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  1. Status update : First tunnel punched through the mountain. 107 tiles long. 3 veins left in the way. Including 2 Utmost gold with a really fast decreasing amount. Lights are up - Reinforcing is in progress. Come join the fun!
  2. can be used for it i believe.
  3. I am the slave driver... and uhhhhh... good questions Surveying is kinda done. We know where the echo tunnel starts and will end. the crater / nightmare lake part is as prepared as it could be knowing there is no longuer any deeds in the way. The many mentionned tasks are up to whoever want to take them. Not trying to be too bossy on that one. As usual veins are marked with their QL and amount so any high skilled miner can get high QL gold... or skill away.
  4. Well, for easier reading and keeping the helpers bait post above. Detailing the global plan for the tunnel (at least the western branch first) Punch through the mountain. The tunnel is above the water level to allow carts and wagons to travel inside it. Expand the tunnels to the two lanes as planned. Kill any veins by any means necessary and reinforce the sides Make and plant the gold lamps every 5 tiles or so Due to how they look, they will be pushed again the walls Ceiling flattening and then raising the central line to the max of its heigh. Clearing the tunnel with wagons / whatever is needed and sinking it down to the max depth. Collapse the entrance, expose the rock again, surface mine both tiles to the max depth and open it from the inside. Take a break, see how terrible the sunlight is and head back to the other tunnel and restart at step one with an extra walkway.
  5. We have GOLD! already a few veins uncovered... low QL one for any creation need and an UTMOST one for our high skill miners. Come get them and leave your mark on the server.
  6. Everybody heard the echoing screams from poor travelers attacked by nightmarish creatures in that area of our beloved server. Well, the goal is to provide a quick way to travel underground and away from them, but also to improve our canal network and connect Echo to Nighmare lake. The tunnel will feature a walkway on the north side and a 2 tiles wide cave canal one tile south of it (using the freshly added wide entrances). We will have open air canals at both ends and through the 'Eldorado Crater' (nota. Walkway will start from the crater to the east exit). Western branch of the tunnel will not require a walkway, plenty of accessible roads in the area leading in and out of the crater. Trivia: This project have been thought accross a good amount of years now. The smaller amounts of deeds in the way, light improvement in tunnels, wider entrance and success of the Yellow Subway and Rainbow canal make this tunnel the logical next step in our efforts to improve Deliverance. What Can I Do?! : We can use miners, miners and even more miners. As well as concrete makers, support beams creators and blacksmith for those shiny new lamps. The Eldorado Crater contain more than enough gold veins to be mined out, leaving enough lumps for the lamps and your own storages. As usual a commemorative sign of some kind (statues, lamps, sign) with the name of the helpers will be place in the tunnel or the Eldorado crater.
  7. Expected feed back, hence why the roles toggle and being turned off by default. It can be useful for publics deeds... with the potential draw back you mentionned on a deed going inactive and where the players rather loot it than keep it alive. Though, if they were granted access to that data, they probably have the perks to get something that ain't theirs anyway, or there will be nothing of value on the deed (market for example).
  8. Aye, that's completely the idea. You might only want only one person to know, or all of them, roles offer the largest flexibility (and is imho the way to go). Sorry if the OP was not clear enough.
  9. So, you may wonder is Odynn going nuts again and suggesting something silly?! No, not really, many of us have large alliance, sometimes many deeds and sometimes even love that public deed here and there, be it a market, a social event one or one you like for reasons that are yours alone. Well the idea is simple. Allow the mayor of the deed to show (or not - turned off by default please) the upkeep remaining to their allies or freedom pals (or any specific roles). This would allow an easier management of upkeep and help us know when to drop that extra silver. Depending on devs willingness to work on it, information can be either partial (ie. days left) or complete (just like your mayor/citizen ones) money in coffers / upkeep per month (28 days in fact) / day remaining. (Knowing that informations from the later can be found by doing some maths using the first proposition). Nota. As mentionned bellow (and was not clear enough above), the idea is indeed for a new roles option.
  10. if still available, will take the basket - cod to odynn
  11. Welp, I have one issue with that, highways by the staff handbooks are two tiles wides road connecting deeds together. Why not just keep that definition and highlight the important roads connecting deeds together, no matter if they are 2 or 3 tiles wide. On the few you have already highlighted, are all of them of the same importance for the community. Do they help to connect deeds to each others,, North to the South, West to the East... or just randomly stop. As a traveler my main interest would be knowing if i can take that road all the way from here to there or will i end up being stuck at one point because well, the road ends up on a silly terraforming, cliff, pallisade, whatever.
  12. There is most likely some free softwares out on the interweb allowing you to save the sounds that goes through your speakers, which would not be a direct copy of the wurm files and keep the whole ambiant sounds (if you have any), might want to see if our dear PR representative want to shot that idea down though.
  13. trouble is, we need to get rid of the randomness tied to any mined out tiles first. any corners mined kinda have a +/-3 potential slope deviation, meaning if you actually want to do something decent, you need to flatten things out and count the mining actions you do. On a note relative to the rest of the suggestion, having a way to determine the ceiling height would be nice to have as well.
  14. what if i tell you dioptra already give the height when you use survey? Not that efficient though, depending on where you stand you can be off by one dirt or two, real slopes in mines would be a game changer
  15. Heh, didn't had to buy the trader from someone you knew, just had to drain the money back from the trader yourself, effective cost of 35s or so. Well, the more trader on a server, the less quickly they pay out, pristine & release had a really high payout because none of the new players there checked the pedia to learn about traders, which i did when i started playing and had one in the first few weeks of my playtime. More traders on a server = less money per traders owners, so it basicly become a race to whoever own as much traders as they can, the funds are finite and anyone can tap into them... not really an elitist system. It used to fund community deeds and marketplace... all the ones you see disbanding now and then. Initial investment by traders owner were quite large, larger than what you can expect anyone from paying in one or two years between the trader form cost, the deed form cost, the alt premium and so on. It was a gamble on the future, that you will play long enough to rip some benefits from it in the long run, also a good way to keep players actively playing the game. And for the last point, i'm sorry, but not a lot of new players can spend hours botanizing / foraging for coins without a good armor, weapon and the skills to resist random critters attacks. You are only paying others older players who are now making a lot of money without having paid into CCAB funds first. What was percieved as imbalanced was nerfed into the ground and a new one was created. Coming back to the review, any changes or new imbalance drive players away from Wurm, any AAA games devs can easilly shrug off a loss of 50 players here and there. The trouble is, when your community is around 3K players, you might not want to shrug them off that easilly and not only consider a vocal minority before applying changes.