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  1. Since winter is upon us (and i have not played with transmutation liquid yet), enjoy the deed planner preview of the sleepless night deed. A bit more paving, a slight hint of dredging here and there and we will be good to go. The canal can already be used by all boats normally! (Nightmare lake is a bit shallow but should still be doable.) On a side note, once the peat is done, we will most likely hold a cast-a-ton for all vynoran priest to turn that pesky grass into tundra. Free favor, free altars (free sermons?!), the kind of priesty fun no one want to miss.
  2. most likely another one of these bugs where the items have no ownerships and as such can be picked up by anyone. Devs should really look into it since it was the cause of a lot of issues with uniques loot in the past (and apparently still is).
  3. +1 to both. fix marble plox!
  4. iirc, i also had items with delayed pickups... some (a while ago) even came back, both of us being on deli means i didn't lost them, but for cross servers mailing, items are not returned after 2 weeks, just deleted., welp, good that was at least fixed... still bothering anyway. The whole buy cheap to sell higher game is fine, as long as you have the funds for it, outbidding someone not to honor the sale is a shitty move for both the seller and the third party, so i really hope things will get cleared and items paid on time.
  5. Well, the whole pvp thing aside, the devs acknowledge there is an issue with shattering, or we wouldn't have shattering prevention runes or the metalic liquid supposed to prevent said shattering but we cannot use. if you want ways to remove items from the circulation, heck, just add instant destruction on failed carving (you know, a bow with a large notch will just break when you draw it) or instant destruction on failed tempering (tried to screw up a temper IRL... that's how you utterly destroy that perfect blade), i won't even speak of mortar and stone quality, bad stitches on clothes or leather amors and so on. Risk vs rewards can't apply to only one skill... specially when said skill involves rolling a dice over and over again till you get an interesting cast. So maybe it's time that channeling get some love and works in a decent way where skill matters and the hardcoded shattering be either removed or the in game solutions to be actually working.
  6. Despite the many "WTF lol" this thread might attract, this would be interesting to see, either push or pick up for the pieces would work and we can always imagine a smaller square pavement with 4 tiles in ones doing that effect, reducing the space use. As for the why... heck, wurm is a game, some of us do likes to play games within the games (check the latest steam awards for example)... allowing us to set minigames to be played would be interesting. Chips of any kinds would also allow backgammon to be played. Think diagonal paving and some extra creativity + the use of /random <number>
  7. Tbh for me concrete is cement + sand + gravel. So an option involving to crush rock shards with a pick or a maul to gravel and combine said gravels with mortar (cement + sand IRL) would work perfectly. That being said, in wurm the pita is not the mortar, it's the lye and the ash... so either change the whole concrete recipe (time to add wings to pigs, right?!) or make what use to be a by product easier to obtain.
  8. I'd like to see a pack / unpack option on those... basicly turning them into a crate of their QL and allowing you to load / move them around without too much issues.
  9. We need that rainbow glow again, time for another level of rarity!
  10. Starting at K8 on your map, new cave canal going through the are to connect Echo to Nightmare lake, canal is named Harmony Pass. Rosengarde no longuer exist, the tunnel starts right bellow the name and is a straight line to the other side. On the west end you have the deed : Echoing Nightmare On the east end you have the deed : Sleepless Nights
  11. Well, either a bug or an oversight, but items that count as decoration and which do not decay on deed (wine barrels, easter eggs, planterss to name a few) will decay in a container on the same deed. Which was a good trick for the easter eggs but a really bad ones for anything else that shouldn't normally decay.
  12. this was suggested after the many sources nerf. Not only they can be fenced, but seeing they only contain like 0.02 source liquid, they are utterly useless.
  13. Still waiting for a map. Those lakes are now all interconnected, so knowing where this new canal will be and go and specially how it will cut the area in half would be a great thing. Do note that since quasiwud expanded his deed over the west entrance of the Echo / Nightmare canal, he will have to either dredge it or allow someone to do it. Otherwise the canal is fully fonctional atm for row/sailboat and knarrs. Canal is now fully fonctional, so the 5 lakes are all connected togethers and to the sea
  14. What the guy said... I mean, how can you outfit your favorite tunnels / cave canals out deed with smexy looking ones if you cannot remove them? Just like rendered walls, let us add X amount of mats to the reinforced walls to change their types. Also, what are the weird looking lil square things on the ground?!