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  1. Borked it pretty bad its fixed now nothing was changed, just so anyone knows never put a jar file in the server root as it will be loaded. March 25 2017: Added Nutmeg recipe. Fixed News map link. Added Cocoa bean recipe.
  2. Added passive res to lib. Added new spell Wendy's that destroys targets nutrition. Added new spell Clay. Increased diff on Locate Soul exponentially. Increased cast timer on all spells to default. Removed Search For Prey spell as its too op for a 2k map. Added News to Body only, instead of ItemID > 0.
  3. Server open filter sigma, new update you can no longer become champ.
  5. today
  6. With request comes change, Server will be 2048x2048 with no pmk. Will still be 2 kingdoms BL, and JK. All gods will be able to cast all spells to put bl on a even playing field.
  7. Server will be centrally located in the US. Mods Spell that locates all players on map and gives there general location. Anyone stealthed will not show on the list, anyone with a nolocate spell greater than the power of the cast will not show on the list. [11:51:54] You sense the presence of Sigma in the center regions. [11:51:54] You sense the presence of Testj in the south regions. Meditation removal. Nearly every aspect of meditation has been removed only refresh on (one hour cool-down) and enchant grass (no cool-down) exist, these are available to all paths at level 1. Hell Horses move a little slower than regular horses due to there ability to move faster while in hurting, as well as there armor making them still viable but not Bugatti's. Genesis only costs 10 favor and has no cool-down. The ability to cast most important construction materials and reinforcement beams on crates and bsb's for 10 favor and 100 count. The ability to purchase most important items like scale, drake, tomes and an assortment of other items from coin and withdraw money by right clicking body (no deposit on body with this server)(will make a list later). Karma teleport removed. 512 treasure chests. Large Crates hold 307,200 items, Small 1/2 that. Glimmer and Ada transmutation rods. Many more craftable items. The ability to get -100 alignment if hate god, and 100 alignment if not by right clicking an altar. Universal sac item Religious Fragment. 2@50ql=100 favor. Craftable with a rock-shard and stone chisel, 200 per rock-shard. Timer Fix Mod Tax Config Mod (abandoned deed killer) Surface Mining Fix Mod Starter Gear Mod (start with small barrel, Stone chisel, Hammer, Spy Glass) Spell Mod, No priest restrictions but you can only cast your own gods spells. Sacrifice Mod, 50% chance to get a bone matching the rarity of a sacrificed item. Prospect Mod Pick More Sprouts (5) No Fatigue Move To Center Harvest Helper Fire Burn Time Crop Mod Creature Mod Creature Age Mod Horses get to mature really fast. Bulk Transport Mod Big Containers Mod Bounty Mod increased bounty of about 500% Better Dig Server Overview Server is designed to be as easy as possible but also as fair as possible, there are no caps on characteristics, and there really easy to gain (the lack of SoTG makes this viable). Players start with 70fs. PMK's are enabled. Only 2 starter kingdoms JK and HoTS no Freedom (None). Map is 4096x4096 has a 400x400 HoTA Zone & 425x425 no build Zone exactly in the center. The great altars are also located here. This server isn't designed for raiding (you still can if you wish) but rather open field pvp. 300x skill gain and 100x timers Epic 100,000 creatures 50% hostile. Planned HoTA Rewrite. Custom battlecamp like items that when capped spawn items like depot with death message. The Map I have probably forgotten to mention some changes so expect this thread to be updated with them.
  8. should work on old ones.
  9. Your missing your libraries, add them to a created directory (package) and right click the directory and "add library" then re-paste the code make sure you add the server modloader.jar, server.jar, common.jar (you may not need it just do it anyway) javassist.jar. After you paste the code again your imports should work properly if you have the jars added as libraries. Edit saw you already had the announcer as a library, just add the above jars in the same way, and re-paste the code.
  10. Only width.
  11. Yea I'm aware of an issue with the domain, will be from now on, will take a while for it to propagate for now you can use Edit:
  12. Its in the works have yet to figure out a way to do any other than infinite atm.
  13. Update: Fixed issue that caused doors to not be place-able after clicking border other than the one attaching mine door to. Configurable to allow only door attachment to wide tunnel entrances, only infinite wide tunnels or both by default. Works well for those that want the doors but not the super wide tunnels. Download / Source
  14. March 15 2017: Fixed issue where path of power was unable to enchant grass. March 16 2017: Lowered cost of Genesis spell, now costs 10 favor. March 17 2017: Fixed issue with Gift of Water not saving autoFill. Added Upkeep tax mod, kicks in after mayor has not logged in for 30 days. Upkeep raised for each consecutive day after that not logged in.
  15. Updated: You can now attach mine doors to wide tunnels. Download / Source