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  1. Sometimes i just wish i was a GM but who know what else would've happend if i was..
  2. Anyone remember how to split the clients on taskbar again? There was a regkey for it iirc and an old topic i can't find anymore
  3. No time to write a full reply here so early in the morning but go ahead and deed around it. Theres actually 9 traders in the area, all were once part of frontier. I believe it was 211x201 before i shrinked it. Owned by "Elite". A player who has quit the game several years ago.
  4. FYI bug has been around for other big rare structures since rare/supreme has been added to the gmae.
  5. I would like to add Fevfev (ingame name) to this list. Claiming that items are his and selling those items while they we're not his to sell being very aware of the fact he is selling "stolen" items.
  6. Yes Median Isle. I was to lazy to look up the map so i was just "West central island"
  7. First 2 items will be kept for the finder and penner. All other items rolled. Meet at the center of Gurubears crater. (Theres a 1 tile path going through the mountains from the southeast) that is walkable for anyone. Or take the gurubears crater highway that is being built right now on the southwest side. It takes longer than you think to get there, if you can't make it or are delayed for leaving your village too late i can't help it. We don't want to wait 2 hours for everyone to get there. (Im refering to previous slayings in the crater which were sadly, often delayed). 15 O/P center of the sand crater, no where near sea!
  8. Unlike other people i'm still giving everyone a chance to get their mining potions. It appears this is no longer deemed "normal/fair" going by the standards of other people. Loot is private. Meet on Celebration on the west center island.
  9. How about everyone in this thread combines as a group and find me 1 of each tome to use so that i can retire my unique hunting spree?
  10. Affinity is more of a PVP feature tho and not a PVE feature to "change" it every year. Someone with 100 affinities could put 5 on so many different skills. Freedom now has Meals that give affinities which basically gives you an affinity in every skill for 2 hours or longer (if you make the right meals).
  11. Well, more people were late so it had to happen. unlucky server restart
  12. Depends on how fast the servers are back up imo
  13. Thanks everyone for coming, both figts including rolling went rather quickly, hope everyones happy! Including the extra items from Nekoras
  14. Meet at black dot