment while I migrate it elsewhere.
  11. Make sure your not connecting to the old ip, the new ip is
  12. Okay server is back up and running again, with reset. Will be a little while till i get the web map and ingame map fixed.
  13. Should be later today.
  14. I appreciate the offer, the problem is the 2 week old backup is malformed as well, I may have not worded it very well on the initial announcement. So I will be starting fresh. The new map