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  1. huge +1 i have a single door hidden behind a bookshelves... but it's not very hidden with the 'single door' mouse over tooltip
  2. In the end (and seeing the topic change), what kind of pvp do you want to see? There is no end of the game, no reset button when its won, no winning conditions. There is no balance as well, one kingdom will always dominate everyone else. There are personal attacks and feuds, there cannot be happy stabbing altogether when things get personals like that. The question of the full loot pvp or not. What motivates you to fight for. What about a system where you are a nameless account, randomly put in a team for the match (going till one team win) and then reset and put with others players to play, with a maximum amounts of players per team / balanced teams, without direct ties to the main cluster(s) - maybe just a copy of your skills so you don't have to start over the grind... and potential reward that can go to the main clusters when you win. And yes, that do sounds like challenge or the original epic idea with a few twists to prevent feuds.
  3. Right now, the trouble is not the mechanisms, which were not changed, but people behavior and what is acceptable up to a point. Sometimes rullings need to be done, because the 'mechanisms' solution would be worse than the rules. And sometimes people should think "why did we went to a point where rullings had to be done so we could still have fun on the game?!" Wurm cannot be compared to any others MMos around, not only we have a real money value behind most items, skills and affinities, but we also have a small community. If we want to see the game succeed and the PvP survive, we need to prevent any actions that will lead us to a wall at full speed with the loss of players. Spying as always been a thing in Wurm PvP scene both ingame and out of the game. And most of it is deemed metagaming nowadays, little risks taken, lots of rewards and lots of players leaving due to it. There shouldn't be any spying ingame or undermining actions without the risk of being discovered as a member of an ennemy faction, which is not something the mechanisms allows.
  4. oh boy, finally, many thanks to the dev who did it!
  5. Hrm, that's high cost for little gains (specially regarding the upkeep reduction suggested - lack of 'kingdom' titles). PMKs are more than just the heraldry and as much as I'd like to see some freedom counties / dukedoms (ie. not kingdom but still important enough to have their own titles / heraldry and perks) it should have a better balance than : some players will be able to fork out a shitload of cash, so lets do this.
  6. apparently two different issues, after talking with Saroman (many thanks!) rendering one seems to be taken care of, the WOM loader remaining (for now).
  7. Well, that's a weird one. Items (including trees) are not always rendered, the console command 'refresh' do nothing but I do have an error event:
  8. water + honey > honey water. Place it into a small wine barrel, seal it with a scrap, let it ferment and you have mead. Though the quality DO NOT increase over time. So that's the point that should be fixed. +1 for quality increase over alcohols that ages in RL.
  9. been there, done that, asked for it in one of my own threads, it's a pity it wasn't implemented with all the others cave tweaks. obvious +1
  10. +1 and the option to determine the cause of death for obvious forensic reasons... (and figures out why your pet died again).
  11. obvious +1, like all buoys related suggestions.
  12. ain't npc, but mobs, hard to call critters non playable characters, right? and it's the map showing how deeds screw up local mobs distribution. And no, if it's deeded, they won't spawn in the area, they will spawn somewhere else on the server, leading to areas with massive mobs spawns and empty ones, just like @Budda explained in his thread. So not only you are derailing that one, but you also prove that you have no knowledge of what you are talking about. At this point, can a FM lock this thread since the main goal is gone and it's now a drama feast.
  13. *cough* And that would clearly be griefing... the exact opposite of what i'm trying to achieve... so sorry but no. Unlike him i'm a level-headed player and won't escalate that insanity. I did not take any actions against that player and always played by the rules and freedom code of conduct while trying to talk with him and find a way to make things works. It obviously didn't, so now the case is once again in the hands of the GMs.
  14. Seeing that you have read and replied to that post, you should then know that if you deed an area, you prevent spawns in it. Disrupting spawns server wide is not and never been my intent, so it's not a matter of paying (which no one should have to because someone decide to grief them, we have rules for that) it's a matter of following said rules, freedom code of conducts and whatever fair play you can do. This area have two side. One fully planted with oaks near that person deed and one void of trees, every regrowing ones being cut again by said person, I was merely trying to replant the trees in the area empty of them in my nearby local (because not only the area was clearcutted and the trees rotted away, but now that player cut the others trees for his crates need, not the oaks mind you, all the others trees, spreading the damages even farther). So not only the locals were annoyed and tried to repair the area, had the green light from the GMs to do so, the BS kept going on, with players even leaving thanks to that, the post here was to make the replanting official and inline with the large area advices directive, but no instead it appears that everyone not being on Deliverance or in local have a word in it.
  15. Well, cased close seems like not only turning the area into a wasteland is enough, now its a deeded wasteland. Jun 14, 2017 11:56:24 PM Trytyn founded West Solitude And right where the trees replanting was supposed to be : [00:44:38] This is within the village of West Solitude. So another deed dropped by the person who destroyed the place for who know what purpose... obviously not making the area a free hunt one. Nor protect the oaks trees in his perimeter like he pretended in the past. And yes, this whole thing only show what Wurm is becoming... whoever with the biggest wallet will own the server, prevent any spawns in an area (cause nothing spawns on deed) and permanently change a server face, its community and drive people away. Soon to be Bullying Online.